Their 3-1 start has Rams feeling a new feeling

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The Rams have been 3-1 before, but watched it unravel in a hurry.

So while there’s plenty of reason to be cautious, they can’t help but feel good about the position they’re in, mostly because it feels so different this year.

Hell yeah!” defensive lineman Aaron Donald said, via Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times.

“We keep playing like this, we can do some special things,” Donald added. “We have to keep it going.”

Finishing 4-12 last year was a quick remainder of how quickly things can turn, but they believe that under new coach Sean McVay, things are very different.

With running back Todd Gurley looking like the guy they invested a top-1o pick in 2015, and kicker Greg Zuerlein staying perfect with seven more field goals, and quarterback Jared Goff playing efficiently, and a defense coming together under new coordinator Wade Phillips, there’s a lot to like about the direction they’re pointing.

But McVay wants to make sure they don’t get too far ahead of themselves, and Gurley’s seen enough to have perspective.

“It’s only the beginning,” Gurley said. “We’ve been here last year at 3-1 and only won one game after that so we got to keep that in mind as well. We’ve definitely got to keep moving forward and just get better every week and don’t get complacent.”

The fact they have a competent offense this year (scoring at least 35 in each of their wins) is the most obvious example, but the Rams look like legitimate contenders in their division.

8 responses to “Their 3-1 start has Rams feeling a new feeling

  1. I knew Jeff fisher was bad, I just didn’t realize how bad he was. The rams were horrible last year

  2. The Rams got lucky. The Cowboys were without their best defensive star, and made stupid mistakes. They may well be better than Dallas, but I’m not sold on the Rams.

  3. Rams fans have to be remembering back to when Kurt Warner got off to that fast start and nobody thought they could keep it up. They came out of nowhere and won the super bowl. Jared Goff is the real deal. Anything is possible when you have a great young QB who’s still getting better. Maybe a tip of the cap to Eric Dickerson who might have helped get Jeff Fisher out of the way. McVay looks like he has a bright future. He’s young, but he’s been around. Nobody is going to out-coach him. The Rams are here to stay, and for a long time too. Welcome to L.A. (America’s number one football town).

  4. To all you Goff bashers, are you ready to stand up and admit your impatience and mistake in judging a rookie QB?

  5. Well as a Cardinals fan I hate to admit that this division will be between the Rams and Seahawks
    The Stone Mope (Palmer) will be done about mid season, Stanton will fumble and Gabbert won’t have
    enough time to right the ship

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