Davante Adams traveling to Dallas, expected to play Sunday

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Packers receiver Davante Adams may not miss a single game despite being hospitalized last week.

Adams, who was taken off the field on a stretcher and then taken to the hospital in an ambulance last Thursday night, is traveling to Dallas and expected to play Sunday against the Cowboys, ESPN reports.

That’s a shockingly fast recovery for a player who had appeared to suffer a serious brain injury. Although the Packers’ game being on Thursday night gave Adams a few extra days to recover, it’s still unusual to see a player suffer such an injury and not miss a single game.

Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan, who delivered the hit that concussed Adams, was initially given a two-game suspension. That suspension was reduced to one game on appeal.

22 responses to “Davante Adams traveling to Dallas, expected to play Sunday

  1. Not sure it’s a smart move considering that hit knocked him out, but that’s what fans pay for to come see these guys play. I just hope he doesn’t end up regretting it.

  2. I don’t consider Devante Adams an elite wide receiver by any stretch of the imagination, thus as a Cowboys fan I’m indifferent on whether or not he plays tomorrow.

    With that said, why wouldn’t you just keep him out of this next game just to be on the safe side? It confuses me how players get concussions and are sometimes out for 2-3 weeks and then guys like this can get knocked out, hospitalized, and be playing a week later.

  3. Game was 10 days ago. Plenty of time to recover to full health. If the game was a week ago he would not have been cleared by independant docs. He was cleared 9 days after the game. Cmon guys.

  4. If he passes the protocol, he can play. If he doesn’t pass the protocol, he can’t. The testing procedures are extremely strict and they apply to every player on every team. Every player is different in terms of concussion recovery. Some take weeks, or even months, while others recover quite quickly.

    You purples ought to be worrying less about Adams and more about Bradford’s mystery injury.

  5. cheeseisfattening says:
    October 7, 2017 at 3:44 pm
    Now that is how you put the game above the player.

    No. Idol-worshiping and rewarding a child-beater is how you do that.

  6. 2 games or 20 a season career…… Every player knows the risk. This is what he gets paid to do. Morality is irrelevant. The reason they are paid well is because they cannot expect it to last. Like it or not, without the violence of the game we wouldn’t love it as fans the way we do. Take it to em in Dallas Devonte. Hope ya don’t get hurt.

  7. that epic battle for 3rd place last Thursday will probably work best for his motivation.
    You should get a new thing because you’re just terrible at trolling.

  8. Oh, come on. We all know Davante will play. Running back. It’s what we do.

  9. ad28bestever says:
    October 7, 2017 at 8:17 pm
    Can’t concuss what you don’t have upstairs. No surprises here.
    This coming from an AD worshipper? Now THAT's surprising.

  10. If this was Sunday to Sunday game, I think he will would have missed the game, and i could be wrong, I am sure EVERYone will let me know, but the extra days probably went a long way in allowing him to recover and be cleared by a THIRD PARTY doctor, NOT involved with the team, so he could play.

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