NFL Game Pass Europe developer apologizes for fake app reviews

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NFL Game Pass Europe, an app that allows overseas fans to watch games on their mobile devices, has been receiving largely negative reviews this year as fans have complained about changes that have made the app less user-friendly. But the app has received some positive reviews — from the app developer.

Deltatre, the company that develops the app, acknowledged that some of its own employees have been posting favorable reviews of the app under fake names, in an attempt to counteract the largely negative reviews from the general public.

“Deltatre apologises for the posting of positive reviews of its Game Pass Europe App,” the company said in a statement. “We have taken swift action to remove the limited number of these reviews. We have also taken measures to improve our internal processes and increased oversight to ensure this does not happen again. NFL Game Pass Europe is an important service to NFL fans outside the US and we are committed to delivering the best possible service to them.”

NFL Executive V.P. Mark Waller said the NFL isn’t pleased with the situation.

“We are very disappointed that Deltatre employees were asked to post their own positive reviews,” Waller said. “This activity is inconsistent with our own NFL values and behaviors and we have clearly communicated this to Deltatre. We are pleased by the swift action they have taken and are now focused on continuing to improve the service being offered to our fans.”

Canadian fans have also been complaining about substandard quality from the streaming service available to fans in Canada. As the NFL attempts to make inroads in other countries, it’s having a tough time teaming with companies that can reliably put its product in front of foreign fans.

13 responses to “NFL Game Pass Europe developer apologizes for fake app reviews

  1. When it comes to misrepresenting things in a positive light the NFL prefers such actions originate with the league office. Like when they stole $110M from the shared funds pool due to an ‘accounting mistake.’

  2. Typical – why try to get something right when you can just repeatedly lie? And as for the NFL claiming this is inconsistent with their values – PRICELESS BS!!!! Bountygate, Deflategate, HGHgate, CTEgate, Zekegate…

  3. League office does the same thing all the time. To hear them tell it 1.8 million people attended the last Chargers game.

  4. This activity is inconsistent with our own NFL values and behaviors and we have clearly communicated this to Deltatre.

    I literally have no words for this statement

  5. NFL made a huge mistake with all the changes this year to Gamepass International and Europe. Both are utter garbage. I believe they are using new providers.

    Just some issues outside of fake reviews
    1) promised apps and didn’t get them delivered before season
    2) two different providers now for international and Europe
    3) firetv and other apps launched completely broken
    4) when you get the stream to work it is poor quality and often breaks

    Should fire the executive and teams in charge of these products immediately.

  6. It’s an awful app. A shame because I’ve been subscribing for years so I can watch nfl games. You have to reload at least 10x a game. However, at least this story explains the positive reviews- I was beginning to wonder …

  7. It’s not only Canada & Europe. The US App was also supposedly “upgraded” and took months to actually work. I am still fighting with them about the Apple TV app, which after the “upgrade” now only has 2016 & 2017 games available wiping out 2011 forward. As far as I am concerned NFL Game Pass has the worst customer service I’ve experienced in quite a while & you can only communicate with them via email.

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