Will Newton’s apology allow him to avoid questions on Sunday?

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While the football-following world was enjoying the first half of Thursday night’s Patriots-Buccaneers game, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton posted on social media his apology for making a sexist remark more than 24 hours earlier. Regardless of whether anyone believes the apology was or wasn’t sufficient, the apology may have had a separate objective — to give Newton a way to avoid being questioned about the issue by reporters after his next game.

Spin it forward to Sunday in Detroit. Newton goes to the podium, ready to address whatever does, or doesn’t, happen against the Lions. Someone asks him about Wednesday’s observation that it’s “funny” a female reporter would ask about pass routes. And Newton says that he has apologized, and that he has said all he’s going to say about it in his video.

Of course, not everyone can pull off the “it’s already been addressed” approach. Newton will be facing a room full of reporters, male and female, many of whom may be feeling regret over the failure to ask a “funny how?” follow-up immediately after Newton said what he said. They may not be willing to take “it’s already been addressed” for an answer, and they may keep asking him about it.

Newton then will face a dilemma. Does he answer the questions? Or does he walk away, like he did after Super Bowl 50?

Either way, there’s still at least one more chapter to this one, and it will play out at or around 4:00 p.m. ET on Sunday.

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  1. You mean, “Will Newton’s disingenuous, forced, half-hearted apology allow him to avoid questions on Sunday?” The answer is NO.

  2. Since Cam gave a non-condescending answer (notwithstanding the “funny” aside) to Rodrique’s question, he can logically say that he meant that he enjoys it when women ask thoughtful, informed football questions. I suspect that the reality is that he. like me, thought that her question was crammed full of illogical jargon in an attempt to sound informed. “Embrace the physicality of his routes while fighting for extra yards”? And “truck sticking”? Come on.

  3. Unfortunately, Cam is not coachable. If he was you could have 2 strategies.

    1. Opening Statement – I will only be answering questions that pertain to the outcome of the Lions game.

    2. Satirical – Start the answer to every question the same…Laugh, that’s a funny question…

    I’d go with #1 but #2 would be classic.

  4. Who cares. The dude is a quarterback, not a model of political correctness. Why do we demand public figures be perfect? Sling your stones and arrows, understand he’s a sexist and move on. We can’t bury everyone on Earth that is a racist, a sexist or another sort of -ist. I don’t agree with what he said at all but the way our society buries everyone who isn’t an angel is ridiculous. Know that he’s a sexist and move on with your lives.

  5. I think it depends in part if Carolina wins the game or not. Cam’s ego is fragile and with any criticism that comes from losing a game already putting him on the defensive its not going to make him conducive to answering questions about why he demeans women. If they win and he’s in one of his fabulous moods in a fabulous post game presser costume he might actually take it in stride and respond.

  6. 90% of the people who watch the post game interviews could care less about that after the game. They watch either to hear the players analysis of the game or total boredom with everything else on tv. The only ones who care are the media looking for a “hot” quote to lead their stories with.

  7. The media can’t restrain itself from asking the same question 20 times after it has already been answered in these pressers. If they think it might get a rise out of whoever is on the podium they’ll keep on asking. I’m sure questions will just get deflected this time, but I doubt he’ll do a walk off.

  8. The networks covering (including this site) the cam newton story… I predict will shine a dim light on the story and pivot quickly due to a timed commercial and/or breaking news.

    Even though… cam newton’s statistics and skills are declining… he is still a popular face to fans and a marketable ‘product’ to the NFL machine.

  9. He owned it, now all he has to do is live it and with it. Then again, precisely because he is a public figure that thousands of kids look up to, and had no problem basking in all the adulation and endorsement opportunities, is the reason he should have to endure all the grief. Can’t have it both ways.

  10. I sure hope not! I know that when I watch football I want to see nothing but holier than thou talking heads talking about anything but football throughout the pregame, half time, and post game!

  11. Question #1: “Cam, have you apologized to The Charlotte Observer’s Panthers beat writer Jourdan Rodrigue?”

  12. So many comments all saying the same thing. The media is relentless when it comes to asking these useless questions. It’s all a ruse. No one cares about how Cam feels about one of his WR’s route running abilities. 0 f’s given. Why even bother with these interviews? It’s all an opportunity for one of the players to slip up and say something less than idyllic for the 24 hour news cycle to pray on. Marshawn Lynch was right. Pay the fines and get out of these interviews at every turn.

  13. Part of his job is to answer questions
    They way he treated that women you would have thought she was a fumble in the Super Bowl

  14. I see nothing wrong in what he said. So he said it was funny hearing a woman ask about routes. It wasn’t like he was telling her to get into the kitchen and rattle the pots & pans? Geeez. We all need to lighten up a bit!!!

  15. Why even bother with these interviews? It’s all an opportunity for one of the players to slip up and say something less than idyllic for the 24 hour news cycle to pray on. Marshawn Lynch was right. Pay the fines and get out of these interviews at every turn

    /\ This!

    Why do even want to interview these guys every day? They are just football players, many of them are not well spoken or even smart. They are fantastic atheletes so lets just enjoy the game, why do we force them to be public speakers too?

  16. “Will Newton’s apology allow him to avoid questions on Sunday?”

    Easy answer. No. At this point nothing he could say or do will allow him to avoid questions on Sunday. Thats why its best to not open one’s mouth in the first place.

  17. It’s not that much of a dilemma. All he has to say is “I addressed that any questions about football?” And if they ask again, give the same exact answer. It’s really quite simple. When in a press conference, it is good to ask oneself, what would belichek say?

  18. Anyone that asks a question that’s not related to his or his teams performance this Sunday should be kicked out of the interview room.

  19. I don’t care for Newton but the answer to any questions on the topic should be: “That issue has been addressed. Does anyone have a football question?” Say that over and over and they will eventually drop it.

  20. Cam has always been patted on the head since the football world has know him, he is a pouter when all goes wrong so we will see the typical pouting attitude and no accountability with his interview. He will look pretty though.

  21. Fans say they dont care about the dumb pointless questions the media asks but they do. They care about them for the same reasons why they get up in arms about power rankings, or mad their player didnt win a weekly award, or make a probowl. Its why they get angry when announcer points out a player is having a good game when their teams player has been twice as good, its why they get mad when there teams highlights and performance arent talked about.

    Fans and people in general like to hear other people bring up the things they believe, have seen, or have noticed. So its easy to say no 1 cares what Cam say about Funchess playing strong in his routes. The fact is the people who like him or thought he ran his routes hard, love hearing someone bring that up and someone answer it. Yea it doesnt matter to you if your not a fan or never thought about that, but there are probably a 100 things you are interested in and want to be heard talked about that everybody who isnt a fan of your team thinks is pointless.

    Eagles fans love to hear people talk about the progression of Wentz’s throwing motion. I doubt any1 else cares.

    Media is a business so if the question like the 1 asked of Cam truly was pointless and no one cared then it wouldnt be asked bc there would be no money in it. But they do make money so obviously theres a audience for it. And you fooling yourself if you dont believe your part of that audience.

  22. Cam needs to get it through his head that the only people you can safely joke about these days are white males. Everybody else is off limits.

  23. “nflvoiceofreason says: October 6, 2017 at 6:33 pm Just sayin… where is the outrage when the same comment is made to male members of the media because “they have never played the game”? #doublestandard”

    Ah, last bastion of the jock or ex-jock who gets an uncomfy question during an interview and can’t come up with an answer. “You don’t understand because you never played the game.” Recently a couple of radio guys were having a laugh when one recalled an interview with Rick Barry. Rick: “You don’t understand because you never played!” Reporter: “I knew you would say that. You always say that.”

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