Dirk Koetter: No “rash decisions” about Nick Folk


Buccaneers kicker Nick Folk missed three field goals in Thursday night’s 19-14 loss to the Patriots, which likely had some people wondering if the team would walk him off the plank of the pirate ship at Raymond James Stadium before heading home.

That didn’t happen and Folk remains on the team’ roster on Friday morning. Coach Dirk Koetter didn’t indicate if that would definitely remain the case, saying only that the team would not make a snap decision about the future of the guy they picked as their kicker because Roberto Aguayo couldn’t stop missing kicks.

“[General Manager] Jason Licht and I had a brief conversation afterwards,” Koetter said, via ESPN.com. “That will be something that will be forthcoming. But you don’t want to make any rash decisions.”

If this were the first slip-up by Folk, it would be easier for Koetter to stick with him. Folk missed an extra point in the team’s opener and missed three kicks (two field goals and an extra point) before making the game-winning field goal against the Giants in Week Four.

It’s uncharacteristic as Folk only missed six kicks all of last season, but the Bucs may not be able to risk future games on a bet that Folk will rebound.

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  1. There has been a rash of bad kicking early in the season. Chargers just released their kicker that lost them 2 games earlier in the season.

    There have been some good kicker stories as well. Both the Chiefs and Eagles had their kickers go on IR only to sign rookie kickers that went out and won games for them.

    It wasn’t just Folk though, the game plan didn’t adjust to what the Patriots were giving them and Winston’s accuracy for most the game was just horrible. He missed Jackson on a wide open 68 yard TD pass where Jackson was uncovered, threw difficult bullets from 5 yards away, threw into double coverage, etc.

    One sequence, which was not Winston’s fault, was a TD pass which hit Brate in the chest in the end zone but was dropped. Folk then proceeded to miss the ensuing field goal. That was Tampa’s night in a nutshell.

  2. Sleep on it, wake up, fire him, and hold tryouts over the next ten days. You can’t keep on losing games by missed kicks and expect to make the playoffs. This Tampa team is so frustrating.

  3. The football Gods are still miffed the Bucs used a second round pick on a kicker last year…

  4. Something isn’t right there in Tampa. Might want to look at the snapper or holder. Folk doesn’t miss kicks like that…and combined with Aguayo, it looks suspicious to an outside eye.

    Thank God the Eagles were able to get Jake Elliot when Sturgis went down.

  5. Lost the game by 5 points, kicker missed three field goals including two very make able ones totaling at least 6 points.

    Yeah let’s give him another shot!

  6. The Bucs are in a very BAD place in regards to their kicking game. There is nothing but sub-standard kickers on the waiver wire…Mike Nuggent, Andrew Franks, Younghoe Koo. I would sign Nuggent today and also sign Cario Santos and stash him while he recovers from his injury. It’s really depressing we can’t get the kicking game fiqured out. Maybe its the holder?

  7. It is a shame, but Folk handed that game to the Pats on a silver platter!!! The entire TB team had to be literally sick 😦

  8. Its pretty telling that Jim Nantz was trying to tell Romo that the Bucs should go for it on the 4th and 1 at the beginning of the 4th cause you knew Folk was going to miss the kick.

  9. Without the headcase Folk, the Bucs win that game last night. I guess if there is any silver lining it’s that the Patriots are starting to look more mortal with each passing week. I’ve long held that to beat Brady you have to hit him often. The O-Line isn’t able to protect him consistently, so you’re going to see New England take a few more L’s before this season is over.

  10. eagleswin says:
    October 6, 2017 at 6:39 am

    There has been a rash of bad kicking early in the season. Chargers just released their kicker that lost them 2 games earlier in the season.


    Matt Prater. Breaking season records three games in….

  11. They had shots of Folk on the field pre game. He was wincing, rubbing his face like he had a migraine, looked like he wanted to be anywhere but on an NFL field and has clearly got a huge mental problem.

    I took one look at him and knew he would miss multiple kicks last night if he had the opportunity to do so. He’s going to keep missing until he gets his head straight.

  12. Folk would appear to have stepped into an ideal situation: Aguayo had been so bad that there should have been almost no pressure since there was nowhere to go but up. i guess the next guy is going to have an even more ideal situation.

  13. The Ravens should call Tampa Bay and offer Justin Tucker in a trade. “OK, you can have Mike Evans, Lavonte David, Gerald McCoy and our No. 1 pick for the next five years.”

  14. Acknowledging the importance of (potentially) 9 points in a close game, you’re just not gonna beat the Patriots by kicking field goals.

  15. brendafortheboyz says:
    October 6, 2017 at 9:01 am
    It is a shame, but Folk handed that game to the Pats on a silver platter!!! The entire TB team had to be literally sick 😦

    Actually the Pats handed the game to TB with several mistakes. Folk simply handed it back.

  16. I didn’t watch all of that game, however I did see Winston throw a lazer between defenders to one of his guys in the end zone which hit the receiver in a bad spot.
    THE HANDS !!!
    You gotta catch those balls. And it led to a missed field goal. That should have been 6 points for sure which theoretically changes the outcome.
    I’d say 7 points but ……… well you don’t have a place kicker……..

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