Jets troll Browns with tweet, delete it


The fact that the Jets are in position to actually make fun of another NFL team is one of the most surprising developments from the first month of the season. But here they are, shockingly at 2-2, preparing to visit the 0-4 Browns, and trolling the winless franchise from Cleveland on social media.

Via multiple reports, the Jets posted on their Twitter account a parody of the Browns’ dog logo, with a sad face, a post-surgical cone collar, and the caption, “Sit.” The Jets deleted the tweet after roughly an hour.

It’s stunning that the Jets would give the Browns extra motivation for the game (which would explain why the tweet was deleted), given that the Jets have been using the widespread offseason perception of the team as motivation. Most recently, every player had a note left in his locker that read, “Don’t forget what they stated about us. Never be content — never. Get juiced.”

Now, the Jets have given the Browns something to get juiced about. Come Sunday, we’ll see whether it makes a difference.

33 responses to “Jets troll Browns with tweet, delete it

  1. as a titans fan i knew the browns missed when they took myles garrett over deshaun watson…did they not see what he did to bama twice on the biggest stage? then had another chance at the 12 pick and traded it to the texans….goodness

  2. left out…i did not want watson in our division now we have to go all defense for the next 3 drafts to stop him

  3. It won’t make a difference. The Browns are completely bereft of talent. The Jets aren’t great by any means, but at least they fight hard every week. Josh McCown is an underrated leader (when he’s healthy) and Todd Bowles is doing everything he can with what was left after the GM basically made it a rebuilding year. I think Maccagnan is disappointed that the Jets AREN’T tanking. I’m pretty sure that was his original intention.

  4. Both franchises are going to be bad or at best, almost average for YEARS.

    The Browns need to hit on draft picks, not collect as many as possible and hope for the best. Passing on a guy who has that ‘It’ thing (Watson) with the 12th pick was their moneyball collect as many picks as possible theory. Well here’s a theory: You need a QB to win as your Oline is better than the Texans. That ‘It’ thing is repeated over and over by quite a few experts and I’ve played with leaders vs guys with a better skill set. Gimme the leaders (at Qb, anyway).

    The Jets got rid of a horrible GM and then the new one messes up by being the only person in the USA to be in love with Hackenberg. He would have been on the board in the 5th round.
    The Jets are also mired with a terrible owner but he’s gone for a few years, so that should help them temporarily.

  5. So before that tweet Browns players were only going to give 85% effort to win the game; now it’s going to be the full 100%?

    This whole bulletin board nonsense is a ridiculous notion.

  6. Watson clearly had that intangible ability to play his best in the biggest moments. How they passed on him twice is just crazy. Could have had OBJ, Carr in the Manziel draft instead of Johnny and the DB that’s out of the league. Draft picks are only valuable when you select good players. Easier said then done I know

  7. Trolling another team is funny if the other team wants to respond.

    The Browns are in a no win situation but I can see it now, a jet on fire.

  8. war27 says:
    October 7, 2017 at 6:51 pm
    The Browns are in a no win situation but I can see it now, a jet on fire.

    Yep there’s a hilarious image alright. Since it involves NY would you go with TWA Flight 800 or Flight 843? Perhaps United Airlines Flight 175 slamming into the South Tower just to make sure you ticked off virtually everyone? What a putz.

  9. .

    ” Draft picks are only valuable when you select good players ”

    Truer words have never been spoken. If Browns fans ever did a redraft, their heads would explode.

  10. Do people really believe this bulletin board material junk? Yea, the Browns entire team is going to try harder and better because some intern posted something on twitter.

  11. Extra motivation is not a real thing. If it is then it makes me think less of players already making millions of dollars. All stuff like this does is give the other team something to gloat about if they win(In the case the very very off off off chance they win).

  12. Not surprised to see a team owned by a Trump crony trolling people on Twitter. Also not surprised to see that same team as perpetually incompetent due to poor management.

  13. So many Monday morning GMs talking about Watson. Acting incredulous that the Browns passed on Watson as if YOU knew how Watson was going to play is as strong of a take as wet toilet paper.
    The inordinate amount of down votes on those posts are likely people who just think you’re full of it.

  14. Silly silly people. Those talking about Watson. smh. The Browns have drafted some great potential draft picks to include QB’s. That is at least until they played for THE BROWNS! Lets not forget that dynamic. The QB is the MOST interdependent position on the entire team-by far! Just look at Jared Geoff last year and this year. Last year he was “a bust”, this year “he is solid”. So funny. You don’t want a QB who is going to hurt you. You want a QB who is clutch-yes, but that aint going to mean squash until the team is solid around him. The defense is huge for a QB. The defense gives a young QB time to make mistakes and not get too far behind-which means the QB has to try and do too much. Did anybody but me happen to notice that Watson stepped into a great situation, just like Dak Prescott last year. Did anyone else happen to notice that the Texans were in the playoffs and even won a playoff game prior to Watson joining them. And that a QB was all the Texans were waiting for? The Browns are young and insisted on this path. It most certainly can work well with patience, though. But, I think it is better to pay a little more and win on the way to your dynasty.

  15. For everyone saying that the DeShawn Watson is the real deal, where were you during the draft when everybody was against him goings in the top 20. You can’t wait until a guy is good in the NFL to say you should have drafted h8m earlier. Most evaluators had Watsons arm strength as questionable and his accuracy as questionable. I don’t buy into everyone’s belief that Watson was going to be good coming out of college. How can you say Myles Garrett is not a better pick than Watson when we haven’t even seen Garrett play yet. I’m not saying Garrett is better player than Watson, but it is two different positions with both being a need for the Browns at the time.

  16. Listen, when the Browns doubled down on this money ball stuff, they may as well went after Francona as coach because no way Hue or and other NFL head coach truly believes this is how its done. Its already come down to Jackson vs. Sashi and Gm’s almost always get their way. Jackson will be gone.

  17. It doesn’t matter. I’m sure all of the Browns players had their twitter and social media privileges taken until at least they’re not down by 21 or more points by half time. Been watching the Browns for 30 years. Never thought it could get any worse than last year. but it has. This team would lose to Michigan.

  18. Man. That extra motivation was a real humdinger, eh?

    The Browns should just stop. Why do they exist?

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