Cam’s “mistake” was to reveal his true feelings

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The Panthers, by all appearances, will be doing nothing about Cam Newton‘s sexist remark from Wednesday — beyond calling it a “mistake.”

And, yes, Cam did make a mistake. He mistaken provided everyone with a peek at his true views on gender equality.

No one who truly believes that the genders are equal, particularly in the field of sports reporting, would even entertain the possibility that it’s “funny” or in any way unusual to hear a female asking a technical football question. Whether Newton was trying to be funny or folksy or whatever, the mistake came when his internal filter kept his true feelings from slipping through his brain to his vocal cords and out of his mouth.

As one league insider noted on Thursday, Cam tends to let his guard down when he feels like things are going well for him. And so, three days after running his career record against Tom Brady and the Patriots to 2-0, Cam tripped over his own feet through an extemporaneous comment that he probably wouldn’t have made if he wasn’t feeling pretty damn good in general.

The next chapter in this story comes on Sunday, when Newton heads to the podium after the game against the Lions and inevitably is asked why he said what he said. And how he deals with those questions will be the final punctuation on one of the most bizarre press-conference moments in recent sports history.

20 responses to “Cam’s “mistake” was to reveal his true feelings

  1. gregfalco15 says:
    October 5, 2017 at 7:10 pm
    I knew it. When you dig deep down enough, it’s all Brady’s and the Patriots’ fault.

    Yep, since the world began.

  2. f1restarter says:
    October 5, 2017 at 7:26 pm
    Cam is rapidly proving himself to be the biggest toolbag in the NFL.

    There’s never a shortage of competition for that title.

  3. I can’t believe there wasn’t a follow up question about equality and unity by a reporter right afterwards. Seems like the obvious question.

  4. His post Super Bowl pouting and now this? I am starting to think this guy is not what he is marketed to be.

  5. What ever happened to tolerance? It seems unfair to unilaterally declare that Cam made a mistake because he had the audacity to have an opinion that you don’t like. Is he not entitled to his own opinions?

    Equality used to mean equality before the law. We used to recognize the fact that we aren’t all identical in talent or ability, but merely that we all had equal rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We aren’t all equal. Women can have children, men can’t. Cam Newton can throw a football 50 yards through the air, I can’t. Is thinking it odd that a woman is an expert on asport played exclusively by men such a terrible crime? Would you not think it ‘funny’ if a man chose to do a makeup tutorial on YouTube? Are we to believe that anyone that did find that funny is to be considered a bigot and a terrible human being, to be shunned from civil society?

  6. Maybe, we certainly know the reporters true feelings on race. Those were unsolicited thought out feelings. Not sure how the NFL can allow somebody like that back in a NFL locker room.

  7. 250dollarnflowner says:
    October 5, 2017 at 7:41 pm
    who remembers when football coverage was about the X’s and O’s

    It still could be, but instead Cam decided talking about something else, other than the play of his WR.

    I agree the media can get away from it at time to time, but this one is DEFINITELY not on them.

  8. Why should the Panthers do something about it? It was disrespectful, sexist, and uncalled for, but at the end of the day his crime is disagreeing with someone (I would wager most people). When you do to put the rubber stamp on a suspension or a fine, do you really want the reason to be “because he disagreed with me?”

  9. I’m confused…

    According to the main stream media, Cam has freedom of speech “rights” to not stand up for the anthem and insult the men and women of our country that have served, but doesn’t have freedom of speech “rights” to actually say something.

    What am I missing here?

  10. to not stand up for the anthem and insult the men and women of our country that have served

    There’s the mistake. Where did you get the idea that the anthem was the sole province of men and women who have served?

  11. Cam’s kind of an idiot sometimes, so I don’t necessarily want to go to bat for him. BUT, who are we to decide what is “unusual” for someone? We are all a product of our own experiences. It wouldn’t surprise to to learn that (1) every coach Cam has ever had is male, (2) every player he’s ever played with is male, and (3) 95% of the reporters he has ever interacted with are male. Finally, has a female reporter ever asked him a question on X’s and O’s before?

    Cam completely fumbled the situation. But maybe, just maybe, the male-dominated sports media industry deserves a little bit of the blame for not putting more women on team beats asking questions about the X’s and O’s of football. If Cam had come across more of them over the years, it surely would not have struck him as funny.

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