Dolphins can’t really move the ball, but win anyway


The Dolphins didn’t have to do much with the ball.

Which is a good thing, since they weren’t able to.

The Dolphins got a 16-10 win over the Titans in its hurricane-delayed home opener, but it was far from easy, even though they were playing against Titans backup quarterback Matt Cassel.

The Dolphins managed just 178 yards, but Jay Cutler hit Jarvis Landry for a touchdown pass in the fourth quarter to give them just enough room.

On his first 10 possessions, Cutler passed for a meager 33 yards. He finished with 92, which made it look much better than it was. He averaged just 3.5 yards per pass attempt, a signal of the low expectations that were placed on him coming out of retirement.

The good news was their defense came to work, holding the Titans to 188 yards, with safety Reshad Jones returning a fumble for a touchdown.

Cassel’s 4.4 yards per pass attempt made this one dreadful to watch, as the Titans fell to 2-3 without injured quarterback Marcus Mariota.

14 responses to “Dolphins can’t really move the ball, but win anyway

  1. An ugly ugly win, but a win is a win. If the OL doesn’t get it together it will be ugly season. Gase needs to stop with the creative play calling and just go with what gains positive yardage. Parker going out early hurt also.

  2. Go figure… the Titans have gotten torched for 4 weeks straight, and this week they hold Cutler to 92 yards, and they still lose. This team is complete garbage!

  3. Montana, Elway, Sims all played Hurt, Bad Knees, Shoulders, Ankles yet they Got Rings… Marino, Bad knees and Shoulders yet he played. Moon Broken Rib and Bad Shoulder yet he played. Why??? Cause they wanted a Ring. Marcus Mariota? Tweak Hamstring, Doesn’t play…. He’s like a Soft Puppy… Will never get a Ring playing safe or soft… WAKE-UP TITANS

  4. nbcprofootballtalks Mariota would have played injured if the coaches had let him. He also had a strained hammy in college & never missed a game. The days of letting hurt QB’s dictate whether they play or not is over. They are too valuable an investment to risk in a game that is not a must win.

  5. @ vjllsduckfan65…. Excuse you, 90’s QB got paid More and they were Heavily more invested on those Superstars. You Don’t Win by playing Soft. And this isn’t College by da way. NFL….. That why they Got Rings and the Titans Don’t. Steve Mc nair always played Hurt. 1 Superbowl 2 AFC appearance.. They want took Win in them days..

  6. With the o-line as bad as it is and Cutler not able to run it gets to were you have to start looking to Moore starting and finishing out the year. Cutler has the better arm but under these condition Moore is the better choice. Gase must do this or he will lose his players.

  7. The touchdown passes in four games! BENCH CUTLER THE $10 MILLION BUM! Kudos to the fan on TV yelling, “Get him out of there!”

    I think instead of putting people from South Florida in jail after being convicted, they should be given season tickets and forced to watch this in person and on TV when they’re on the road. Then when they aren’t playing, wear ankle bracelets and be forced to watch reruns of this team. Crime problem solved!

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