PFTPM hands out one last wave of Week Five awards


Tuesday’s edition of the PFTPM podcast had a somewhat conventional set of awards emerging from Week Four. For Wednesday’s PFTPM, I tried something a little different.

It’s a set of awards with a Seinfeld-style theme. Hipster Doofus of the week. It’s Not a Lie If You Believe It of the week. Master of His Domain of the week. Sweet Fancy Moses of the week. and Billy Mumphrey’s Downfall of the week.

I could say more here about what they mean, but then maybe you wouldn’t listen to it. So check it out. It’s a fairly quick look at the day that was in the NFL.

We’re now doing the PFTPM podcast four days per week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday. The goal is to make it newsy, fast-paced, and entertaining. (One out of three ain’t bad.)

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