Panthers players “weren’t happy” with turf at Gillette Stadium

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The Patriots installed new turf at Gillette Stadium this offseason and then pulled it out after their first home game of the regular season because they thought it was too soft.

The Panthers played on the new surface last Sunday and they think the new turf has the same problem as the old one.

“I can’t tell you because I didn’t play [on] it. But just listening to the guys’ responses, they weren’t happy about having to play on the turf,” head coach Ron Rivera said, via the Charlotte Observer.

Safety Demetrious Cox sprained his ankle during the game and said his foot got caught in the “really soft” turf and kicker Graham Gano said his foot was catching on kickoffs more than it does in other venues.

The NFLPA sent someone to check out the new turf and reached similar conclusions as the Panthers, which led them to tell players to ensure they are not wearing “cleats that will penetrate too deep into the surface” when playing in New England.

19 responses to “Panthers players “weren’t happy” with turf at Gillette Stadium

  1. Eh, I remember watching the Pats ice skate all over Arrowhead while getting blown out in a certain MNF game in 2014. Nobody mentioned the field conditions and instead said Brady was finished etc. As for the Panthers, you won on the field you are complaining about. Next challenge is doing it with dignity.

  2. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    October 4, 2017 at 5:47 pm

    The turf is our 12th man. Haters will just have to deal.
    1-2 at home. quite the 12th man.

  3. So a guy sprained an ankle? – that would never happen on a normal field! Never! Jeez.

    Look, don’t forget the NFLPA also said “..however, the testing results passed the NFL Mandatory Practices for field surface testing.” Which is why the field was ok to play on and why players should have worn shorter cleats. The main blame here will be whoever selected the wrong cleats for the game.

  4. I coach high school football, and we recently played the first ever game on a school’s brand new FieldTurf stadium…who I believe is the same company that installed the Patriots’ surfaces.

    Our starting QB, one of the strongest kids on the team, tore his ACL on the 2nd play of the game when his foot didn’t move with the rest of his leg through the FieldTurf surface that I also thought was very soft and “sticky”.

    There were no other injuries like it during the game, and I don’t know if there have been any since, but there could be something to this.

  5. They couldn’t move on to the next game could they? Well throw all the shade at New England you want, but honestly I trust the Pats more on the road this year than at home. The field seems to be getting Patriots players injured too like Hightower and Gronk. The field passed inspections, but it is a little weird.

  6. The Patriots, aside from the player that went down for the year (Jones) also had a number if other guys out or hobbled with knee issues after the preseason and week 1. Also Berry went out for the Chiefs on that Turf. I think that had a lot to do with the original turf getting pulled out of there.

    If the new turf is still a problem the team that hurts the most would be the one that plays on it the most which is the Patriots. They will pay attention to this.

  7. You forgot to mention that the field WAS IN COMPLIANCE with league rules. Is it soft, yes, does it meat standard requirements, YES. Change the league requirements if you don’t like it. I bet for every player that does not like it, there is another that is grateful it is soft and he didn’t dislocate his shoulder when he was tackled…..Can’t make everyone happy.

  8. “any advantage they can gain”

    I’m not sure how people like you function in life since you have no grasp of basic logic. The Pats play 8 games on the turf plus any home playoff games they might get. The other teams play 1 game a year on it. If its causing injuries the Patriot players are 8 times more likely to sustain injuries because of it than any visiting team.

    You want to explain how that is an “advantage” ?


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