Frank Gore is three yards away from Eric Dickerson

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Eric Dickerson’s second NFL team was the Colts. Frank Gore‘s second NFL team is the Colts. On Sunday, Gore likely will pass Dickerson on the all-time rushing list.

As noted by the NFL in a look ahead to Week Five, Gore has 13,256 career rushing yards. Eric Dickerson has 13,259. With four yards, Gore takes over the seventh spot on the career tally.

Gore is 406 yards away from Jerome Bettis for No. 6 on the all-time list, and 428 from LaDaininan Tomlinson. With 845 yards, Gore will pass Curtis Martin and join the top five.

Some view Gore as a fringe Hall of Famer, but how does he not make it with that kind of achievement? Each of the other names listed above have bronze busts in Canton; Gore easily should have one, too.

If there’s still any doubt, consider this: Adrian Peterson is viewed as a sure-fire Hall of Famer, correct? He has 11,828 rushing yards, more than 1,400 behind Gore.

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  1. AP is a fringe HOF candidate, great stats but no rings. Kenny Anderson and TO deserve to get in before AP.

  2. Frank Gore has labored year in, year out, getting the job done, but hasn’t really done anything spectacular … when’s the last time you’ve seen any of his best runs on a highlight video? I totally agree he belongs in the Hall, but he doesn’t have the hype of an Adrian Peterson.

    Peterson is viewed as a sure-fire Hall of famer largely because of his amazing accomplishments – his NFL record for yards in a game, his incredible year after his ACL injury, his amazing highlight runs. Hall of Fame is more than just number of total yards in a career.

  3. AP is a fringe HOF candidate. Frank Gore is not. He was never really on a good team,except for about two years. I don’t know how there is a open discussion on this considering Terrel Davis is in the HOF.

  4. The HOF is more than total rushing yards in a career, but no one can dispute a top ten finish on the all time list is extremely impressive. Also note, Gore is also the all time rushing leader of a storied franchise, which carries more weight than others.

    Gore’s been a compiler these past three seasons with zero highlights, that’s for sure.

  5. as movike said. AP has more achievements than Gore. APs led the league 3 different times in yards. Gore never has, AP also has 20 more TDS. Not to mention AP has missed 3 years either to suspension or injury and only trails by 1400 yards. Gore has also been in the league 2 years longer.

    Gore at his prime is way lesser of a back then AP at his prime. The only thing Gore did better was catch the ball. Even then I dont remember seeing gore highlights like AP.

  6. twmp420

    AP was never on a good team either except the one good year with Favre. AP will be in HOF no doubt. Its a shame he only gets 4 carries a game now…horrible decision on his part he should of waited for an injury then jumped in.

  7. If you look strictly at his numbers, yes he’s a HOfer.
    But his name isn’t even in the top ten when you start mentioning some of the great running back in NFL history.
    He isn’t flashy, dynamic, or breathtaking. He has no iconic, historic, game changing highlights.
    Longevity counts for something.

  8. Let me start by saying that Gore is at worst a fringe HOF, probably one day in the Hall. That being said, cherry-picking one stat for HOF candidacy is ludicrous. Gore has more career yards than AP, true. That’s where the favorable comparisons for Gore end. AP won an MVP (which has been all QB’s since the NFL went pass happy) and was Offensive Rookie of the Year. He also nearly broke the single-season rushing record, was a 3-time rushing champion, for a while was flirting with surpassing Barry Sanders 5.0 yards per carry, for a while was flirting with averaging 100 YPG, and was AP 1st team All-Pro 4 times and 2nd team 3 times. There’s nothing wrong with claiming Gore belongs in the HOF, but don’t use one cherry-picked stat as the basis for your comparison.

  9. Frank Gore had a 2000 total scrimmage yards in 2006, he has had spectacular seasons. People forget he was a force to reckon with in the mid to late 2000s.

  10. AP is a sure-fire hall of famer because of his numbers AND incredible ability. Gore only had the numbers . . over a long time. Was he reliable, yes, but not HOF caliber.

    Gore came into the league in 2005 while AP came in 2007. Top it off with AP’s approx 2-missed seasons between injuries and suspension and he’s still in the same ballpark as Gore. That’s truly impressive.

    And it pains me to even make this argument because i bleed green and gold, but i’ve seen what AP could do. Gore couldn’t hold a candle to it.

  11. Sad to say I don’t remember a single distinct Gore run. He is like the Camry of running backs — goes forever, but no bling.

  12. Why does somebody need a highlight reel to be in the hall of fame? if that’s the case there would be 0 offensive lineman in the hall of fame.

  13. Career longevity as an NFL starting running back is a rarity and should be recognized as a positive.

    Gore reminds me some of Ottis Anderson. Anderson had 15 years in the league and was ranked somewhere around 7th all-time in rushing when he retired. But Anderson never garnered enough respect from writers to get into the Hall of Fame. Despite Anderson being a Super Bowl MVP.

    If Anderson isn’t in the HOF then I have a hard time seeing how Gore gets in.

  14. One of my favorite running back highlights of all time is Gore running against Seattle when he had like 8 seahawks draped all over him but he was still moving forward getting yardage.This was before the LOB and the rivalry but it was still a fun run to watch.

  15. Great, baseball think again. It’s HoF, not HoN(Hall of Numbers). Joe Namath? Incredibly famous. Not a great QB, numbers-wise. Kurt Warner? Took multiple teams to Super Bowls. Stocked groceries and played in Arena Ball. Famous.

    Frank Gore? Nice, super consistent player. HoF player? Maybe. But knock it off with this baseball numbers garbage. Peterson was game changing elite in his prime.

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