Mike Glennon: I’ll handle benching “like a pro”

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Mike Glennon‘s run as the Bears starting quarterback has come to an end after four games, which was both a decision that Glennon didn’t want the team to make and one that he didn’t react to emotionally when he met the media on Tuesday.

Glennon said he realized that his eight turnovers were “very critical” to the team’s decision to go with rookie Mitch Trubisky and that he will “handle it like a pro” as the team moves forward.

“You always try to have perspective on things,” Glennon said, via the team’s website. “Obviously not what I wanted. Not what I had hoped for. Not what I envisioned. But you look around the country, the world, and you see what’s going on, and that kind of brings perspective back into things. I always try to have that perspective on just the grand scheme of life, even in disappointing times.”

Glennon said that he’ll “continue to help Mitch in any way I can” over the rest of the season while also staying ready to return to the lineup should circumstances call for that to happen at any point down the road. The Bears would likely prefer that’s not the case, but, as Glennon would be the first to tell you, things don’t always work out exactly as planned.

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  1. Mike Glennon was the Veteran and Mitch was the rookie! Glennon turned the ball over way to much! Glennon had his chance and blew it.It’s Mitch time in Chicago, time to see what the rookie 2nd overall draft pick has.

  2. 18.5 million reasons why he’ll be happy on the bench.. why the Bears didn’t get a veteran back up vs a starter to mentor Mitch we will never know.

  3. Mitchell is going to learn quickly the big difference between preseason, third stringer defenses and lightning fast and athletic NFL pros. I wish him the best. However, I think it’s a mistake to start him under the bright lights of MNF.

  4. Mike, don’t worry,some other desperate team that needs a QB, will pay you another $15 million next year to see you stink the place up.
    Isn’t America great!

  5. In defense of Glennon the Bears have squat for WR’s and John Fox should have been put out to pasture years ago. I watched Glennon almost pull out a victory vs the Falcons, but his WR’s kept dropping the ball in the final seconds.

  6. Indybear says:
    October 4, 2017 at 7:42 am

    Mitchell is going to learn quickly the big difference between preseason, third stringer defenses and lightning fast and athletic NFL pros. I wish him the best. However, I think it’s a mistake to start him under the bright lights of MNF.


    I agree, the Viking’s defense has some crazy pass rushers. I don’t think Fox has a choice, third year as HC and was hired as a saving grace after the Trestman experiment.

    If Fox doesn’t turn the team around it would be wise to consider moving Fangio into the HC position or giving old number #4 Jim Harbaugh a call to work with Fangio again.

  7. Awfully big of him considering he’s making ridiculous money. Don’t hurt yourself patting yourself on the back.

  8. mj323 says:
    October 4, 2017 at 8:35 am
    Damarious Randall could learn a thing or eight from Glennon.

    I can think of a couple failed QBs that could learn from him the right way to deal with it.

    Also, if it turns out that its the offense and coaching more than the qb it might become smart to put him back in in a few weeks and not let a bad no win situation destroy a promising and talented rookie. So be a pro and let things unfold. Meanwhile have your broker wisely invest the money you got so far so you and your family are all set either way.

  9. Why are so many people on here obsessed with money? Who cares how much he makes? Did it come out of your pocket? Newsflash: The NFL generates billions of dollars in revenue. By agreement, a certain portion of that goes to the players. The End.

    Mike Glennon might not be good enough to be one of the starting 32 QBs in the NFL right now, but he is good enough to make a living doing something far more lucrative than whatever it is you do for a living. And me. Get over it.

  10. Glennon was thrown into a bad situation there. He has nothing around him. He looked decent here when he played. I still think he is better than a couple of starters (Josh McCown, Brian Hoyer), however on most teams he’s an above average backup. He can come back here and sit behind Winston any day. He’s a good locker room guy and above average coming off the bench.

  11. If Glennon keeps his poise and plays his cards right, he could retire with $200 million in the bank. Look at Alex Smith. He’s been in the league 13 years and his teams are always looking to upgrade. The Chiefs will probably upgrade again next year. But Smith will retire a very wealthy man. Some guys get one chance. Other guys get multiple chances. Just say all the right things and you might be one of the guys getting multiple chances. Glennon is not a bad QB, but just like with Smith, there’s always going to be someone that’s better.

  12. Glennon is a really bad QB. The difference between him and Smith is night and day. That said, he’s a positive in the locker room so he’ll stay in the league for a long time at a minimum salary.

  13. The man has played terrible football no doubt about that, but somehow it’s his fault for being overpaid? When the Bears came and offered him a contract he was supposed to tell them he wanted less money or something? I for one thought his explanation on being benched without offering any excuses or bad talking the team was actually kind of refreshing. Bad signing, bad performance on the field, but a good attitude and more than likely a good teammate.

  14. “I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank knowing I’m set for life and don’t have to be on the field getting the crap beat out of me behind that lousy Oline”

  15. He hasn’t played well by any stretch, but what member of the offense (outside of flashes from Cohen and Howard) has? He is an average QB brought in to be a placeholder. Whether Fox and most of the staff expected Trubisky doesn’t make a ton of difference, Glennon was expected to be here just long enough for the new QB to come in and take over. He’s been useful as far as I’m concerned. He gave Mitch time to grow and learn the game before getting tossed into the fire, hopefully the 4 weeks that he’s been learning and running practice team reps have been enough for him to come in and be a success, more or less.

  16. It all pays the same, am I right Mike? Just put most of this year’s salary away, and you’re set. You can “get by” on the veterans minimum, or whatever salary you get for being a career back up. It’s a good gig man. Might be the best job in the NFL if you’re decent. Look at McCown, he has cashed in last few years. He was coaching at a high school. Revived his career being a great locker room presence and decent backup. Live the dream Mike. Live it.

  17. Glennon will soon find out that having a long career as a backup QB and sometime starter is one of the best gigs in the world.

  18. The Bears have not had a stable signal caller since the days of Sid Luckman. Tribusky may or may not be the savior of Bears football. Glennon is not the answer.

  19. The Bears front office is PATHETIC! They bidded against themselves for the privilege of overpaying a journeyman QB & got what they deserve!

    All the best to both QBs. I just wish that they’d find a real GM or an owner who wouldn’t put up sheer incompetence.

  20. In other words….he’s not going to kick over the gatorade bucket and throw a hissy fit on the sideline like someone else in the league

  21. I had no idea Glennon would be this bad. I thought that what we lost in athleticism in Cutler we’d make up for in good decision making and “game management” skills. I.e., Glennon wouldn’t win us games but wouldn’t lose them either. Turns out, Glennon is as much of a disaster with the ball in his hands as Cutler ever was, with no upside to even try to balance out the liability.

  22. Got that big pay day AND don’t have to play. Doesn’t matter what happens the rest of the year, Glennon will still find another backup spot somewhere else. Win/Win. He was never starting material. Just played the hand he got and given by the Bears so I’m happy for him.

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