Adam Gase: Criticism of Jay Cutler “drives me nuts”

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The Dolphins were shut out by the Saints last Sunday and they scored on the last play of the game against the Jets in Week Two to avoid another zero, but head coach Adam Gase didn’t hesitate before swatting away the notion of making a change at quarterback after the Saints game.

Gase faced further questions about Cutler Monday and didn’t waver from his feeling that there’s no reason to panic. He said criticism of Cutler “drives me nuts” and pointed to issues other than the quarterback that are holding the offense back.

“I know where the ball is supposed to go,” Gase said, via the Miami Herald. “I know who is supposed to do what on every play. If we protect him and give him a second to throw the ball, we’ll be all right. If he is going to get hit from start to finish, I don’t care who you put back there. We need to do a better job of protecting him and being where we’re supposed to be. There are somethings footwork wise he is going to better at. He knows where to go with the ball. We’re going to keep working on protecting the football when things break down in the pocket. We can’t just let him take hit after hit after hit after hit and expect him to stand in there. It’s not going to happen.”

If the Dolphins had total faith that Matt Moore was the right answer at quarterback, they wouldn’t have signed Cutler away from his broadcasting job after Tannehill was injured this summer so it’s not too surprising that their view remains the same after three weeks. More of the same in the next few weeks will make that view a tougher one to defend, even if Cutler isn’t the only one falling short of expectations in Miami.

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  1. Cutler does things to invite criticism … then people complain about it. How about he stops being a lightening rod?

  2. Same problem when he was in Chicago, and the critics just piled it on relentlessly. Sure, Jay can be an aloof dbag but give the guy more than 0.75 seconds protection so he can actually throw the ball.

  3. I wonder if Gase thinks about how the Dolphins haven’t won a Super Bowl since Nixon was president and whether or not that drives fans nuts????

    Until the Dolphins acquire top-shelf offensive lineman (like Dallas and a few others have done) and build a dominating line, they’re going to continue to be, well, the Dolphins. The Dolphins have more than enough skill players on offensive, but their line is a joke every year.

  4. Cutler’s outward persona is that he is a selfish jerk with no heart. Kind of like Eddie Martel from The Replacements. Even if he was doing well, everyone would criticize him.

  5. So what was his problem the first series of the game when he had 1st and goal from the 7 and he rushed a fade throw and was picked off on first down….you dont make that throw on 1st down throw it out the end zone, he is not a rookie QB….

  6. It all boils down to the trenches. The offensive line is not getting it done, run blocking or pass blocking. When the J train is in the station you can’t play action and Cutler’s first name isn’t Dan .

  7. Why not criticize Gase for going with an empty set on 1st and goal at the 3? First play, bad pass INT. How about, don’t put yourself in that spot coach. You have a good RB, give him the ball on 1st and goal. Or at worst, play action. You made it clear with an empty set what is coming. Gase is overhyped. Not a Dolphin fan, but watched the first half, until I got bored and watched Cheers reruns on Netflix the rest of the morning.

  8. Gase is right in that Cutler is not the sole problem. The line is atrocious (who didn’t see that one coming?) and the receivers look to have a different intensity when they are the primary vs when they are not. Almost all of Ajayi’s yards are gained after contact which means either there are no holes or he isn’t running to the ones that may be there (my $ is on option 1). Another problem is Gase’s questionable play calling and severe predictability. On top of all that, Cutler is not throwing the ball quite as accurately as he needs to and seems reluctant to go downfield. I get that guys are not open but Parker will win most of the 50/50 balls that are close. There really isn’t one guy who is consistently bad but there does seem to be a guy getting beat on every single play. Sometimes it is Tunsil, then Pouncy, then the LG, etc. The fire is gone on both sides of the ball. The pass rush is not there and I’ve watched guys go lock up with a man to the right instead of running down the ball carrier heading left. Almost all tackles are solo and for a team notorious for missed tackles that does not bode well. Once the offense starts to put it together, this Dolphins fan is pretty confident we will start seeing the opponents turn a 2 yard gain into a 17 yard first down because of missed solo tackles while others in the vicinity watch and then start running again. I’ve defended Cutler’s attitude since he was a new Bear but his statue impression on that direct snap to the RB is indefensible. He stood there with his hands on his hips from set to whistle. No bueno.

  9. Gase is clearly in over his head. A one-year wonder, kind of like Tony Sparano was. Hopefully it won’t take Dolphins ownership as long to realize that.

  10. The question isn’t whether the Dolphins had “total faith” in Matt Moore to be there starter. The question is whether their faith in Cutler was ever truly justified. At 34 years old, you are what you are. Does Adam Gase really believe his own press clippings that he is some sort of quarterback whisperer?

  11. So what was his problem the first series of the game when he had 1st and goal from the 7 and he rushed a fade throw and was picked off on first down….you don’t make that throw on 1st down throw it out the end zone, he is not a rookie QB….

    How about looking at Julius Thomas on that play. There is no way a 6’1″ 180lbs CB should be out muscling a 6’5″ 265lbs TE. The ball wasn’t badly placed in the corner of the end zone, JT just got out worked for the ball. 99% JT’s fault 1% Cutler’s. If you are complaining about the play call well that’s on the coach.

  12. It must be absolutely heart breaking for Dolphin Fans to see Cutler under center each week. Any success enjoyed by Miami this season will be in spite of Culter not because of him.

  13. Gase is clearly in over his head. A one-year wonder, kind of like Tony Sparano was. Hopefully it won’t take Dolphins ownership as long to realize that.
    Dolphins ownership is in over its head as well.

  14. feekdafreak says:
    October 3, 2017 at 10:18 am
    How ironic…watching Jay Cutler play drives me nuts!
    You should probably look up the definition of the word irony, before you use it again in a sentence.

  15. dave_bords says:
    October 3, 2017 at 10:38 am
    $10MM to this guy, what a joke.

    And Glennon is getting $18 Mil…go figure !!!

  16. Funny, Tannehill plays behind the same line last year and actually plays pretty well and there’s still all sorts of talk about is he the franchise QB or not. Cutler can’t even score points with the same line (actually a better line with Pouncey healthy), and lots of people here blame the line? Please. I’ve been a Dolphins fan for long enough to know the line is an issue, but nowhere near as big an issue as Cutler. He’s got happy feet, can’t make a quick read and struggles mightly against pressure. Say what you want about Tannehill but the guy could still throw it with a mack truck about to hit him. Cutler has zero mobility to evade pressure and move the pocket outside so bootlegs are out. It’s a tough situation, but I honestly think Moore gives them a better chance at this point. Tons of weapons with Ajayi, Parker, Landry and Stills (not to mention Jakeem Grant). To think this team can’t move the ball on the Jets or Saints…YIKES.

  17. The problems with the o-line and the QB should fall on Gase. Tannehill was injured last year but they chose not to have surgery on an obviously injured knee and wait for it to heal….bam he folds in training camp without even being hit before the preseason even started…like you couldn’t see that coming? Surgery last year would have had him out until at least December of this year but they would have had time to see where he in in 2017 to make plans for 2018. Now they have the Cutler/Moore QB show nobody wants to watch and Tannehill will be working out in training camp again next year when it is too late to go another direction if he isn’t ready. Another year lost….yawn….

    Then you have to use the backup Matt Moore who is a perennial backup quarterback in his career. He is never going to be a starter at 33 with his record and injuries in the NFL. If the Dolphins had any faith in him they wouldn’t have brought in a broadcaster to show him the way in 2017. Destroy what little hope he had of being a leader again….

    The Dolphins….almost the Browns of the AFC East….listen close you can hear the clock ticking on Gase as a head coach already….

  18. I wouldn’t cure everything for sure but man I said it at the time, there is NO WAY they should have forced Richie Incognito out just because of those BS bullying charges

  19. After the beating Cutler took for years behind atrocious Bears O-Lines, I’m truly shocked that he has elected to put himself through that wringer again in Miami.

  20. For at least the last 10 years the o-line has been inconsistent at best with the blame always placed on the QB. What scares any team about the Fins O-Line? Nothing..not one player.

  21. I’ve never understood the constant defending of Jay Cutler. We Cowboys see something similar with Kellen Moore. The guy’s been virtually complete garbage and yet coaches and even local media types, like Babe Laufenberg, keep singing his praises. Meanwhile all of us fans at home can see these guys are trash.

  22. jhorton83 says:
    October 3, 2017 at 11:01 am
    Gase is clearly in over his head.

    Apparently that’s more clear from where you sit than from where I do.

  23. While Cutler has more talent than McCown, the Jets may have been onto something. At Least McCown seems to be a positive influence on his teammates, and his interest in coaching (he helps coach a local high school team) seems to be helping.

    Culter has talent, but…I don’t know–just looking at him in that Wildcat was not a pretty picture. He always has a question about his attitude, and not all of it is warranted. But this is a results league, and Culter has not produced with the Dolphins. That win vs the Chargers is not as impressive when you consider they are 0-4.

    Getting crushed vs the Jets and New Orleans defense…is not a good sign. Maybe neither team was as bad as their first games, but…there are much better defenses out there. How will Miami handle them? They have to deal with Ravens, Broncos, and Bills Twice. If they aren’t blocking better, it will won’t be pretty.

  24. When Gase calls a run play on first down with 9 defenders stacked on the line of scrimmage that is NUTS. Wake up Adam everyone knows you want to run the ball so what do you think is going to happen when you face an NFL defense. It’s not the quarterback it is you Genius Gase. Throw the ball down field into the open zone the defense is giving you. You’re going to get your star RB hurt facing defenders who are already in the backfield as Cutler hands off. The defense knows what play you’re calling! Mix it up throw to a back or TE on first down. I’m sorry Dolphin fans but so far one can tell that Gase does not have the answers! Take a look at the schedule; It is not an easy schedule…..

  25. Gase screwed up and now he’s in deep trouble, no one to blame but himself.
    Cutler hasn’t done anything in 12 years and now’s he going to be productive?
    Especially after retiring??
    Matt Moore was more than adequate to lead this team to at least 9-7 maybe 10-6.
    Cutler has already lost the team, the Dolphins are now on the 2018 draft clock, season is OVER!

  26. The Dolphins can’t be on the 2018 draft clock already, the Jets need to finish worse than them!

    Can a GM and coach be fired for failing to tank and winning too many games?

    We’ll see! I still say Jets are going to win only 1 or 2 more games best case scenario, so 4-12 is the high point. Dolphins please try to go 5-11 but lets hope they both beat the patriots at least once!

  27. This is the best team and coach we have had for years. We have played like we have no zing this last 3 weeks but I am confident Gase and the players can turn this around. Things have been rough away from the field and this trip to London I think has taken it’s toll on some players with all that has gone on down south. We look completely out of sinc. I know we are not that bad. Tell a player they are tired and they feel tired so tell a player to grow a set, your a professional football player and to point they will, they will be to scared to make excuses but let’s be honest it hasn’t been ideal prep especially with a new QB. Once we get the Titans out of the way, a game I expect to lose and a home game under our belts I beleive things will get better. My forecast for the season record wise 10 & 6.

  28. Cutler isn’t working out? Yet again? It’s his o-line. It’s his recievers.its all of the countless coordinators and HC’s he has gotten fired throughout his career. It’s not jay. Jay can be fixed lol!

    I don’t think much of John Fox bit at least he wasn’t dumb enough to keep cutler around.

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