Should Vikings trade for Adrian Peterson?

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The Vikings need a running back. The Saints have an extra running back. The Vikings may have heard of him.

At one level, it makes plenty of sense for the Vikings not to bring back Adrian Peterson as the roster replacement for Dalvin Cook. At another level, that ship has sailed, for both parties.

But maybe the ship can sail back. Seven years after the failed Randy Moss return, maybe Peterson would welcome the chance to return to Minnesota and get 15 carries a game, truly splitting time with Latavius Murray and Jerick McKinnon, over his current MIA status in New Orleans, a team that game him four carries on Sunday.

For the season, Peterson have 27 carries for 81 yards with the Saints. During a decade with the Vikings, he had at least 27 carries in a single game SIXTEEN TIMES.

There may be behind-the-scenes factors that keep this from ever happening, including possible hard feelings from Peterson about never getting an offer from the Vikings before or after becoming a free agent or from the Vikings about things said about the team’s offensive line and/or a general sense that Peterson didn’t fully appreciate the extent to which the Vikings stood behind him in 2014, when Peterson missed 15 games due to child-abuse charges.

Regardless, the Vikings need a running back and Peterson surely wants to go elsewhere. Why not let bygones be bygones and go back to the place where it all started?

80 responses to “Should Vikings trade for Adrian Peterson?

  1. Oh come on…. Viking fans have been roasting him after he left. Us Packer fans get it. It takes a few years to welcome back.

    He’ll be back. Not this soon.

  2. No way Zimm or Spielman wants AP back. Murray is still better out of the back field. Maybe not the run but her can catch ance protect better.

  3. No way Zimm or Spielman wants AP back. Murray is still better out of the back field. Maybe not the run but her can catch and protect better.

  4. Peterson is done. You would be doing the Saints a favor by trading for him as he’s, at best, the 3rd best back on that team.

    Every year there are RBs that come out of nowhere, Kareem Hunt was going to be a backup until Spencer Ware went down. Kamara has been a good complement to Ingram on the Saints, etc.

    Find the next guy, not the last guy.

  5. “You can’t go home again”

    —– Thomas Wolfe

    A better choice may be Eddie lacy.

  6. “Seven years after the failed Randy Moss return, maybe Peterson would welcome the chance to return to Minnesota…”

    Or maybe the Vikings learned their lesson from a previous failure.

  7. What of all this preseason talk the Saints were putting out how Peterson was a beast in practice? Peterson isn’t getting the reps to be effective, nor is their OL creating the types of holes for any back to be effective. He’d be a good back on a better team.

  8. The Vikings moved on from Peterson before they had Murray or Cook. The reasons they let him go are still there, so why would they trade for him now just because they lost a guy they weren’t planning on having when they moved on from Peterson? If he had left because of money and he could still play and he would fit in the offense, it would be worth considering, but none of those things are true.

  9. dawoger says:
    October 2, 2017 at 5:46 pm

    It’s the turf of their 1.2 billion dollar monument to their stupidity that’s causing all the injuries.

    That’s a lazy take. The Cardinals linebacker who tore his ACL was playing on grass. Teddy Bridgewater was on a grass practice field. A lot of stadiums have the same turf. These things just happen.

  10. Good lord! Don’t people remember the benefits of getting rid of Peterson? You no longer feel obligated to give him 20+ touches a game. It’s not a coincidence the Vikings passing game looks good since he left. And their running game looks improved with the improved passing game.

    And Murray is a great asset. Not many teams can say their backup is a former pro bowler. Remember, he was the replacement to Peterson until Cook came around. Enough of this nonsense.

  11. Yeah, and a Saints RB goes down and are left with 1. Peterson will see his touches with the Saints later in the year. 4 attempts for 4 yards isn’t going to work for now.

  12. You just paid Murray. Let him earn it. McKinnon should carry 5-6 times at most, more receiver/returner than RB. Murray also good catching out of the backfield.

  13. He’s not a good back right now. At all. And honestly – you need a back that has more tools than he does at this time too.

    3 down back.

    AP never was and certainly isn’t one now. MN would be miles ahead to either find an UDFA or practice squad guy off someone. Younger, faster etc.

  14. Have you seen this guy with the Saints and looked at his stats????
    He is more that done.

    He just can’t suck enough.

  15. Absolutely not! We don’t want that selfish dude in MN ever again. He should have been cut and went to prison for child abuse long ago.

    -Vikings fan

  16. Yea considering he was already washed up the last time he wore purple….this is a great idea. As long as you’re not a Vikings fan

  17. The juice is drying up for aging AP … as is Rivers, Cutler, Flacco and well you get the picture.

  18. They already had him. There is a reason they let him leave, so no reason to back track now. Murray was a pretty good back with Raiders time to saddle up with him.

  19. At this point, no one expects Vikings to contend. Packers and Lions look better, and maybe Trubisky gives the Bears a jolt.

    Ride with Keenum, let Murray earn his checks, and wait for 2018 with a (hopefully) healthy Cook and Teddy. Use the extra 10 spots in the draft to pick up a solid lineman.

  20. everyones dragging peterson right now. its still highly likely that he gets featured in a few saints wins over then next 12 games. hes averaging 3 a pop and has picked up 5 first downs. hes still got some utility, the back half of the saints schedule features teams that are better suited to run against. namely the falcons twice.

  21. Yes and they shouldn’t be cheap about it, if they offer their 1st round pick next and the year after along with a 3rd in both drafts they can probably get him….come on Rick jump on it.

  22. My bet is they bring back Matt Asiata – a cheap, low maintenance touchdown scoring machine (from 1 yard out). Plus he can play special teams right away.

  23. Just tank the season now. Quality oline in draft. Cook has shown he is a feature back, as he IS the reason the offense was improved. 8-8 is the worst thing IMO. If you’re not making the playoffs, I prefer 4-12.

  24. Biggest reason he didn’t get an offer was cause he still wanted elite QB money as a 2 down player. I don’t care if you running for exactly 2000 yards every year of your career, RBs aren’t worth 20+ mil a year.

  25. Vikings fan and a fan of Peterson’s play over the years. The marriage is over. He doesn’t fit with what they do now offensively, and he’s not so good at this point in his career that they should change their offense to suit him. They brought in Murray for a reason. It’s his job to lose.

  26. Peterson was washed up last year before he got hurt. I was surprised he even signed with a team. At best now you have a great mentor. But he can’t make plays for you anymore.

  27. He can’t block. He can’t catch. He cant stay on the field on third down and he’s not the RB he was just a few years ago. Um, so in answer to the question….no way.

  28. Jeremy Hill from the Bengals is a good option. He is in his contract year and looking really good. Zimmer is familiar with him since he was DC for the Bengals. Bringing back Peterson sounds like a boom or bust option and would he be willing to rotate?

  29. Hell no Ap’s best years are long gone & he is a 1 trick pony plus he no longer fits our style!

  30. jjpmn says:
    October 2, 2017 at 7:36 pm
    Vikings fan and a fan of Peterson’s play over the years. The marriage is over. He doesn’t fit with what they do now offensively
    So, Teddy Bridgewater doesn’t fit with what most teams do offensively, but that hasn’t stopped the Barney brass or their goofy fans from fawning all over him.

  31. I’m ok with Murray being the featured back. He missed OTA’s, and most of training camp from ankle surgery. Once he gets some consistent reps, he will be fine. He can pass block, and he can catch out of the back field. I’m good with that.

  32. zimm should call marvin and work out a deal for jeremy hill. he is definitely not going to be the #1 back in cincy any longer.

  33. How ridiculous. The Vikings would never bring him back. Murray is a serviceable back. They will need to pick up someone as insurance, maybe Ryan Matthews or DeAngelo Williams. But not Peterson. He’s toxic.

  34. They traded for Murray for a reason. Peterson doesn’t fit where this offense is going. He doesn’t catch and he doesn’t block. Murray does.

  35. stillabengalsfan says:
    October 2, 2017 at 5:39 pm

    Or Jeremy Hill

    I’m a Saints fan and would love to see a 7th round pick for this disaster but Jeremy Hill would thrive there as a feature back. Great comment

  36. The problem with AP is he thinks he is still 24 yrs old. He used to pile the yards by running 15 times for2 or 3 yards then bust around the corner JUUUst being missed by defenders for 70 yards.
    Now he still dances but gets caught on the edge. Time and injuries have taken that cut away from him. He needs to hit the line fast and use his amazing conditioning and strength (Hershel Walker style), he can still break tackles and punish but you can’t teach an old race horse to pull a wagon. Until he changes style he is washed up and will be out of the league in another 2 or 3 teams in as many years.

  37. We’re a throwing team now.

    Well..if we can find a QB with two healthy knees anyway…

    Regardless, AD doesn’t fit the mold anymore.

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