Kareem Hunt on pace for single-season scrimmage-yards record

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A quarter of the way through his rookie season, Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt is on pace to accomplish things that have never been done in NFL history.

Hunt has 502 rushing yards and 157 receiving yards this season, and that total of 659 yards from scrimmage puts him on pace for 2,636 scrimmage yards this season. The NFL record for yards from scrimmage is 2,509, set by Chris Johnson in 2009.

Hunt is also on pace for 2,008 rushing yards, which would top Eric Dickerson’s rookie record of 1,808 yards.

Hunt is way ahead of the rest of the league in rushing, having topped 500 yards before anyone else even reached 400 yards. Rams running back Todd Gurley is second in the NFL with 362 yards.

And Hunt has gained 372 yards just in the second halves of games this year, meaning he has more second-half yards than anyone else has gained in four full games this season.

Four games into his career Hunt looks not only like the rookie of the year, but also like the NFL’s MVP.

32 responses to “Kareem Hunt on pace for single-season scrimmage-yards record

  1. Got him in the 9th round of my draft just a few hours before it was announced that Ware was done for the year….not that Richard Sherman cares

  2. He’s already proven to be a smart pick for an organization that was looking for their Jamal Charles replacement. I’m happy for his success, but it’s still early in the season, and Kansas City hasn’t really been tested against a vaunted run defense. It will be interesting to see how he performs moving forward, as they still have games against the Texans D-Line, Pittsburgh, the Giants, and Denver twice.

  3. I said in the preseason how much I liked him. I even told friends that I really thought he could do everything Spencer Ware could do.
    But come on – I didn’t expect him to be THIS good. Speed, power, elusive, hard to bring down. He’s the real deal.
    I also told my fantasy league that I thought the Chiefs would spread out carries enough that Hunt would be a better real life RB than fantasy back. Yeah – I was wrong about that.

  4. @robkeezy–It will be interesting to see how he performs moving forward, as they still have games against the Texans D-Line, Pittsburgh, the Giants, and Denver twice.”

    Good point, although those teams have to plan also for Tyreek Hill as well as the Chiefs’ other young receivers.

  5. All these people wanging about how Hunt has not faced a good run defense yet……… forget that the Redskins were only allowing 62 ypg until last night and Philadelphia is ranked #2 in the league in Rush Defense. Geez.

  6. Yeah, well everyone was going crazy about Jay Ajayi at this time last year too, and now his stats are just average

  7. I remember the “David Johnson on pace for single season scrimmage yards record” story…good times…good times.

  8. As a Raiders fan and Chief loather I have to give them mad props. Those guys can draft like no tomorrow and guys just fit right in with their system. The truth is the truth. I am about to throw up.

  9. Uh, 25% of the season is a good measure. It’s not like he’s played one game, he leads “the 2nd best back in the league” by more than 100 yards and he has the most TDs in the league.

    There could be worse topics, like politics, maybe that’s what you prefer…

  10. sabrastang says:
    October 3, 2017 at 11:10 am
    Nothing like “on pace” through 4 games.
    Well that is equivalent to a quarter of the NFL season. That’s equivalent to about 40 MLB games. And 20 NBA games.

  11. As opposing defenses decide to tee off on him, I doubt he can maintain that pace. It makes sense to shut him down and make the Chiefs beat you with their passing game. However, so far this year, it looks like their passing game is up to the task.

  12. Just about every RB that ever played for Andy Reid was over used and and burned out quickly.That statement is factual and no knock on the kid.

    Brian Westbrook put up 9000 yards from scrimmage over 6 years, ’03-’08.

    I’m not sure what more you could ask of a RB in this era.

  13. aarons444,
    I agree with you 100%. I don’t know where people keep getting the misconception that Andy Reid runs his backs into the ground. Last game was Hunt’s first game with over 20 carries. The previous games he carried the ball 17,13, and 17 times. Those aren’t exactly Earl Campbell numbers (google him kids)

  14. Gotta laugh at people who can’t accept some of these kids are really good. Hunt is fun to watch. Deshaun Watson too. Last year we had Dak and Zeke. This is the future and I’m happy to see some exciting talent in the NFL.

    Oh yeah, that Brady guy is still playing too.

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