Packers refuse to credential longtime reporter Bob McGinn

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Bob McGinn is in his 39th year covering the Packers, but this year is different: He’s not welcome in the press box.

McGinn, who left the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel this year and launched his own site,, is not being credentialed by the Packers this season. That means he covers the games by watching on television, rather than sitting in the press box and talking to players in the locker room afterward.

“I’m pretty much doing the same I would,” McGinn told the Locked On Packers Podcast. “I’m not traveling to games. In fact, I’m not attending games because the Packers did not credential our website. We have a staff — although none of us are credentialed.”

Different teams have different approaches to credentialing. Some generally credential only traditional media like newspapers, magazines and television stations. Others credential websites, even small websites without much readership.

It’s surprising that McGinn, even if his website is currently small without much readership, wouldn’t get credentialed. He has received the prestigious Dick McCann Award from the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and Packers president Mark Murphy has called McGinn “an icon.”

His iconic status aside, McGinn is on the outside looking in at Lambeau Field.

22 responses to “Packers refuse to credential longtime reporter Bob McGinn

  1. Hopefully he still has a working relationship with the Packer exec who slipped him the Wonderlic scores all these years. Otherwise he’ll only be interesting as the guy who got Aaron Rodgers injured a couple years back.

  2. Bob McGinn is by far the best journalist to cover the Packers in the last 30 years. McGinn by sitting at home and watching on TV consistently writes and contributes much higher quality journalism on the Packers than any of the local newspaper and media pretenders. I immediately signed up for his website and feel like I am again now getting accurate and informative coverage of the Packers. McGinn’s retirement from the Gannett corporate mess blew a hole in the sports coverage of those newspapers. Thank goodness he is back covering the team for fans.

  3. Classless move by Packers. McGinn is a legend and one of the few reporters that calls it like it is. Every year this team gets more arrogant and more out of touch with their fan base. Even their GM doesn’t believe he needs to account to fans or media, while their president, who makes millions having never made one significant decision since he’s been there, tells fans what they should do during anthem. NFL going down hill in so many ways.

  4. McGinn is an overrated windbag out of touch with the game and has assigned himself a status he doesn’t deserve.

  5. Please post a link to anything McGinn wrote that was “fanatical.” I have read his columns for years and do not agree with that assertion. He calls out anybody if it is deserved, including the QB, coach, and GM. And it is deserved sometimes. He’s not perfect, and it is quite clear his sources sometimes have their own agendas, but writers receive awards from the HOF are not loose cannons. Nobody breaks down and rates game performance in the NFL like McGinn. Even if a writer were too far one way, the team needs to credential someone this popular who has covered the team for 39 years.

  6. ariani1985 says:
    October 5, 2017 at 7:01 pm
    but they let wayne Laramie do anything!

    It’s Wayne Larrivee. If you want to seem like a knowledgeable troll you should buck up.

  7. McGinn can buy a ticket. He would be able to write it off on his taxes. Instead he has to take a shot at the team.

  8. When McGinn retired I discovered that newspapers in many other NFL cities were using his analysis of draft picks to report on their teams picks. Nobody worked harder than him. And while at the Journal Sentinel Bob would always answer my email questions personally. He really deserves a special exemption, and they should give it to him. Can’t believe it’s over any single thing he wrote, because Thompson would give him a one-on-one exclusive interview every year during training camp.

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