Hue Jackson: I believe in Isaiah Crowell

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After the second game of the season, Browns running back Isaiah Crowell said that he wanted to be running the ball more after carrying the ball 27 times in two weeks.

Things have gone the other way, however. Crowell carried the ball 12 times in Week Three and then got the ball seven times in last Sunday’s 31-7 loss to the Bengals. On Wednesday, coach Hue Jackson said that Crowell’s workload was not a reflection of any loss of faith in his ability.

“Anything that’s going on with Isaiah, I take responsibility for,” Jackson said, via “Until we get this guy in a rhythm of running, it’s unfair for anybody to question what he’s doing. We have not been in a situation where we can hand this guy the ball the way I think you have to hand a back the ball. All of those questions can be directed at me. Until we’re able to do that can I tell you exactly what it is. I believe in Isaiah Crowell. No question. I have to get this guy the ball handed to him.”

Crowell got the ball six times in the first two quarters last Sunday, but sticking with the run became more difficult from that point. The Browns fell behind 14-0 with 2:33 to play in the half and the Bengals added another touchdown just before halftime, which is a familiar script for the Browns this season.

Crowell can help change that by finding more success on the ground right off the bat, but a heavy workload likely remains out of reach until that or something else changes about where the Browns sit on the scoreboard.

14 responses to “Hue Jackson: I believe in Isaiah Crowell

  1. As a browns fan I like to think their roster is not that bad but then you look at Isiah Crowell.
    Crowell is fast for his size. That’s his only positive. He can’t make anyone miss, he has no vision, the first guy brings him down. Above all he doesn’t seem to be a football player but instead a he’s good athlete that happens to play football.

    He’s pouting and upset about his contract and it’s affecting his play. If the Browns reward this behavior with a new contract then they need to blow up the FO and coaches again.

  2. So all this offseason talk of committing to the run was predicated on not playing from behind. Hue, you’re coaching the Browns.

  3. Duke Johnson’s the better football player, but he’s also the only guy who can catch the ball, so to coach’s mind that means he can’t be a 1st or 2nd down RB. Why? Tradition. Your early down guy must have bad hands for some reason.

  4. This has been like a broken record. It’s not in Hue’s DNA. He wants to throw the ball. Crow will bolt 2 minutes after the last game is over and we’ll have another hole to fill in the draft. At least we have Sashi on that. I HATE BEING A BROWNS FAN!!!!!!

  5. Every time the Brown’s game comes on Redzone Duke Johnson is in the game and Crowell is nowhere to be found. Sounds like a bunch of lip service from coach Jackson. Crowell clearly isn’t the talent he or Jackson says he is, otherwise we’d see it.

  6. Hoping oscarxray’s prediction doesn’t come true. I don’t want another FO and coaching staff. As a Browns fan and as an NFL fan it isn’t good to have teams perennially at the bottom of the league.

    I do think they have the talent on this team, but it is awfully young. These guys are just learning to play together, they have a rookie QB who isn’t lighting up the world with those receivers he is working with (I have faith in Kizer, not in the receiving corps), and last week they were down like 5 people, including I believe 4 starters on defense. Even if my counts are wrong they were decimated against a team many thought would make the playoffs this year.

    Fashionable (and unimaginative) to bash a team when they’re down. But you can’t complain about the shield and all it’s “conspiracy theories” without looking at the one fact on the table. There’s a lot of teams out there that need to learn to put a good product on the field before anything happens with the quality of the game. Browns are a living example of that and should give this regime time to gel. It takes more than 2 years, especially with a roster this young.

  7. Nobody can run the ball on this team. The blocking schemes are terrible and the whole playbook is terrible. (get an O.C. Hue) !!!

  8. too bad nobody believes in Hue or the rest of the coaching staff or administration;

    of course, when all your geniuses produce a goal line thumper for a ‘festure’ back and then only put one decent lineman in front of him to try open up holes big enough for Trent Richardson redux to fall through, then ask a rookie to try to survive pass rushes in this league at second and third and long and two scores down for three hours every Sunday, you tell me, just what is there to believe in?

    a defence where the supposed superstar first round draft pick is having an affair with the whirlpool and the second round pick couldn’t cover a whirlpool even if it were unplugged?

    a defence handpicked by the brains in the front office who collectively make Andy Dalton look like an All-Pro QB and save Marvin Lewis’s job?

    small wonder they’re overwhelming favourites to go to the SB!

    oh, wait..they’re not even going to host a super bowl within the next five years…

    welcome to the factory of apathy, the temple of tedium, the burial grown of coaches, the killing field of quarterbacks, the organisation whose ownership cannot make an omelet for always looking for eggs under roosters;

    the small miracle is for two decades their fans have been warming every seat to watch a squad of slappies achieve the ultimate futility, winning again only the choice in the draft;

    some fans just never learn…

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