Dolphins defenders not pointing fingers as offense struggles


The sputtering Dolphins offense has drawn a lot of attention over the first three weeks of their season, which is to be expected when you’re scoring eight points a game and averaging 249 yards a game.

There’s been less attention paid to the defense, which has done pretty well given how little support they’ve gotten from the offense. They have yet to allow more than 20 points in a game and have kept the Dolphins in games even as their offense misfires, to name two things that could lead to animosity between the units once the game is over.

Defensive end Andre Branch said he saw that happen during his time with the Jaguars, but that the vibe in Miami has been different.

“It can spiral downhill pretty fast,” Branch said, via “You got a lot of people pointing fingers. But that’s not the feel that we have on this team. This is a brotherhood. This is a family. Those teams weren’t, and that’s not a good feeling when it’s really not one team. You’re an offense, a defense and a special team. It’s just that unit, like us against them. We know we’re fine and we know those games are over. We can’t do anything about those but get better.”

It’s been three games and there could be less understanding if things continue the same way deeper into the season, but they can focus on fixing the offense and not a divided locker room for now.

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  1. Cutler looks baffled at times, calling awkward time outs or getting delay of game penalties.
    OL isn’t much better. Our guard positions are horrible which affect running and passing game.
    Ajayi’s knee is apparently bothering him more than is reported, doesn’t seem to have that 4th quarter angst.
    Lose to the Titans without Mariota at the helm, and I’ll be all for some big changes.

  2. .
    Rock Bottom – when you get shut out by the Saints and manhandled by the Jets on consecutive weeks.

  3. you can’t point fingers unless you also point thumbs. Dolphins D can’t get off the field. 3rd and 1 or 3rd and 15 it makes no difference.

  4. I don’t recall the offense that dragged the worst defense the Dolphins have ever fielded to the playoffs last year pointing any fingers. The Cutler bashing is just beyond numb, the guys in front of him aren’t playing well enough to fairly judge him after 3 games.

  5. First and goal at the four, after a nice drive downfield, and they didn’t go with Jay Ajayi (at least on first down). That mistake led to an interception and it was all down hill from there… for the offense.

    Poor play-calling throughout the game.

  6. The Dolphins will be fine.
    Cutler will be fine.
    its not easy to replace your starting QB in training camp.
    The fins have traveled more in their first 3 games than 14 NFL teams will travel all season.
    this will stabilize starting this week – i expect Cutler to play well in his first real home game of the season.

  7. somewhere, in spite of their own QB problems, there is a Chicago coaching staff giggling like little school girls deep in the bowels of Soldier Field…

  8. This is all on Gase and the front office. They knew their line was bad and when Tannehill went down they had the opportunity to bring in somebody more mobile who’d be comfortable with a moving pocket, could add the dimension of being able to scramble for yardage, etc. Instead they signed a retired guy who has never been comfortable outside the pocket his entire career. Classic case of the coach wanting a QB who fits his system without looking to see if his system was workable with the other personnel on the team.

  9. The OL has not played well. You can not put this on Cutler. Gase and some of his play calling makes no sense. 1st and goal at the 4 and you throw a fade that everyone on the planet predicted.
    This week will be the telling moment for the season.

  10. With Matt Moore the Dolphins would be 3-0.
    Cutler wasn’t interested in playing in his “prime” now after announcing retirement he’s even more disinterested.
    I don’t blame Cutler, I blame Gase 1000% for this disaster.
    And please stop blaming the O-line already, even Pouncey is healthy

  11. Cutler has been in the league for 12 years and has been mediocre. Stop blaming the OL for mediocre QB play like this is Cutler’s 1st season

  12. Apparently Dolphins fans don’t know Cutler very well. There is always an excuse for poor play. This is the same offense he ran under Gase in Chicago with FAR LESS talent. Protection is only part of it. The other part is above the shoulders with your QB. History tells the same story. Enjoy finding new excuses every week why a quarterback with all the tools can’t seem to get it done.

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