Buccaneers still not ready to ride the bike

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On Thursday’s PFT Live (and last night at PFT), the Bucs were compared to a kid learning to ride a bike. Whenever they seem to be starting to find their balance, they crash into a tree.

Last night, they seemed to be starting to find their balance. And then they crashed into a tree.

They shrugged off three missed field goals from soon-to-be-former kicker Nick Folk, they played solid defense against #Tommy, and they finally settled in to a “take what they give us” approach offensively, racking up fourth-quarter yards in front of a secondary desperate not to be beaten deep.

Ultimately, however, quarterback Jameis Winston and company weren’t able to take what the Patriots wouldn’t give them. From the 19 with three seconds left, the Patriots put three men on the line and eight inside the five, ready to guard the goal line and the rest of the end zone.

“Three-man rush,” Tony Romo of CBS said before the snap. “You have a lot of time, Jameis, to find a soft spot in the pocket.”

He didn’t. Instead of using his legs behind a five-on-three mismatch to wait for the play to develop, Winston fired the ball to the front of the end zone, toward tight end O.J. Howard — who wasn’t ready for it.

Winston should have waited for something/anything to pop open. Given the communications issues that have plagued the New England secondary this season, why not force them to work cohesively? One false move, and one of the three receivers or two tight ends would have been open for the game winner.

In the end, it was just another variation of a familiar trend. Just as the Bucs begin to start pedaling hard, into a tree the bike goes.

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  1. “Three-man rush,” Tony Romo of CBS said before the snap. “You have a lot of time, Jameis, to find a soft spot in the pocket.”

    Says the former NFL QB who never helped his team win a big game in his career.

    Given that Romo never figured it out in over a decade in the league, why expect Brady/Peyton/Rodgers play from Winston this early in his career?

  2. To quote Cameron Newton “hindsight is 50/50.”

    The Bucs offense and defense played well enough to win. Folk was horrendous. Find me teams that win when their kicker is torpedoing their season. The Bucs have to win these close games to prove themselves legit, but a one score loss to the Pats doesn’t really mean you can dismiss them.

  3. They lost because of their kicker. Patriots got beaten again.

    So I guess Winston going 4-13 on third down conversions and missing wide open receivers had nothing to do with it?

  4. Hint: Pats D came to play last night and went heavy in man coverage which is what they should have done vs Carolina if they didn’t feel great about zone.

    Jig is up.

    The Haters had their day in the sun and now it’s all over.

    Enjoy the Pats in the title game for the 7th straight year, even with Goodell cheating.

  5. bartpkelly says:
    October 6, 2017 at 11:12 am
    They abandoned Doug Martin way too early

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    The Pats Run D shut down Martin in the 2nd half. It was a clear adjustment by the D and it started undrafted rookie gem, Adam Butler.


  6. I love how Tony Romo spent a decade unable to read a defense and yet he sits in a booth yammering on about stuff like this?


    The best was Jay Cutler also about to go into the booth. Can we get some guys who played in an easy offensive era who don’t have god awful TD/INT ratios in the booth please?

  7. tylawspick6 says:
    October 6, 2017 at 11:42 am
    bartpkelly says:
    October 6, 2017 at 11:12 am
    They abandoned Doug Martin way too early

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    The Pats Run D shut down Martin in the 2nd half. It was a clear adjustment by the D and it started undrafted rookie gem, Adam Butler.



    Doug had a 5.6 YPC, is that what you consider shut down? It was atrocious play calling by coach “Kirk” Koetter.

  8. As an objective fan with no passion for either the Pats or the Bucs I can honestly say that the Tampa head coach needs to do a better job. The score is misleading the Patriots D held the Tampa Offense in check until the 4th quarter. They were something like 0 for 6 on 3rd down conversions. Dirk should have had them run up tempo no huddle offense but he failed to do so. Additionally, with a kicker who already struggled to make a 56 yarder, that wasn’t even close mind you, he had him attempt a 49 yarder… it wasn’t any closer either. Then later in the game on a 4th and 2 from the Pats 20-30 yard line, he decides to kick. Your kicker has no confidence at this point, he’s missed 5 fields and 1 extra point in the past 2-3 games. You have to go for it and of course he missed the kick.

    Blame it on the Tampa coach imo.

  9. If their QB was even half as talented as people and media has recently blown him up to be, they could and should have easily won that game…

    Missing open receivers, throwing while going down, at times holding on to the ball to long… Even the worst starters and many backups can do that!

  10. For a defense that only had one sack coming in to this game they pressured Brady often. Good thing for Brady he knows when to step up in the pocket (makes up for the lead shoes he wears when he runs). Jameis played terrible to start and made the Pats defense look somewhat respectable. I’m not sure what the Patriots’ defense was thinking on the last Buccaneer drive, but you Patriot fans had to be on the edges of your seats.

  11. Just a shame that TB couldn’t put a complete game together. If just about any of the things mentioned (Winston adjusting, staying with Martin more, Folk making his kicks) happen then the Bucs have a big win. Instead, NE has another win that TB pretty much handed to them.

  12. Don’t follow either team, But Winston was missing wide open WRs. Shoulda had at least 2 more TD’s if he could hit guys in stride. And I agree on the last play, 5 lineman on 3 d lineman, and he threw it before the TE could even get to the goal line. Then points to his eyes as of to say to the TE “turn around, you cost us the game”… Pretty poor leadership there and missing fgs doesn’t help either.

  13. The decision not to spike the ball on the last drive was baffling to me, and it cost the Bucs at least 20 seconds, which really could’ve come in handy at the end.

    After that first big completion over the middle (I believe it was to Brate but I could be wrong), which was a first down, they hurried to the line in what was an obvious “spike the ball” situation, but then Winston started calling a play at the line, which easily took another 10 seconds off the clock. Then, predictably because they were in a rush, both tackles false started and caused a 10 second run-off. The clock stood at 34 seconds. If they spiked the ball, they would’ve had at least 50-55 seconds left, which is a HUGE difference in that situation.

    Am I the only one who was thinking this was a bonehead move?

  14. “They lost because of their kicker. Patriots got beaten again.”

    Huh. Funny because I could have sworn the scoreboard at the end of the game said Pats 19, Bucs 14, and the Pats are the one with the win this morning when you look at NFL standings. What do I know though, I only have reading comprehension and the actual score going for me.


  15. the Pats must have paid the Bucs kicker! Let’s see, the Pat’s with all their turnovers are handed a win in the game against Texas, and now against the Bucs. The Pat’s could very well be 1-4.

    Jameus looked bad most of the night, as did the Bucs TE.

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