Calais Campbell: Maturity will lead to consistency

Getty Images

Some say dogs eventually begin to look like their owners. The Jaguars have begun to look like their helmets — two different colors, two different teams.

So how can the 3-2 Jaguars, who racked up a rollicking 30-9 victory in Pittsburgh on Sunday, start to string together wins?

“We’re just young,” veteran defensive lineman Calais Campbell told PFT by phone after the victory. “We have to mature through that.”

Campbell explained that today’s win won’t mean anything if the Jaguars can’t follow the victory with a win next week at home over the Rams, breaking the win-one-lose-one rhythm to the season. To get there, Campbell said that execution and discipline will be the key.

He added that new coach Doug Marrone has done a “great job in challenging us,” and the next challenge will be to separate from .500, once and for all.