Jameis Winston calls it “honor” and “blessing” to chat with Tom Brady

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When Tom Brady finished his postgame press conference last night, there was an eager fan waiting in the tunnel to meet him.

It was the guy he had just beaten.

Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston, who raved about Brady earlier in the week, waited for the chance to meet one of his heroes.

“I just said, ‘It was an honor.’ I told him thank you. A lot,” Winston said, via ESPN.com. “That’s a blessing, man, to meet someone like that. I dream to be able to be the type of quarterback he is for his team to our team.”

Winston didn’t get into all the details of their conversation (though we suspect it was something like this) but he was clearly a little starstruck.

“Utmost respect for him,” Winston said. “He’s definitely an inspiration to me and the quarterback position, definitely. Like every young kid growing up with a football in their hand aspiring to be like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Joe Montana — guys of that nature. It was a privilege and an honor to meet him, to look him in his eye, to shake his hand. It felt good. That was another highlight of my night.

“I hate that he beat me, but he beats a lot of people.”

Brady probably gets that from a lot of young quarterbacks, but it was clear it made a deeper impact on Winston, despite the result of the game.

15 responses to “Jameis Winston calls it “honor” and “blessing” to chat with Tom Brady

  1. That might explain why you were playing like a nervous rookie most of the game. Believe me when I say Tampa Bay beat themselves through poor execution and poor decision making. You were locking onto receivers, not seeing the field, and overthrowing people all night.

  2. That’s because he’s not a crybaby like some people and he recognizes greatness. He’s not twisting himself into a pretzel try not to give credit.


  3. @terripet

    true, but he is 23, 17 years younger than Brady… he’ll improve. He was onfire at the end of the game… that penalty and 10 second run off killed us.

  4. Its like a young, up and coming astro-physicist getting the opportunity to meet Stephen Hawking.
    Staring a living legend in the eye.

    Brady’s accuracy is unequaled, along with so many other accomplishments.
    That’s right crybabies. Deal with it

  5. As a Patriots fan living in the Tampa Bay it was tough to watch the game because the Bucs have become my #2 team. I honestly think Winston is going to become an elite QB – he has that leadership quality already he just needs a little more maturing on decision making. See the Bucs becoming a perennial playoff team in the future.

  6. Stay humble and keep working Jameis –
    you almost pulled off a great comeback.
    I’m sure you had Brady and Belichick nervous
    up until that last pass fell incomplete.

  7. Pretty sure nobody would be trashing Winston’s performance if Folk made 2/3 FGs he should have made. Sure his stats weren’t as impressive but people are quick to forgot he put his team in scoring situations than Brady. There’s also the dropped TD pass by Brate….

  8. Too bad Jameis will never play in a system as great as the Patriots’. My prediction is whoever the no name Patriots QB will be after Brady, he will win a SB before Jameis.

  9. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    October 6, 2017 at 11:19 am
    Too bad Jameis will never play in a system as great as the Patriots’.

    There’s only 16 years worth of tape on this supposed system. You just wait ’til there’s another year or two and somebody will catch on.

  10. Winston is going to do well in the NFL. He’s got a lot of work to do yet but provided he puts in the film study and other things he has to do to improve he can become a very good QB.

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