After dumping Cam, Dannon does quick deal with Dak

Getty Images

After Dannon yogurt decided to abruptly dump Panthers quarterback Cam Newton as an endorser of the brand, some wondered whether Dannon was simply looking for a way to justify moving on from a player who has fallen fairly far from his 2015 MVP-caliber performance. While Dannon surely won’t admit that they were looking for a reason to sever ties with Newton, their actions arguably say it all.

Via ESPN, Dannon already has signed a deal with Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott to replace Newton. Yes, between Thursday morning and Sunday morning, a contract was broached, negotiated, finalized, and executed between Dannon and Dak. Unless it wasn’t.

Chances are that this deal was well on its way to being a done deal before Newton made a sexist remark at a press conference. And so, when Newton said what he said, Dannon had an easy avenue not only to accelerate the change but also to generate some free publicity (e.g., this article is about Dannon) by severing ties with Newton and quickly locking up Prescott, who quickly has become one of the most popular NFL players for marketing purposes, primarily because: (1) he plays for the Cowboys; and (2) he isn’t Ezekiel Elliott.

And so Prescott will help sell various flavors of yogurt as long as he’s the flavor of the moment. If/when he no longer is, Dannon will start looking elsewhere — and it surely won’t complain if Dak gives them a reason to expedite the process.