Giants say Odell Beckham fractured his ankle

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The Giants have given an update about the injury suffered by wide receiver Odell Beckham during Sunday’s loss to the Chargers.

The team announced that Beckham suffered a fractured ankle when his left leg got rolled up after he tried for a high pass from Eli Manning during the fourth quarter of the game. Beckham was immediately carted off the field and was in obvious pain while making his way to the back.

Jordan Raanan of reported that Beckham needs surgery shortly after the game, but the Giants’ update did not include any information on that front and Raanan now says that the wideout is “holding out” on an operation for now.

Whatever happens regarding surgery, Beckham’s not going to be part of the Giants’ attempt to dig out from an 0-5 start to the season.

UPDATE 6:00 p.m. ET: According to the Giants, a decision to have surgery has not yet been made.

54 responses to “Giants say Odell Beckham fractured his ankle

  1. He should switch from head & shoulders to johnson & johnson as his shampoo endorsements, no more tears…

  2. time to clean house,,,reese and macadoo must go,,this franchise has been set back enough years as it is.

  3. cookerduff123 says:
    October 8, 2017 at 5:57 pm
    They could legitimately go 0-16 at this point.

    The 49’rs game could ruin that.

  4. Sad to say it. Karma for disrespecting the Don with his pee antics.

    And please, could others comment on this. Is it me, or does he just go out of his way to look stupid. His actions don’t hurt in making it look for sure!

  5. Hope he clocks his HC with his crutch. Moron has the lead and decides pass, pass, pass is the O to run. And then on the last possession while trailing and all of his WR in the ER he goes run, run, desperation pass that gets picked to end the game. Good game coach.

  6. You’re not getting the first pick. That annual rite goes to Cleveland. Besides, this is,the best 0-5 team in history. Don’t be surprised if the league, at the behest of Mara, creates the equivalent of a National Invitation Tournament to showcase the franchise’s talents.

  7. “dkeucd says: October 8, 2017 at 5:53 pm After his surgery will he have to wear one of those cones that keeps him from licking his ankle?”

    Now THAT is funny.

  8. They should get Elie out of there before he gets someone killed with all those high passes that are a dbacks license to light up a receiver.

  9. I shouldn’t crack wise on the guy for getting hurt. It’s just that he is one of the more easy to dislike people in the league. OBJ, you are on the top tier of guys most fans want to give the finger to, but good luck rehabbing.

  10. gwhite13 says:
    I’ve seen a lot of players hurt real bad and not cry. OBJ was crying like a 6yrold girl. must have hurt a little

    That, or he knew full well his ankle was broken and he’s likely done for the season.
    I’m decidedly NOT a big fan of Odell Beckham or his antics, but the guy is a talent and baller who gives it his all on the field.
    I tend to think it was more a case of severe emotional disappointment than a guy acting like a “6yrold girl.” I’m betting he a lot tougher than some anonymous internet warrior with keyboard muscles.

  11. The NFL has the ad where the kid in a Jets shirt gets a Beckham one. With the Jets 3-2 and the Giants 0-5 the NFL can throw that ad in the trash.

  12. Looks like Princess Odelphia Beckham will have plenty of time on the boat with his closest little buddies.

  13. I’m sure it hurt, and the pain was unbearable, but I don’t recall Joe Theismann crying as like some stole his candy as he was carted off.

  14. The one thing you CANNOT say about Odelphia Beckham is that he is a baller and gives it all on the field. He only plays when he wants to. He is the worst kind of player.

  15. Flash1287 says:
    October 8, 2017 at 5:51 pm
    Giants 0-5 could not have happened to better fans.

    Must suck to know we are only 5 games in and your season is OVER!
    Nope. Doesn’t suck. It happens. Every time it has given us a franchise reset, we’ve created a SB winner. Every decade since the 80s. Only team that can say that. How bout your team??? Hating still filling that empty Lombardi hole in your dark, decrepit heart. Oooh. That MUST SUCK.

  16. Just dry your tears and have the surgery,Odell. No “heroism” on your part is going to save this mess. You need a new QB and a new HC, just for starters.

  17. @tigerlilac

    Yeah I’ve seen that commercial it is ridiculous. As much as Jets fans respect the team we share the same stadium with and their history I can promise you no REAL Jets fan is buying a giants jersey.

  18. Mara shoukd just tell Roger to penalize the Redskins and Cowboys son2e cap space to make up for this unfortunate setback.

  19. it’s not gold…’s yellow says:
    October 8, 2017 at 6:44 pm
    I’m sure it hurt, and the pain was unbearable, but I don’t recall Joe Theismann crying as like some stole his candy as he was carted off.

    – – – –

    I’m sure you would have laughed it off. That’s why you’re here and not there, right?

  20. Got a “funny” headline to share with all the happy tough guys on here:

    “Broncos rookie left tackle Garett Bolles was carted off the field after suffering an apparent injury against the Cowboys on Sunday.
    FOX’s cameras showed Bolles crying and waving to fans as he left the field. Donald Stephenson came in to replace Bolles on the offensive line.” (09/17/2017)

    Tough guy Left Tackle cried “like a baby” after getting his ankle rolled up. Guess it couldn’t be TOO bad, as he is back playing after 2 weeks, huh? Anyone of you keyboard tough guys want to go tell ANY NFL player what a baby he is after they get demolished, injured, and possibly have their career ended? Huh? Anyone?

    Yeah, didn’t think so. Who are the real babies?

  21. I wonder if the snake Mara is missing Coughlin, yet??? You know, the Jags are doing quite well, and TC has MAJOR control in the organization 🙂 🙂 I highly respected TC, even if he was a division rival coach!

  22. Eli is 0-4 against the team he spurned in 2004. This is no trivial point. This is the game that buried their season. At 0-4, I saw a path to 6-6, and the NFC East has no dominant teams. But losing to a winless team at home not only has to make them question whether they could beat anyone, but the Chargers put their whole team on IR. Every other plat, my game feed was telling me “[INSERT GIANT PLAYER] was injured on the play.” Many of these were defensive players. This is revenge for a franchise Eli refused to play for. Had the franchise fared better over the past few years, they may not have had to relocate. To refresh your memory:

    2005. Chargers 45, Giants 24
    2009. Chargers 21, Giants 20. SD stormed back to steal this one in NY.
    2013. Chargers 38, Giants 16.
    2017. Chargers 27, Giants 22.

  23. dkeucd says:
    October 8, 2017 at 5:53 pm
    After his surgery will he have to wear one of those cones that keeps him from licking his ankle?
    outstanding 😉

  24. I have been a GIANT fan for over 50 years…. I knew removing Coughlin was a mistake…. Tom is a class act who didn’t complain… he had to coach and make game-time decisions with the talent he had. GM Jerry Reese should have been pushed out.. not coughlin.
    Coughlin would have won at least 11 games last year with the talent on that defense. As talented as Odell is, he needs to go. He is “Terrell Owens”… super talented but divides the team with his “special treatment”….

  25. I’m an Eagles fan and generally hate the Giants but this sucks, he’s one of the best players in the NFL, yeah I don’t always like his antics the dog peeing thing was stupid but you can’t deny he’s a great player. Hoping he heals well and comes back full strength next year.

  26. Someone please send him some humble pie. He needs to maximize this unfortunate time off and come back with his head on straight with nothing on his mind but football.

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