Alex Smith on injury report with ankle problem

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During the first half of Monday night’s eventual win over Washington, Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith seemed a bit hobbled. As it turns out, Smith has an ankle injury.

The injury has appeared on the team’s practice report each of the last two days; however, Smith has been listed as a full participant in both practices.

Smith’s participation level suggests it won’t be a problem for the short-week Sunday night game against the Texans. But his playing style could be a problem, since it could lead to more injuries.

With young, mobile quarterbacks, a constant concern arises regarding the player’s ability to keep himself healthy by sliding, running out of bounds, or otherwise going where the opponents aren’t. On Monday night alone, Smith (who is mobile but far from young) was diving head first and, at one point, throwing a shoulder into a defensive back.

The risk for Smith goes beyond the damage his body may take. Every shot of rookie Patrick Mahomes standing on the sideline with his arms crossed exudes not necessarily impatience by a degree of eagerness to show what he can do, especially with quarterback Deshaun Watson (taken two spots after Mahomes) playing better and better with each passing game.

If Smith misses even one game, Mahomes will get the chance to do to Smith in 2017 what Colin Kaepernick did to Smith five years ago in San Francisco, taking the job, leading the team to the Super Bowl, and nearly winning it. So Smith would be wise to do whatever he has to do to keep himself on the field for as much of the season as possible.

5 responses to “Alex Smith on injury report with ankle problem

  1. the narrative that mahomes is even close to ready because watson is, makes little sense. kc would be nuts to hand the job to him this year

  2. Smith’s playing style hasn’t changed. Not sure why it is suddenly a cause for concern. He’s always going to give everything he has for the team. As far as what may happen if and when he sustains an injury that results in Mahomes getting a start, That’s not something that can or will influence Alex’s style of play. This is Alex’s team and Mahomes isn’t ready to be a full time starter. The only thing that will change that is Smith sustaining a season ending injury.

  3. Mahomes is going to be a bust, this kid has never shown ability to read a defense in college. Has great athletic skills but they don’t turn in to assets when I Defence changes it schemes and you have to adjust. If Kansas City ever gave him the job over Alex they will deeply regret it.

  4. I think Reid is remembering what happened last year against the Texans. A healthy Smith got bulldozed by the Texans front 7,they never got in the end zone. He’ll play with Smith,but if he’s ineffective he may make a change.

  5. KC’s down two starting offensive linemen, arguably their best inside pair. But Houston doesn’t have its always roiding backer, so it’s a wash. Let’s see your team stop Khunt, Kelce and the fastest man in the NFL before we crown the Texans.

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