Josh McCown: Critical for Browns to stick with Hue Jackson

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Forget the Browns’ 1-19 record under Hue Jackson. Regardless how Cleveland finishes, Jets quarterback Josh McCown said the Browns have to stick with Jackson to keep from taking another step back.

It’s critical in my opinion,” McCown said on a conference call Tuesday, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “There has to be some steadfastness and resolve. When you set out to do this thing and rebuild the way that you did, you have to have some steadfastness to go, ‘This is what we’re going to do and we’re going to stick to it and see it through.'”

McCown played two seasons with the Browns, including last season under Jackson. The Browns cut him in February.

Cleveland has employed nine head coaches since returning in 1999 as an expansion team, including interim coach Terry Robiskie. Jackson is the fourth in the past six years. None of the nine made it more than four seasons.

“I don’t think it’s very fair to really evaluate, just like you would a player, evaluate the coaches until you have a substantial amount of talent in the group that you’re envisioning putting together on the field,” said McCown. “If you’re continually saying you need to add pieces and you have picks and you’re going to add talent, I don’t know how you evaluate the coach fairly. That statement in and of itself is a little indicting.”

25 responses to “Josh McCown: Critical for Browns to stick with Hue Jackson

  1. medialovesthecowboys says:
    October 3, 2017 at 5:47 pm
    He’s right.
    Continuity is definitely a sensible approach. Trying to find the next Belichick and then firing him after two seasons because he isn’t Belichick is definitely not.


    Irony being the Browns had Belichick to begin with.

  2. Continuity can be a good thing but the guy is 1-19. Even bad teams fall into the occasional victory every now and again. This is Detroit Lions 0-16 bad and that team scrapped everything. Hue seems like a great guy but he just may not be all that good as a headcoach. Norv Turner comes to mind.

  3. If the Browns fire Hue they are going to reach unprecedented levels of dumpster fire status. At some point you need to develop some stability if you have any hope of developing a winning team.

  4. Clueless Hue Jackson is’t the guy you stick with at all costs. There has to come a time when he needs to step it up and perform and he is failing at a HISTORICAL level. Hue Jackson has to go.

  5. They already kind of screwed up when they fired Rob Chudzinski

    The team wasn’t very good, but he had 1 year–after they traded away all the running backs and left him with very little. I guess ownership thought they could trade for Jim Harbaugh or I think Nick Saban. It did not happen, ownership had egg on their faces and the only person left to hire was Mike Pettine. I believe it cost Lombardi and a few other front office people their jobs. Leaving them with Ray Farmer.

    The players and fans were furious–not just because Chudzinski didn’t have much of a chance, but it was so late in the year they missed on every high profile candidate.

    And then they took Manziel and Justin Gilbert with their #1 picks. And Farmer would argue with Pettine to play Manziel more…

  6. Hue Jackson is a bum HC. Kizer left school early, had little training camp, and Jackson throws him to the wolves instead of sitting him. Hue says he is a great playcaller but everything he does is 3 and out. The offense has no running game, no passing game, and yet the Oline is a good one. Jackson wont make it to 0-16, Haslam will offer Hue a rebate and show him the door.

  7. They knew what they were doing. They were tearing all the way down to build back up. You don’t reboot at the bottom. It’s akin to selling all your stock at the bottom of the market when you’re purposely waiting for it to rise a few years on. He’s absolutely right.

  8. nflsnowflakes says:
    October 3, 2017 at 6:26 pm

    Clueless Hue Jackson is’t the guy you stick with at all costs. There has to come a time when he needs to step it up and perform and he is failing at a HISTORICAL level. Hue Jackson has to go.
    You could do a lot worse than Hue Jackson.

  9. Hue Jackson does need to be fired… from play calling. He needs to bring in an OC to call plays. He has too much on his plate trying to be an OC and HC and needs to accept that his offense is not good and defer that work to someone else. Hue needs to focus on head coaching not offensive coordinating.

  10. firerogergoodellnow says:
    October 3, 2017 at 6:38 pm

    If Hue gets fired, NO ONE will want that job. He should have stayed in Cincinnati.

    Who wouldn’t want one of only 32 jobs that exist in the world?

  11. It is always best to stay with what isn’t working hoping that the third year is the charm. This team is no better now with him than without him. Perhaps there should be no head coach at all.

  12. when you are on a 1-19 streak, what exactly does continuity mean to you. Timme to can the guy ASAP and get the new guy in to develop continuity. Trust me, my team was 0-16, you do not want to go down that road, you almost did with Hue

  13. Hue blew his rebuilding when he fired Osweiler. Osweiler would have been a positive improvement in the key QB position. Kizer’s college coach said he wasn’t near ready for the NFL. If Hue couldn’t see that he shouldn’t be HC! Osweiler would have won some games for the Browns to give the fans hope. Now all the Browns have is a massive salary to pay with nothing for it.

  14. Spoken like someone who had a front row seat to the cluster that has been the Browns. The Bengals have kept the same coach for a long time despite not having any post-season success. By comparisson, the Browns would look at that as a step up. So, keeping the head coach in place makes sense if you consider changing him out every other season hasn’t made a difference.

  15. Hue is Herm Edwards level stupid. All he’s ever done is coach an 8-8 raider team the year before, to 8-8. Same as an offensive line coach.

  16. Jimmy Haslam is reportedly selling off 40% of Flying J. Maybe he can now afford to buy out the Browns coaching staff and GM and get someone of quality. Kizer was at best a below average QB on above average ND.

  17. Irony being the Browns had Belichick to begin with.


    I quickly thought that too, however that was the old Browns now Ravens franchise so you can’t blame firing Belichick on the current Browns.

  18. I agree with one major statement: hire an OC ….. I like Hue but not as a play caller. He is predictable. For heavens’ sake; don’t run against an 8 man box and get 2nd and long and then expect Kizer to find a receiver. Throw the football on 1st down.

  19. Said the simple fix to this, hand Scott McCloughan a blank check to pick the players after the nerds have horded them. He could go wild. Just look at the night and day difference in physicality that Washington team is from just 3 of his drafts (he said they followed all but one of his moves this past year after he was fired). Letting the people do it who are doing it now is an exercise in futility.

  20. How do some of you still not get that Hue DOES NOT control the roster. He didn’t cut Osweiler or Haden or Pryor or Barnidge . That’s all done by the front office. Hue can only do so much with the sh*t he’s been given. How can you expect a raw rookie QB to do anything with no WR? I mean our 2nd string rb ( Duke) is our best WR. In no world should that be the case.
    Plus they haven’t had Jamie Collins for 3 games or Myles Garrett at all . Missing 2 of the team’s 3 best players is killing us since we have Zero depth.Add that to Gregg williams playing Peppers and schobert in positions that they’ve never really played b4 and you get a mess of a secondary. Etc etc. We have to give this front office and coaching staff at least one more year. It would be idiotic not too.
    And they need to stop effing with the draft. And just pick the best guy available ( since we need help at every position.) And the FO needs to quit trying to prove how ‘smart and savvy’ they are because they’ve passed on way too many great players in the past 2 drafts. Farmer drafted that way and was probably the worst gm in nfl history.

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