Cam Newton wears feminist hat pin on Panthers’ team flight

Carolina Panthers on Twitter

Attempting to win back support after a sexist comment this week, the always fashion-conscious Carolina quarterback Cam Newton made a noteworthy clothing choice on the Panthers’ team flight to Detroit today.

Newton wore a hat pin showing the woman from the World War II “We Can Do It!” poster celebrating women working in factories to aid the war effort. (The woman in the poster is often referred to as Rosie the Riveter, although Rosie the Riveter was a separate cultural icon of World War II who only became conflated with the “We Can Do It!” poster decades later.) The “We Can Do It!” woman has become a symbol of feminism and women’s empowerment.

After mocking a female reporter’s question this week and losing a sponsor as a result, Newton is attempting to rehabilitate his image. He previously issued a video apology.

The Panthers made a point of tweeting an image of Newton boarding the team flight, with the hat pin clearly visible.

65 responses to “Cam Newton wears feminist hat pin on Panthers’ team flight

  1. Let me ne the first to say that I am all choked up at the display of sensitivity. And kudos to the investigative reporter who managed to put himself in position so he was in the right place at the right time to capture this image. I am gping to go home and read a comic book that was created to honor women with a new superhero: Susan-B- Anthony-Man.

  2. Oh, never mind. Cam’s come around. He apologized and -AND — wore a pin!

    Except not going after that fumble. That’s not going away. That’s a Tatoo. Permanent.

  3. His apology was the first time that I can say I’ve ever seen him humbled. Whether he actually changes as a result of his total brain cramp with the reporter remains to be seen, but maybe there is hope for him after all.

  4. He should have just clarified his original remarks. Once he hesitated, the media smelled the blood and went for the kill. This was a classic media takedown over something very small that they manufactured into something they could use to hurt somebody.

    Cam should have clarified that when he said funny, he meant unusual and something he is just getting used to. That is how i took his remark initially and i bet so did most people. But the media saw an angle to crush somebody and they did. Cam played right into it.

    The Panthers PR guy should be fired for incompetence.

  5. The guy said something stupid, it was blown out of proportion and taken as far more malicious than it really was, and now everybody dissects his apology and attempts to show remorse and understanding as if the rest of us have never acted rude, inappropriate, or showed any form of ignorance ourselves. To some guys who may not know many women with in depth knowledge of sports, it can be different for them. Not cool to laugh at them or try to belittle it, and i’m honestly not even sure that was actually the spirit behind it. Cam has always been immature, he’s always been kinda sheltered, always been kind of a goof. Doesn’t mean he’s a hateful person, and it doesn’t mean it’s everyone’s place to jump on their moral righteous high horse and refuse to get off just because they interpret it that way.

  6. Not to mention, i don’t see anyone questioning the sincerity of that reporters apology for laughing at how awesome it is to be a racist. Does anyone care if she shows up at the next press conference with a Martin Luther King Jr pin? Are they judge her for being a phony? Probably not. Because nobody hated her before like they already hated Cam, and people don’t like to open their minds to changing it under any circumstances. Blind predetermined hate confirmation is so much easier to achieve.

    Time to let it go, people. I’m sure nobody here is without character flaws of their own, and i’m sure we all know people (or ARE people) who have said / done much worse things than that.

  7. Biggest fraud in sports, nothing sincere about him and we all know he doesn’t dive for loose balls

  8. “From one extreme to the other.”

    Funny how that happened right after he lost a major sponsor in Dannon.

  9. Complete overreaction by media. Would it be disrespectful for a female professional athletes to tell a male reporter it was ” funny” to hear him ask a question about her sport? No. Politically incorrect? Yes.

  10. If Cam really wanted to appeal to feminists he could stop shaving his armpits, incorporate flannel shirts into his wardrobe, and maybe do a “childbirth” TD celebration

  11. So…in order to make amends for a mildly sexist remark against women he decides to wear a pin that represents a group that makes a living off of making sexist and primarily hateful remarks against men? Hard to make this stuff up.

  12. cb28031 says:
    October 7, 2017 at 5:33 pm
    To all the Cam haters….bite me….you would love to have him on your team…..
    Maybe as a Tight End. But the league can only have one Jimmy Graham.

  13. Wimped out. The only true and lasting apology was to transform into a woman ala Bruce Jenner.

  14. Newt puts a feminist themed pin on his pimp hat. Makes all the difference. Maybe next time he could actually utter the name of the woman who births the babies he makes such a big deal about. Baby steps, Newt, baby steps…

  15. His publicist is working triple time to put out this dumpster fire. First they wrote that obviously not written by Cam apology release and now this. Newsflash, you can’t fix stupid.

  16. Next his handlers will start making him wear a skirt on the team flight, which Cam will proclaim is a bedazzled kilt, to show his feminist solidarity.

  17. Sure is a lot of hate out there for Newton. I don’t understand. And the “pin” on the hat. Clever. He’s having fun and none of you haters get it.

  18. Alex I’ll take “What’s the shallowest possible gesture Cam could have made regarding his demeaning of women” for 500

  19. This whole thing is ridiculous. It’s the entire NFL shift to Liberalism and Political Correctness. Screw the fans….this is more important….get the money no matter what values and integrity we have to sacrifice!

  20. Only Cam could find a way to look worse and like more of a phony by trying to help his situation. He’s the A-Rod of football, except not even as good.

  21. guyjuneguyjune says:

    This whole thing is ridiculous. It’s the entire NFL shift to Liberalism and Political Correctness. Screw the fans….this is more important….get the money no matter what values and integrity we have to sacrifice!

    I’m as conservative as you can get. Even if I thought a female shouldn’t be an NFL beat writer I wouldn’t be a jerk and try to embarrass her in front of everyone like a little arrogant punk.

  22. Lots of people here have better quarterbacks on their team than Cam Newton, you guys need to stop with that line. I’m a Seahawks fan and I’d rather have Russell Wilson than 3 Cam Newtons. If Cam had Seattle’s offensive line he would have already thrown all of them and the management under the bus crying to the world about it.

    Not to mention he’d be hurt not playing while Russell gets hurt and keeps playing through a high ankle sprain and a hurt knee among other things last year.

    It’s amazing the difference in stature and how much athleticism in that great big body Cam has…yet Russell has ten times the heart and mental fortitude and that’s more important.

    Seattle has one of the worst OLs in the NFL every year and still are contenders…because of Russell and what he can do. Just about every other about in the league would be toast in his situation because they aren’t mobile enough and can’t be as effective on the run.

    Do I sound like I am jealous that you have Cam Newton? On the contrary I have a young boy I am raising and I would hate to have Cam Newton be his Idol growing up. My son wears a Russell Wilson Jersey every Friday and I’m proud of it because of who he is as a person and what he represents as much as what a good football player he is.

    Actually, now that I think about it I pity you.

  23. Cam – You’ve just been ‘cucked’ by main stream media and fema nazis

    Sorry dude…. you were too honest and big media loves to chew up good people ….

  24. Maybe he should just make comments like the president. Nobody seemed to have a problem with that. He got elected anyway.” Bleeding from somewhere”. Hmmm i wonder which comment was worse. And this guy is our president. Funny i don’t see anyone on their high horse about him. Here’s a guy that literally says anything i mean anything he wants. Look in a mirror people and you’ll see fraud in the feflection.

  25. What’s with the commenters who think other fan-bases wish they had Cam on their team??? I can assure you we’re happy with our QB in Atlanta. Fairly confident the folks in NE, GB, NO, DET, SEA, TB, KC, PIT, HOU, OAK, LAR, LAC, and several other cities would gladly pass on Newton.

  26. charliecharger says:
    October 7, 2017 at 5:29 pm
    It’s hard to believe, but Cam Newton would be the adult in the room if he was visiting the oval office.

    You’re talking the Bill Clinton oval office?

  27. Oh, a pin! This solves everything. Cam, do you know what you can do with this pin? What a phony.

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