Derrick Brooks hearing Danny Trevathan’s appeal on Tuesday

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Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan was suspended two games by the league over the weekend and he’ll make his case for a diminished penalty at an appeal hearing on Tuesday.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Hall of Fame linebacker Derrick Brooks will be the hearing officer for the matter. Brooks is one of two former players, James Thrash is the other, appointed by the NFL and NFL Players Association to hear appeals for on-field player discipline.

Trevathan has been suspended as a result of his helmet-to-helmet hit on Packers wide receiver Davante Adams in last Thursday’s game. Adams was held up by Bears defenders at the time and Trevathan made contact with the crown of his helmet. Adams spent the night in the hospital with a concussion before being released on Friday without any other head or neck injuries.

The Bears host the Vikings next Monday night and then travel to Baltimore in Week Six.

12 responses to “Derrick Brooks hearing Danny Trevathan’s appeal on Tuesday

  1. They should review the hit, and say “Sorry, but we seem to have messed up. It should have been 4 games, not just two… In fact, we would like to suspend you until Adams can return to play… as long as he is out, you are out… unpaid, too… That should send a message about these types of hits…”

    That would be wonderful… because it was the most vicious hit I’ve seen in years…

  2. The most obvious dirty shot I’ve seen in a long time. He has no shame for appealing this. Maybe he can car pool with Zeke.

  3. I thought 2 games was pretty light. 4 would have been more reasonable.

    for those who say he shouldn’t have been suspended, maybe you think they should allow chop blocks and leg whipping too? What the heck, let them carry pipes and chains while they are at it.

  4. Again, I’m a Bears fan. NFL got this wrong. 2 games is a joke. For once rethink this decision and make the suspension LONGER. Remainder of the season AT LEAST!!!!!!! The NFL does not need idiots like this in the league. That hit made me sick.

  5. play till the whistle. He was still trying to get away from defender.

    He would have hit him in the chest but he ducked into it or was pulled down into it. Just fine him because he did spear him with the crown of the helmet which is a no no.

  6. so many stupid fans on this chain. what intent do you speak of regarding danny trevathan hitting davanta adams? none, because there was no issue whatsoever between the two. should trevathan be suspended? yes, because he could have avoided the hit. should he be suspended more than one game? hell no! again, no intent, the play was still LIVE DUMBDUMBS, he doesnt have a reputation as a dirty player, and he didnt celebrate after the play either. go watch the footage if you dont believe me. and people who say it was the dirtiest play theyve seen in a long time, either arent paying attention to football over the course of the last two years even, or dont watch football much at all. i can point out a plethora of dirty hits that were far dirtier than this one, which was only dirty because danny made a last second mistake of lowering his head, but only to make the play, not to hurt him. one dirtier hit that comes to mind is the 2015 afc wild card round between the steelers and bengals that had vontaze burfict lay out antonio brown.

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