Raiders need Marshawn Lynch to step up now

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The Marshawn Lynch unretirement began with 76 yards in Tennessee. In three games since then, he has 75 yards. Combined.

Most recently, the Broncos bottled Lynch up for 12 yards on nine carries, a week after he gained only 18 on six carries in an ugly loss to Washington. And so, with 151 yards in four games and a per-carry average of 3.4 yards and with quarterback Derek Carr out for 2-6 weeks, it’s time for Lynch to step it up. If he can.

At a time when many assume Adrian Peterson has lost his fastball, it’s fair to wonder whether Lynch, after a year out of football, also has. While the Raiders have a good offensive line (although not good enough to keep from getting their quarterback’s back broken), they currently don’t have their starting quarterback. Which means that opposing defenses will load up the box in an effort: (1) to take Lynch away; and (2) to force EJ Manuel to beat them.

On Sunday, the Ravens limp into town after a pair of embarrassing losses and signs that the wheels could be coming off. If Lynch can’t get things rolling against Baltimore, maybe it’s just not going to happen for him, or for his team.

24 responses to “Raiders need Marshawn Lynch to step up now

  1. Say what? A washed up back coming out of retirement simply for the feel-good story of checking something off his bucket list didn’t result in the best season the NFL has ever seen? Well, I’ll be … just pain me shocked! :-O

  2. Pretty much like his last two years as a Seahawk. He’ll have a nice game, or two, but the Beast Mode Ship sailed into mediocrity after the 2014 season.

  3. The line needs to step up and remember his to block, lynch has been contacted in the backfield all year

  4. Lynch was already slowing down his last year in Seattle. His physical running style really took a toll on him. I watched him walk off the field with a stiff back, clearly bothering him, for two years at home games.

    Love the guy but he should have stayed retired.

  5. The Denver Broncos had already stymied the Oakland Raiders’ offense through most of Sunday’s matchup before quarterback Derek Carr went down with a fractured transverse process in his back.

    In fact, Oakland’s offensive woes had gotten so bad that when Carr went down late in the third quarter, the team was in the midst of converting 1-of-28 third-down conversions in Weeks 3 and 4.

    The Marshawn Lynch unretirement began with 76 yards in Tennessee. In three games since then, he has 75 yards. Combined.

    Wow. Total SB offense.

  6. Maybe he should change his name to He Hate Me & he can thrive again. He’s washed up & nobody wants to admit it. Beast Mode no more !

  7. How do you know when a running back is all done? When off field antics are easier to notice than running between the hash marks.

  8. I couldn’t disagree more, I think they should turn to their other two backs more and use Lynch in short yardage situations.

    Richard and Washington are mismatches coming out of the backfield.

  9. Anybody ever consider the fact that Lynch is “old” for RB standards? And add to his age, he was retired for a year. I had low expectations from him coming back from retirement, and I wasn’t understanding the hoopla after a 76 yard game against the Titans. Big deal. Now that we made it to October, Lynch is looking exactly the way everyone should have expected him to look.

  10. I said he’d be good for about 5 games, of which he’s had 1 already. That was based on his age and having a year off. At this point, he may or may not make it to that.

  11. All used up except for the bad behavior. Raiders need o tell him not to bother be getting up at all after the anthem is over. Play Olawale as the power back and use Washington and Richard more. I said when the talk started that the Raiders my sign Lynch that I hoped they didn’t because no way of knowing if he was beastmode or leastmode, I guess we know now.

  12. Amazing how many experts we have here…and they come out by the dozens when the Raiders lose.

    The Raider offense has had all kinds of issues lately, but not due to Lynch, but by the AWFUL offensive line play. In the last 2 games, Lynch has done little to nothing and the franchise QB was injured. ALL of last year, the Raiders O-Line gave up the least amount of sacks in the entire league with 16. They year, he has already been sacked EIGHT TIMES.

    Stop digging for straws and look at the obvious.

  13. Old, fat, slow and lazy.

    3rd in the division, at best. Didn’t take long for the fade to come back to earth.

  14. Don’t worry. With Brandon Williams out for the Ravens, there is nothing stopping ML from putting up good numbers this week. Raiders win!

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