Hue Jackson will “watch the tape” before naming QB for next week

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The Browns pulled rookie DeShone Kizer at halftime of Sunday’s 17-14 loss to the Jets and they aren’t saying who will start in Houston next Sunday.

Coach Hue Jackson said during his postgame press conference that he needs to “go watch the tape” before choosing between Kizer and Kevin Hogan, who replaced Kizer and threw two touchdown passes in the second half. Hogan was also intercepted by Morris Claiborne to set up the first Jets touchdown of the day before finishing 16-of-19 for 194 yards.

Those numbers were much better than what Kizer produced during the first half of the game. The Browns were able to move the ball, but turned it over on a bad pitch to Isaiah Crowell and an interception on the 2-yard-line by Jets rookie safety Marcus Maye. Kizer was 8-of-17 for 87 yards and added 29 rushing yards before he got the hook.

Since installing Kizer as the starter at the end of the summer, Jackson has said that he will stick with Kizer through the expected rookie struggles but that’s obviously no longer a sure thing after Sunday.

28 responses to “Hue Jackson will “watch the tape” before naming QB for next week

  1. He’s better off watching a tape of old Seinfeld episodes at this point.
    Tidy up your resume Hue, I see you as an OC somewhere in a year.

  2. Jackson should “watch the tape” on his not kicking a FG on 4th and goal, as those 3 pounts not taken were the difference in the final score.

    You have to get points when you can, and that FG would have tied the game at the time.

    I was surprised Haslam didnt fire both Jackson and Sashi Brown right after that botched call…as in, fired them during the game.

  3. I like Hue as a coach but he either needs to quit trying to be so exotic with his offense and go a little more basic or hire an OC. If you can’t line it up inside the 5 and rely on your offensive line to open holes then you need to work on your play calling or play execution. The offense can’t keep putting all the pressure on the defense. I’ve seen enough of Kizer for this year, Hogan has move the team more consistently.

  4. Kizer: 8-17, 47% completion, 87 yards, 1 int, 1 fumble

    Hogan: 16-19, 84% completion, 194 yards, 2 tds, 1 int

    That wasn’t difficult, now was it, Hue? But in typical Browns fashion, they’ll probably trade two 1st round picks for Hackenberg instead.

  5. All the tape will show is that your team’s QB was outplayed by your QB from last year…

  6. If Hue watches the tape and then somehow comes to the conclusion that Kizer should continue to be the starter, he should be fired immediately.

  7. OMG, is he serious? Did he think that Kizer played “lights out” again this week? Hue, make the change, Kizer needs to sit and given 5 games the intangibles do not seem to be there. Maybe 1-15 last year had more to do with coaching than we thought. Speechless.

  8. Can somebody please tell me why Kessler isn’t playing? The kid played well in his rookie year last year and Jackson won’t give him the time of day this year. I find it hard to believe that Hogan is better than he is? Also, why did we release a perfectly serviceable qb in Osweiler and not have to force our rookie qb into the situation that he’s in??

  9. “All the tape will show is that your team’s QB was outplayed by your QB from last year…”

    Actually, Cody Kessler was their QB for most of last season. Hogan spent most of the year on the practice squad or the bench. But even Kessler would be an improvement at this point since he had a 92 QB rating in his rookie season without even close to the hype as DeShone 50-QB-Rating Kizer. And that’s the actual QB rating formula, not ESPN’s made-up version that nobody uses except for them.

  10. Putting in Hogan isn’t going to solve anything because Hue Jackson is NOT the quarterback whisperer everyone says he is. Am I really supposed to look at Andy Dalton and be impressed? Someone needs to tell Jimmy that the analytics plan only works if the players are coached to become pros.

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