Melvin Gordon is “super frustrated” right now

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One member of the Chargers is frustrated by more than just the fact that the team’s stadium is overrun by fans of the visiting team whenever they play a home game.

Running back Melvin Gordon has 54 carries on the year, good for 17th in the league, and had 10 against the Eagles in last Sunday’s loss, which isn’t quite the kind of usage he has in mind. Gordon said that in rankles him that he’s not getting the ball more in games that his team is losing.

“I’m super frustrated at the moment, but I can’t let it break me,” Gordon said, via “It all falls under the same thing. But obviously not getting the touches and not getting the win — the win is the biggest thing. But then the fact that you feel like you can’t even help, you’re just kind of sitting back, it sucks because I just feel like I’m kind of helpless back there. I hate that I feel like that, and I just feel like I can’t help my teammates out there. It hurts, really. I probably would have felt a lot better if we’d won.”

Gordon also had a catch agains the Eagles after dealing with knee trouble in the days leading up to the game, something that may have impacted how much the Chargers wanted to use him. He also gained 22 yards on those 10 carries and is averaging 3.1 yards per carry for the season, something that will likely need to change if Gordon wants to see a spike in carries against the Giants this Sunday.

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  1. Gordon had two runs of 11 and 12 yards in that game and finished with 22 yards. The other runs he continually got stuffed in the backfield.

    There was a sequence where Gordon ran on first down, lost two yards. Oliver ran on second down, lost five yards, leaving Rivers with 3rd and 17 and no hope behind that line. I have watched that sequence repeat many times over the first four games.

    The Chargers OL is brutal. No wonder he’s frustrated.

  2. How come every rb in history has exclaimed that they need carries to get into a rhythm, yet coaches consistently shut down the running game if the back doesnt have 50 yards on his first 10 carries. its absurd.

  3. I don’t imagine there are really all that many plays in the Bolt’s playbook designed to have the RB “just kind of sitting back”. I’m pretty sure if he’s not touching the ball, he’s either supposed to be in protection, blocking or running a route. Maybe he should take some pride in doing those things well instead of being “kind of helpless back there.”

  4. Having adequate run blocking and a good offensive scheme to go with it can do wonders for a RB. Look no further then Todd Gurley if you want proof.

  5. Offensive line has been the Chargers offensive problems for years. The Spanos’ think they can keep putting used tires on their race car, and expect it to win. Their race car just spins out and crashes, over and over and over.
    Retread offensive linemen are good second and third tier backups; not front line players. Rivers is frustrated too because he has been running for his life for seven seasons now. They cannot run, they cannot pass effectively with their terrible offensive lines.

  6. They invested two high picks in the draft this year, although one is gone for the season on ir. I’m amazed at this offense and how they roll out these bum wr’s (Inman, Benjamin and the ancient Gates). Why isn’t Hunter Henry in every play going forward? He is a better blocker, faster and his hands are almost as good as Gates and he actually gets open! Why not mix in some screens with Gordon if the running game is not working? No, just let Rivers continue to throw the ball 45 times a game, losing a fumble and throwing 2 picks and blame everyone else. Laughable that a guy like Rivers even enters into a Hall of Fame talk from time to time. Has he even won a playoff game in the last 10 years? Honestly, that offense should revolve around 3 and ONLY 3 players: Gordon, Allen and Henry, everyone else is just window dressing. No reason these bum role players should ever get this many targets.

  7. Don’t knock Rivers. He’s been “carrying” this team for years. Tom Telesco could have picked Ranczek or Bolles as offensive tackles in their first pick, but they went for a toy for Rivers. The relocation is unraveling and the team has very low morale. Also, Telesco could have gotten Vance Joseph as HC but they were beaten to the punch by..Denver…again.

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