Joe Flacco: Offense’s confidence level could be higher

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After last Sunday’s loss to the Steelers, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco summed up his performance by saying “I sucked” and he wasn’t any less critical of himself when he met the media on Wednesday.

Flacco said he’s always going to put offensive struggles on his shoulders, although he also diagnosed an issue across the unit as a whole after scoring 16 points in the last two games.

“I think our confidence level can be higher,” Flacco said, via “The way we’ve played the past couple of weeks can definitely creep in and hurt that. We got to do the best we can that we believe in who we are as players and who we are as a football team, so we can go out there and play free. Once Sunday comes around, the team that usually wins is the team that can go out there and let it loose and we have to do a better job of doing that.”

When it comes to the impact the confidence level has on the offense, it feels like a chicken and egg scenario. An offense that’s flailing the way the Ravens have the last two weeks is inevitably going to start lacking confidence and that won’t change until the offense starts playing better. At the same time, a turnaround seems unlikely if a high level of confidence is a prerequisite.

One way Flacco believes that can help make things better is to “trust the pocket” more and make plays when facing “tough situations.” If the Ravens can pull that off against the Raiders, the confidence level should rise, but it is hard to see much change unless that happens.

22 responses to “Joe Flacco: Offense’s confidence level could be higher

  1. The Ravens vs Oakland with no Derek Carr might be in the running for stinker game of the week along with the Jets at Cleveland.

  2. flacco < elite. remember when these guys were talking this off-season about their unstoppable defense? too bad the afc north chase is already over.

  3. Not sure where to start here. Joe’s never been “elite” but he was a dependable starter in this league and for a period of time played great football especially during their super bowl run.
    Some will blame on the weapons around him, some will blame it on o-line or even offense coordinators. Bottom line is that the situation in Baltimore has gotten stale. This happens to every franchise Excluding the patriots. I believe this will be Johns Harbough’s last year as head coach with Flacco sticking around for the next year or two before they bring someone in to complete.

  4. eh, split the road At Oakland and Minny, win your next two home games against the Bears and Dolphins…..suddenly you are 5-3 with 4 home games (and a road game at Cleveland) left on the schedule…..not time to panic, yet

  5. This Sunday vs the Raiders (minus Carr) will be all about which offense hangs the defense out to dry a little less

    LOL who will stink less, EJ or Flacco

  6. There is the hangup. He is an elite level QB with backup QB confidence. You have finally found the missing link. Maybe Gruden should start running a QB Confidence School in the off season. He could bring in former elite QBs like Joe Montana & Peyton Manning to lead the classes. Graduates could then move on to Gunslinger School where Dan Marino and Brett Favre would be waiting for them. Heck, do the same thing for RBs with Playmaker School graduates that move on to Bell Cow school. SMH.

  7. The only thing that we need to “let loose” in Baltimore is Flacco and his overblown/overpriced contract. The guy has been nothing but slightly above mediocre, save his Super Bowl season.

    Trade Flacco to the Redskins for Cousins, or do whatever it takes to get rid of Flacco and get Cousins. Probably save us a few dollars in the end.

  8. Well Joe, its a good think you are playing the Raiders awesome secondary this week. should be a good confidence builder.

  9. deadspindeluxe says:
    October 4, 2017 at 4:32 pm
    Graduates could then move on to Gunslinger School where Dan Marino and Brett Favre would be waiting for them.

    Marino wasn’t a gunslinger, he was an assassin.

  10. All Raven fans who are honest and realistic, knows this season is over. The offseason is going to be interesting,will Harbaugh and Newsome still be there and will they join the rest and get a mobile, fiery quarterback.

  11. The problems for this team all start and end with Ozzie Newsome. In my opinion, he should be released at the end of the year. He has had 10 years to build an offense around Joe and has failed miserably. Joe’s injuries and lack of production could all be blamed on lack of personal around him.


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