Eagles impressed with LeGarrette Blount’s “vision and balance”

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Running back LeGarrette Blount, a guy of whom most became aware when he punched an opponent in the face after a game while at Oregon, has carved out a solid career for himself over the past eight seasons, winning a couple of Super Bowl rings, making decent money, and continuing to show that he still has what it takes, even on the wrong side of 30.

In his first year with the Eagles, his latest head coach is impressed with two things: “Vision and balance.”

“Great vision to see the hole, to see second-level defenders who move in front of him,” Doug Pederson told reporters on Wednesday. “And then the balance when he does get hit or hit on his legs to stay moving and stay — you see the balance with the arm on the ground and then him being able to pop up or the balance with maybe just picking his feet up in the hole are the things that I’ve seen that have really been impressive for a big guy.”

Blount has 45 total touches in four games, with 42 rushing attempts and a 5.9-yard average. (A 68-yard run on Sunday at L.A. helped the per-carry number.) He also has two touchdowns.

“I think with the way we’ve been rotating our backs, I think it keeps them all kind of fresh,” Pederson said of Blount’s workload. “And I think that’s going to be the way we approach the run game each and every week. And it has been. He seems to, just like the game, he seems to get better as the game goes along. It’s all about how he recovers, how he takes care of himself during the week, and how he prepares, even his own conditioning, aside from what we do at practice, that will help him, the later we get into the season.”

It’s an impressive endorsement for a guy who supposedly didn’t fit the offense. He fits fine, and he’s one of the big reasons why the Eagles currently stand at 3-1 and in first place in the NFC East.

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  1. I hope the eagles can keep winning these games that we “should ” win against teams like the chargers so that can keep us going until we get our top cb darby back and hopefully maybe Sidney Jones sometime in November. With Phillys front 7 and possibly 2 healthy starting corners, this defense can be very scary.

  2. The Eagles are a team that’s still looking for a real identity on both sides of the ball, but are adjusting fairly well so far with a balanced offense, especially the last two games with the advent of the running game. Pederson’s situational play-calling has been improving and I think the defense will get back on track after getting Cox and the injured corners back on the field. Wentz is limiting mistakes with both of his INTs this year coming off tipped balls. They seem to have a bright future.

  3. This team is a few clicks away from being pretty scary on both sides of the ball. Could easily stay atop the NFC East now that the Cowboys are regressing, the giants are terrible and the skins…well, they are the skins; they’ll find a way to lose.

  4. As an Eagles fan, I’m going to need more than one solid game out of him to be convinced. He’s possibly a nice piece to the offense. Jury’s still out. On the other hand, Torry Smith… you are who we thought you were. Nice guy but, ugh. We need more at WR.

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