Todd Haley knows only so much he can say to Antonio Brown

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He didn’t get it as bad as the poor Gatorade bucket, but Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley got a swat from Antonio Brown during the star wide receiver’s tantrum last weekend.

And Haley knows there’s only so much he can say, since he’s had a flare-up or two of his own.

“You just try to understand that guys are passionate and want to contribute and want to make plays, and there are going to be some emotions out there,” Haley said, via Joe Rutter of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “I’ve been one of the emotional ones at different times, so I’m understanding of it. . . .

“I just knew he was worked up and tried to calm him down a little bit. Guys are competitive and passionate, and it got away a little bit. It seems to have worked itself out.”

Last week, Haley approached Brown after he toss the bucket, but Brown walked away from him. When Haley tried to grab his jersey, Brown swatted his hands away.

Haley’s had his share of sideline outbursts, including spats with Cardinals wide receiver Anquan Boldin and Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel. And because they know they need Brown on the same page, finding that common ground can’t hurt.

13 responses to “Todd Haley knows only so much he can say to Antonio Brown

  1. When Santonio Holmes acted up the Steelers traded him to the Jets for a 5th rounder.
    So … trade Brown to the Jets for a 5th rounder. Teach the players that no one is above the team.

    – a Jets fan

  2. Maybe if you’re offense wasn’t so horrific conservative and predictable these issues wouldn’t happen Todd…

  3. Oh… You mean the “dancing with the stars”, Facebook video of the locker room Antonio Brown. Who got paid already? Yeah, consummate team player. Not about him, not at all…

  4. Maybe Big Ben should throw a tantrum every time Brown screws up, drops a pass, or doesn’t get open


    Yes… channel his inner Philip Rivers

  5. Much Ado About Nothing.
    Good for Haley for taking the highroad.
    A WR being mad about not getting the ball
    is nothing new – or newsworthy.

  6. All of you non Steelers fan, need to stop talking. Your posts are stupid and stink of hate. There are 32 teams who would LOVE TO HAVE AB!!!

  7. Wish Ben would get a bit more passionate about his game. I think he’s out there going through the motions but his heart is at home with his family; and who can blame him. I don’t see the fire to win anymore. Asking Brady for his jersey last season after the Pats kicked our butts up and down the field told me a lot about Ben’s state of mind. His accuracy is way off on the deep ball, his timing is off on the intermediate routes, he won’t run for a first down anymore and he never gives a butt-chewing to his receivers or TE’s when they screw up a play. Time to retire Ben or elevate your game! You’ve been the franchise for a lot of years so don’t go out a bum!

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