DeMarco Murray donates $50,000 to Las Vegas police, victims

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Las Vegas native and Titans running back DeMarco Murray was affected even more deeply than most by last Sunday’s senseless horror in his hometown. He has decided to do something about it.

Via Adam Schefter of ESPN, Murray has donated $25,000 to the Las Vegas Police Department and another $25,000 to the families of the victims of the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

“When I heard about the terror and devastation in my hometown of Las Vegas, I couldn’t believe it,” Murray said. “I was shocked, sickened and scared for the families and friends of the victims. I want to help and do whatever I can to take away their pain from such a horrific experiences.

“Las Vegas is special city not just to me, my family and friends, but this whole world. It’s a shame to for the city to have to endure such an attack. I pray for the victims and their families and hope our great country can work diligently towards keeping our people safe and eliminated these kinds of attacks in the future.”

The Raiders and the NFL Foundation already have donated $50,000 each to the Las Vegas Victims’ Fund.

8 responses to “DeMarco Murray donates $50,000 to Las Vegas police, victims

  1. If Michael Bennett had half the class of DeMarco Murray, he would at least match the donation to the LVPD.

  2. Very nice gesture DeMarco.

    Nice of the Raiders too, making a token contribution to a city that is building them a stadium costing hundreds of millions.

  3. The VICTIMS you clown! The VICTIMS!!!! This infuriates me! Last time I checked, DeMarco “the clown” Murray, you look like the type police MURDER in the name of justice! The VICTIMS you clown

  4. Classy. Wonder if ol’ Bennett has finally learned why police enter those situations very seriously and try to get control of it, then ask questions. Bet not

  5. It is likely that most of these victims support the distribution of weapons that were used to kill them and that these victims support police profiling of people that look like murray. A better use of his money, invest in the education of the children from the area you grew up in.

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