Cam Newton issues apology for “extremely unacceptable” remark

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More than 24 hours after Panthers quarterback Cam Newton made a sexist comment to a female reporter, he issued an apology.

Newton posted a video on social media saying he’s upset with himself for telling a female reporter he found it “funny” to hear her ask about football.

“After careful thought, I understand that my word choice was extremely degrading and disrespectful to women,” Newton said. “And to be honest, that was not my intentions. And if you are a person who took offense to what I said, I sincerely apologize to you. I’m a man who tries to be a positive role model to my community and tries to use my platform to inspire others. I take ownership to everything that comes with that. And what I did was extremely unacceptable. I’m a father to two beautiful daughters. And at their age, I try to instill in them that they can do and be anything that they want to be. And the fact that during this whole process, I’ve already lost sponsors and countless fans. I realize that the joke is really on me, and I’ve learned a valuable lesson from this. And to the young people who see this, I hope that you learn something from this as well: Don’t be like me. Be better than me. And to the reporters, to the journalists, to the moms — super moms — to the daughters, the sisters, and the women all around the world, I sincerely apologize and hope you can find the kindness in your heart to forgive me. Thank you.”

Newton did not apologize directly to Jourdan Rodrigue, the Charlotte Observer reporter whose question elicited Newton’s sexist response.

97 responses to “Cam Newton issues apology for “extremely unacceptable” remark

  1. Guy made a mistake, owned up, and apologized. Maybe he didn’t do it in the manner you wanted or in the timeframe you wanted, but he apologized. Can’t ask much more from a person.

  2. Sounds like he may have actually drafted that himself. Unfortunately mentioning his loss of sponsors will lead some to believe that was his only motivation for the apology.

  3. A week or two ago he held a presser telling us all how bad America is with its judging of minorities and how bad they have it and how we all need to be equal. Then comes out and says this about women. Fraud

  4. The Dannon sponsorship will cost him money… thus the apology. If sponsors didn’t act, he probably would have moved on. A hit to the wallet makes one very contrite, it seems.

  5. I can appreciate the apology, but it took a loss of sponsors instead of him stepping up right away. Everyone says stupid stuff now and then, but the sincere one’s apologize on the spot. You can’t take back words like that.

  6. Most of you voted for a president that bashed women too so stop, don’t be holier than thou. I don’t like Cam but he apologized he said it.

  7. That was late bro.. I’m still buying Dannon (not like I bought it cause you were the spokesperson anyway, but still)

  8. Not in favor of what he said BUT the NFL should then make those players who disrespected the flag apologize!! Both are bad judgements and should be handled exactly the same!!! Big miss by not addressing both in the same fashion!!

  9. Now that the dust has settled, we know that this woman is a racist who has shown no respect to black people. Now she has an opportunity to try to ruin a black superstar, and she was all in. Too bad her past racist views have been made public. This is a tragic event, but the evil one is not Cam Newton.

  10. We’ve got to quit busting his balls over this.

    He said it.
    He owned it.
    He apologized for it.

    Who the hell am I not to forgive? Lord knows that I’ve needed my fair share of forgiveness in my life.

  11. Do we know how many NFL employees who were protesting against America lost sponsorship’s? It’s an honest question that I’m hoping somebody knows the answer to.


  13. I believe he feels that women don’t understand football.

    He made a mistake expressing how he felt not realizing the backlash, but I think he expressed his original thought honestly. He doesn’t respect female sport many men didn’t at the beginning…even Barbara Walters was harassed and disrespected when she started. It will change and less people feel the way Cam does in time.

  14. I would’ve liked a better apology, but for god’s sake,
    crucifying this guy over this apology when we’ve
    got politicians who 100% refuse to admit wrongdoing
    when they’re shown to be 100 wrong and/or lying?!? Geez.

  15. Social Justice Avengers Assemble!

    People say stupid crap all the time. The difference between you, me, and Cam is that you and I don’t have microphones shoved in our faces. The fact is none of us would give a damn about that presser if he didn’t say something inflammatory. If I were an athlete, I’d go full Marshawn Lynch on the press and not say a damn thing that the media or public could put any weight in.

    What he said was extremely stupid and immature, but to put what he said on par with anything that half of the NFL players do each year is a joke. The comments here are more about some odd perverted hatred of Cam by the public than what he actually said.

  16. I am not a Cam fan, but I think that we should give him a break on this. Bad decision, bad handling of the presser, which is a team issue. I had my wife listen to the apology after showing her the presser, and she agreed that his apology should be accepted.

  17. Hey Cam, you better hope it’s not true what they say about girls marrying guys like their fathers, otherwise yours are going to marry misogynists.

  18. She’s racist. There’s a twitter feed that shows she’s laughing at racist jokes her father made of Native Americans.

  19. @charliecharger

    How are you perceiving this as her opportunity to try to ruin a black superstar? He brought all of this on himself, in a public forum, for all to see…

  20. Cam who?
    Oh yeah the guy who backed off a fumble in a one possession game
    in the biggest NFL game he ever will play in.

  21. I am tired that being an athlete is now like being a politician. Every word get scrutinized because they live in the perpetual popularity contest. Yes he screwed up. Yes I believe him and many other athletes are not genuine. Yes money motivates them. Yes that is reflective of the real world. Can we stop this political correctness and just watch football.

  22. At least he stood up and offered an apology for acting like a complete and utter misogynist which is a lot better than he did after the Super Bowl with reporters.

  23. screw it and screw political correctness. he didnt rape anyone or talk bad about her momma. he just stated he thought it funny a girl was asking route questiins,, GOOD LORD EVERYBODY GETS OFFENDED ABOUT EVERYTHING!!! I’m offended he had to apologize and also offended everyone is so thin skinned and no fun anymore

  24. I can’t believe how immature he is Stil hasn’t changed from his super bowl pouting session.

  25. I found it to be semi-sincere. I suspect he has no intention to change his behavior, so he apologized to those who were offended, rather than just apologize.

  26. Seriously, some of the comments are just plain vicious. Here is what is being lost, Cam did answer her question, he was not disrespectful in his answer. He did not say that as a woman she should not be a professional football journalist or she had no right to be there. There is know doubt he learned from it and probably looking into his daughter’s faces brought it home for him. And I am sure his wallet has not been broken over losing the Cannon sponsor.

  27. The content of Cam’s apology is even worse than its insincerity and convenience. (Oikos, anyone?)

    Just who exactly is Cam referrring to when he says “this whole thing is a learning opportunity for all of us?” You mean learning that women should not be degraded or marginalized in the workplace?

    Sorry, but didn’t everyone learn to treat all genders with respect like, in kindergarten? Cam, as usual is, late to the learning-curve party on this. And overly assumptive and arrogant to assume everyone is climbing out from under their gender equality rocks for the first time like he is.

    He can speak for himself when he says he’s learned a lot and this whole fiasco taught him much about how to treat women. Most of us “learned” this while we still believed in Santa Claus.

    Cam is such an unlikable personality– hedoesn’t need to be giving h8ers any leverage. But here he goes again.

    THAT’S something he hadn’t learned to stop doing yet.

  28. I’m a woman, I know football, and I still didn’t find his remarks “offensive”. Unaware maybe, but not offensive. I don’t like Cam, never have, but I didn’t find his remark nearly as bad as some that have come out of the mouth of our pres.

  29. Sorry, Cam should be hounded mercilessly until he is out of football. Letter writing campaigns to his sponsors, peaceful protesters holding signs and marching at all games.

    If someone with non-liberal ideology made this statement that’s exactly what would happen to them. Its needs to begin going both ways. One politically incorrect utterance and you’re career and livelihood end.

  30. Pretty ridiculous that he didn’t even mention the reporter in his apology. If you read Jourdan Rodrigue’s Twitter account, she says her one on one interaction with Cam after this happened was even worse. Unfortunately if you dig deeper into her Twitter account, she has her own things that she’ll need to apologize for.

  31. Cam can act contrite about disrespecting a female reporter…but the league doesn’t mind if he ( and others ) disrespect the flag and the national anthem. What’s this world coming to? Screw the NFL.

  32. Better late than never, I guess. I think he could have saved himself some grief by getting out in front of it, rather than hoping it would disappear on it’s own. Personally, I hate when celebs use social media to issue an apology, but this one was definitely not the worst one I’ve seen. I actually think he might have written parts of it himself. Obviously, he feels the way he feels and no apology changes that, but I’d say it’s time to move on.

  33. aint saying what cam said was right, it wasn’t…but this shouldn’t be news…the needle shoudln’t stop here…it’s not that big of a mistake…people are people not machines…personally, i don’t like cam but im not up in arms over this…gotta pick your battles people, this is a non-story

  34. Yesterday a young lady at the sales counter in a department store made a remark about my age group as being elderly. She didn’t mean anything by it, she simply spoke without thinking. None of us is immune from saying something stupid or doing something stupid under the right circumstances. I am more disappointed in the reporter for not just letting this play out. Instead she had to go on Twitter and make a big deal out of it. That takes away from our ability to decide for ourselves how big a deal this truly is. Shame on her for making something small, a stupid remark, into something big . Every human is flawed and none of us is perfect. Next time you want to get indignant over a remark check out the video of the Los Vegas shooting. That is worth your anger and indignation.

  35. truninerfan49 says:
    October 5, 2017 at 9:29 pm
    He’s only sorry because he is losing sponsors


    He shouldn’t be sorry at all. He has nothing to apologize for.

  36. He offended, which is impossible to do in this society. He is a man of great integrity. He repented, even when many think he did nothing wrong. It would behoove many athletes to have his integrity.

  37. If you’re going to apologize, this is the way to do it, on camera. Those appeared to be his words and not something written in perfect grammatical English full of legalese words written by a lawyer or PR team.

  38. I am so sick of people being “offended”. It’s seems like too many people like the idea of being a “victim”. America is all about freedom which means people have to accept the fact they may hear things they don’t like. Deal with it and move on.

  39. if only journalists would dedicate even a fraction of this time to covering the Cam Newton Foundation and all of the wonderful things he does for kids in his community and around the world. In the grand scheme of things, Cam Newton has made this world a better a place and one misplaced comment doesn’t change that. Most people in the world would benefit from being more like Cam and focusing less on drama, hurt feelings, and on what we feel people should be.

    But hey, if crucifying him over this mistake makes you feel like you’re a better person then have it at.

  40. I am no Cam fan but didn’t he reply to a woman journalist question about a route and his response was something on the order of “I normally don’t get questions about routes from a woman” and then all hell broke loose. Talk about PC and you really have to be looking for offenses real and imagined to come up with this scenario. Like I said I am no fan of his but give me a break. He really did nothing wrong but in this society it is easy to offend when unintended.

  41. also it is truly amazing that a nation who elected Trump as president is so up in arms over the brief insensitivity shown by a professional athlete. Maybe holding your leaders accountable is a first step toward holding athletes accountable. Just a thought.

  42. This issue was PC and ridiculous! I’m always pleasantly surprised when I talk with a woman who knows a lot about football. I’ll ask “who got you interested in it…your dad or grampa? They always smile and tell me about it. Cam, hold your head up. You did nothing wrong!

  43. not a cam fan…but who cares. guy said what was on his mind. all of u hipocrits on here think the same way. its not the norm to hear women talking bout routes. instead of funny, he should of said re-freshing.

  44. I don’t have any children but my nieces love to come to the man cave and watch NFL with me. Averie loves the Dolphins and she’s fascinated when they play. It’s cool if women love the best game in the world.

  45. Cam’s a fake dude but at least he was being honest. Imagine what all of these players think about when critics, reporters, fat out of shape fans, guys who never played the game, women, etc tell them what they should do, how they should do it, how they could do it better, why they made a mistake, etc.

    I’ll tell you how they think:

    It’s funny to hear (insert any of the non football players jobs above) talk about routes……

  46. I am having a very difficult time putting up with the outrage from the media over Cam Newton’s remarks while at the same listening to the news media outlets making excuse after excuse for giving Harvey Weinstein (who gives gobs of money to politicians to promote political agendas) a pass for three decades of habitual sexual harassment. Even worse is the fact that these news and sports media outlets are essentially owned by the same people, and are part of the same network family.

    What Newton said to that reporter was stupid, but that’s all it was. He didn’t grope her or threaten her, he didn’t continue to insult her with further remarks. He just said something stupid. He’s apologized for it. Let it go, and while you’re at it realize something: Human beings, even the athletes who are habitually worshiped by the sports media, are not perfect. There is a big difference between making a stupid comment, and harassing or abusing someone. Please get some perspective.

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