Rob Gronkowski wants consistency in offensive pass interference calls

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Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski asks just one thing of officials — consistency. He had his first offensive pass interference penalty of the season in what coach Bill Belichick described as a “tough call.”

“If the consistency was there 100 percent, then I’d be cool with whatever it is,” Gronkowski said, via Mike Reiss of ESPN. “One week, we’re told we can play, it really isn’t going to be called, they can hold and you can slap off their hands. Then the next week, if you touch the guy, it’s a PI. I just wish I knew the consistency, so I can base my game off and practice and be prepared for the game and know the rules going in from week to week.”

The topic first gained traction with Gronkowski in 2015 when officials flagged him twice in a game against Denver. Belichick noted Gronkowski has made a conscious effort in recent years to avoid offensive pass interference penalties.

“Rob and I have talked about that situation,” Belichick said Monday on sports radio WEEI. “I think he really tries to do what is legal and tries not to put himself in a situation where they can call him. He doesn’t push off. He doesn’t try to create space. He tries to defend himself, and that is what he’s taught to do.”

The Patriots discuss the tendencies of the officiating crew each week, which Gronkowski calls “super helpful.”

Gronkowski also complimented officials and said he understands the difficulty of their job.

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  1. Did you see this last game? A DB interfered with him so badly he unintentionally windmilled his arms and had to do a superfly move to the field… 🙂 I love Gronk, and the DB deserved the PI call, but that was some B level acting! Note to Gronk : The fist pumping when the flag comes out won’t help you convince the refs that they made the right call.

    DBs do seem to often mug Gronk frequently and I have seen quite a few flags when he gives them a push back. Is it his fault that he is a lean mean fighting machine?

  2. You do realize officials also watch “film” of the teams they will be officiating, right? While the officiating around the NFL is wildly inconsistent, the individual crews are usually pretty consistent on what they call. So officials become more prepared to look out for specific instances of certain calls, and those are both determined by what they’ve seen and what they deem “reasonable” calls. Do your own research on the crews who will be officiating, if the crew calls contact penalties tight, either lay off or or try to draw it. This is probably the only thing I’d give officials “praise” for. Look at the officiating in the Bills game. Poor, sure, but it was consistent. Consistently poor.

  3. With all due respect no team in NFL history has benefitted from officials calls ( from tuck rule to hits on brady that no other qb gets called to brady intimidating officials to change calls) you can’t get EVERY call gronkowski

  4. Not a pats fan but I’ve been harping on this for years. If it’s a penalty one week, it still is the next. This goes for any and all penalties. No one would have the right to complain if officials called every game exactly the same regardless of the player, home team, the first minute of the game or the last. Not sure why that seems like such a difficult request.

  5. Doesn’t seem like an unreasonable request after all these same officials Don’t know what a catch is or what a defensive pass interference is either.

  6. I think most fans agree with Gronk on this one. It’s probably the number one reason why ratings are down.

  7. It’s whining at its finest! I personally watched Gronk push off against the Chiefs in their 1st game as well as their 2nd game against the Saints. Nothing was called but he could’ve easily been flagged. He got caught and now they’re whining. Since he’s been back he can’t get separation and pushing off is the only way to get it when you lose a step.

  8. The reality is that it goes both ways. Gronk gets a lot more physical treatment from defenses than most players in the league. But Gronk plays pretty physically himself. Sometimes the defense could/should have been called for penalties, but there are many other times when Gronk has pushed off a defender to get open. It’s part of being a physical player. Consistency would be nice, but it involve giving up those calls that helped you too. I understand his perspective of wanting to be able to know what to expect. But there are times when I wonder why he wasn’t flagged when someone else was, as well.

    Personally, I wish they would just let them play. I feel like Gronk would prefer that too, but that’s just a hunch.

  9. He’s not wrong. It is very inconsistent. You cant know what you are allowed to do, and what you aren’t allowed to do, if the rules change every week based on the officiating crew. That’s not just a Gronk issue, that’s a league wide issue, and its frustrating for fans as well. But since its Gronk and the Pats, everyone is going to tell him to stop crying (and then they will proceed to cry like babies when their team gets hosed on inconsistency)…

  10. Eric Berry hung on Gronk like laundry in the first game and was never called for it. The refs see this giant of a man and just assume that he’s the guy doing the pushing. Fact is when the defender runs into him they bounce off because of his shear size. No different than when Shaq would get beat up inside and refs would let it go because of his size and skill.

  11. All you can ask for is a clear rule and consistency in applying the rule. Even if the refs are horrendous and calling everything (or calling nothing) you can adjust as long as you know how they are going to call it and apply the rule to BOTH teams evenly. Just like a baseball Umpire that is calling the low outside ball a strike…batters adjust and have to swing at that pitch, no problem as long as the UMP remains consistent the whole game with both teams. I think all Gronk is asking for is fairness, which he is clearly not getting these last few seasons.

  12. If the refs consistently called pass interference, the Patriots would get flagged for offensive pass interference on almost every play. They are the masters of getting away with an illegal pick.

  13. Pat’s haters turn this into Gronkowski “whining” Hmm, the guy says he would like consistency- you know the same thing every player and fan calls for every week.

    Compliments officials and says he understands because they have a hard job.

    Yeah- that’s “whining”!

  14. “With all due respect no team in NFL history has benefitted from officials calls ”

    Just keep throwing out Pats hater myth #2. The Pats have gotten plenty of bad calls over the years, but they don’t whine like the Tomlins and Harbaughs of the world and just go on to the next opponent.

  15. lionsandvikingsandbearsohmy says:
    October 4, 2017 at 12:11 am
    “Spoken like someone knowingly playing at the edge of what is, and what isn’t legal.”

    Exactly like every other player on the field.

    All the haters whining about what he said, did you even read it? He did not complain about the call last weekend. He just wants them to call it consistently from week to week, and crew to crew, so the players know in advance what to expect. How can you play within the rules when the officials can interpret the rules differently from week to week?

  16. All ref crews have tendencies. If he wasn’t such a lunkhead, he’d know that every team scouts the ref crews who will be working their game and let the players know what they’ll be looking for. Maybe if he didn’t sleep through meetings, he’d know.

  17. RegisHawk says:
    October 4, 2017 at 11:02 am
    All ref crews have tendencies. If he wasn’t such a lunkhead, he’d know that every team scouts the ref crews who will be working their game and let the players know what they’ll be looking for. Maybe if he didn’t sleep through meetings, he’d know.


    Did you actually read the post? Gronkowski actually refers to receiving “super helpful” information each week on the tendencies of each week’s crew. So yes, he knows about that. But I’m sure he’d appreciate your insight and the mature way you express yourself.

  18. Trust No One says:

    October 3, 2017 at 10:45 pm

    I would definitely agree with Mr. Gronk here. He should get flagged 3x more than he does for all of the PI he gets away with.


    Gronk gets Hack a Shaq’d every weekend because of his size and its not called. Indisputable. Please watch more Pats games before you comment on this again.

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