Michael Floyd feels ready to “go out there and make plays”

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The Vikings offense will be working wide receiver Michael Floyd back into the mix this week now that his four-game suspension for last year’s extreme DUI arrest.

Floyd was able to attend meetings with the team during his suspension, but has not practiced or played since the start of the regular season. Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said he thinks Floyd has “a good grasp of everything that’s going on” despite the lack of time on the field and Floyd believes he’s ready to hit the ground running.

“I’m going to be an aggressive player,” Floyd said, via the Pioneer Press. “I’m going to go out there and make plays. That’s what I do.”

Zimmer said the practice week, which kicks off Thursday ahead of next Monday’s game against the Bears, will determine what kind of role Floyd plays right off the bat. The most obvious fit would seem to be as a third receiver behind Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen as neither Laquon Treadwell nor Jarius Wright has made themselves an immovable part of the offense during the first quarter of the season.

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  1. This offense has been very balanced so far but it looks like it will have to transition to be more pass-heavy. They don’t have Cook to help open up the passing game anymore so Floyd will have to be the guy to draw some attention away from Diggs and Thielen. It’s been great to watch the downfield passing game that we haven’t seen in a long time so I hope it doesn’t go away.

  2. Well, if he catches 6 passes the next 4 games, he’ll be better than Treadwell. Sure glad that that Diggs and Theilen have panned out. A year ago no one would have thought WR would be a position of strength for this team.

  3. How about from now on the Vikings stick to OL and Defense in the first couple rounds in the draft? That way, when they go down from a “blown out” knee, we are not so fricken’ heart broken.

  4. I hate to be negative but I agree with the masses. Treadwell is not showing us anything. He has had every opportunity and does nothing with it. The only reason I waffle at all on calling him a bust is that I always thought Wright was a pretty good receiver and he sure hasn’t done much either. I am sure that Diggs and Thielen draw all the coverage and so Treadwell should probably be drawing the weak link and still nothing.

  5. He’ll barely make an impact.
    Didnt see anything in the preseason that made you question why two teams gave up on him. Just because he’s from Minnesota doesn’t matter.

  6. Frazier28/7 says:
    October 3, 2017 at 1:17 pm
    He’ll barely make an impact.
    Didnt see anything in the preseason that made you question why two teams gave up on him. Just because he’s from Minnesota doesn’t matter.


    Nobody knows what kind of impact he’ll have, when he hits the field. You can’t take pre-season into account though, nobody looked good, on the Vikings, in the pre-season. Cook was really the only starter that flashed in the pre-season. Everybody else looked pretty pedestrian.

  7. What is all the talk about Treadwell? The story was about Floyd. Trolls focus, I look forward to Floyd’s debut with the Vikings. I was against this signing but if he can give the offense another target they can trust okay.

  8. Although Treadwell has been a disappointment thus far, he has seen the field more this year. Keenum actually targeted him down field last game that he was poised to make the catch on but a blatant pass interference that wasn’t called kept him from going up to get the ball. I do see a slight improvement in his route running and he seems to be getting better separation than last year. People forget he had a horrific injury in college and he might just now be approaching full health. I for one am still positive he will develop into a good possession and red zone receiver

  9. The focus on Treadwell is logical as Floyd has to take playing time from other players, especially Treadwell who hasn’t exactly taken his opportunity to play and run with it. You do understand there is a fixed number of players on the field at a given time, right?

  10. With a healthy Sam B and Cook Floyd may of made a big difference. Now with Case and Murray, not so much. He will make some difference because he should be better than Notread and Wrong but he is not a third WR star. Now if Sam or a healthy good TEDDY come back and Murray gets a lot better, then yeh he could make a big difference.

  11. Brian taking the opportunity to troll Treadwell isn’t logical.How many targets did he have with his opportunity? Again Floyd gets his chance to play lets see if he can get the ball more. The offense needs a better game plan and outing this week against the Bears.

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