Kaepernick “interview” creates plenty of confusion

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Quarterback Colin Kaepernick hasn’t said much since his quest for a job began in March. After his experience from Saturday night, he likely will be saying even less.

Jason La Canfora of CBS says that he spent a “few hours” with Kaepernick on Saturday night. It wasn’t an interview, per se; as one source with knowledge of the situation explained it to PFT, it was a chance meeting involving Kaepernick, La Canfora, and a mutual friend.

During Sunday’s edition of The NFL Today on CBS, La Canfora summarized his discussion with Kaepernick, which primarily consisted of a rehashing of things previously known or reported. As to the key question of whether Kaepernick will continue to kneel during the national anthem, La Canfora said this: “He’s not planning on kneeling. He’s gonna donate all his jersey sales. And he’s planning on standing for the anthem, if given the opportunity.”

That contention sparked a strong online reaction, which has been echoed by Kaepernick. The claim: The issue of whether Kaepernick would stand or kneel for the anthem wasn’t discussed with La Canfora, at all.

Now, La Canfora has abandoned his prior assertion, pointing out that he didn’t talk to Kaepernick about whether he plans to stand or kneel for the anthem. Instead, La Canfora says that he was simply relaying what had been reported about Kaepernick planning to stand. (The on-air segment made no reference to any other reports.)

This makes the whole thing even more bizarre. How could La Canfora spend a “few hours” with Kaepernick and not have the question of whether he’ll stand or kneel for the anthem come up at all?

Prior reports have indicated that Kaepernick will stand for the anthem in 2017, but circumstances have changed significantly since then. With so many players now kneeling (23 members of the 49ers took a knee on Sunday), the question has become much more complicated for Kaepernick. And, at least for now, the question of whether he’ll kneel or stand isn’t relevant, since he continues to not have the opportunity to make that choice.

The question of whether he’ll be giving any actual, formal interviews probably has been resolved, for good.

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  1. Scraping the bottom of the barrel under the liberal slime and the mud and throwing out these types of “stories” about Kap now? Wow.

    Kap played stupid games, and won as stupid prize.

  2. What’s even more confusing to me is why the head writer of a major football website (that is owned by a major network that has a major football show and a prime time NFL game on in a few hours) is spending time on Sunday afternoon writing about a non football player.

  3. I’am saddened by how much hate the left and the right have for each other and what it is doing to our once great country. No need to reply and say who is at fault. Just let the first sentence sink in

  4. Since he couldn’t even relay accurately what was said one on one with a guy he talked to for hours, it might make you wonder about the accuracy of anything La Canfora “reports.” But some of us have been pointing that out for years. Just saying.

  5. The truly confusing part is how LaCanfora still has a job as a journalist. He’s been a hack since his days on the Redskin’s beat.

  6. The media has taken this thing so far off course. Wasn’t it about black people being pulled over and shot by white police for no apparent reason, other than the fact that they were black?

  7. Kaepernick “interview” creates plenty of confusion
    The only people who are confused are the ones that bought Kap’s reason initially and then publicly defended him for over a year. The rest of us knew better but we were called stupid, racist, etc. Now, the only way to keep the myth alive is to say it didn’t happen. There is no way he could have done that interview and not asked the question while reporting he said it. Backpedaling by later citing unknown reports shows he didn’t intend for the message to be undermined and is now trying to not be the guy that did it.

  8. peytonwantsaflag says:
    October 8, 2017 at 3:47 pm

    What’s even more confusing to me is why the head writer of a major football website (that is owned by a major network that has a major football show and a prime time NFL game on in a few hours) is spending time on Sunday afternoon writing about a non football player.


    Kind of sheds insight to the true agenda of the above listed entities.

  9. I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.
    — Colin Kaepernick, former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Aug. 26, 2016

  10. Yes lets talk to the NFL’s most divisive person who is clueless about reality and not have the reporter ask the questions a reporter should ask.

    Keep tweeting support for rioters like you did in Phoenix.

  11. Obviously, he would like to kneel, but now he is aware that kneeling may cost him his career. This situation is why having an alternate plan such as cash reserve so that you can leave a job that you dont like, or in the case of pro sports player enough money to live on the rest of your life or give yourself time to transition to a new career is important. Based on him not stating his intention, he likely still needs the paycheck.

  12. Interesting that the Kaepernick article and the Pence article get the most comments—the games are taking second stage because the enthusiasm just isn’t there anymore. The players have been manipulated by the left to sabotage their own game.

  13. Ah yes. Another Kap thread where the right wingers turn PFT into an echo chamber.
    I wonder how many of those accounts belong to the same (paid) Trump Trolls.

  14. The real story here is the continued lack of professionalism or credibility by LaCanfora; next he will “breaking” a story of how Browns management is upset with their 0-5 record.

  15. Of course this was discussed. Everything stinks about this interview, including the participants.

  16. How about stopping all the awareness and doing something constructive to start helping the problem. How about all of the millionaires putting up money to put out a tv show that uses the police departments throughout America educating the public on what we are required to do and not do when approached by a police officer with examples (and role playing). That way we can take away some of the elements of individual law ignorance as opposed to times where there may be a policeman gone rogue. I am not sure that some of the people who are against the police even realize that certain actions will get you roughed up or possibly killed and that it is the how the law is wriiten. Just about all of us have had some sort of interaction with the police before whether it was a traffice ticket or a higher crime. Just do what the officer says. Had I not kept my hands on the steering wheel for a ticket and starting reaching under my seat, I could gotten shot too. Another time there was an incident in the streets of New Orleans when I was in my 20s where a few officers yelled for everyone in the area to get down on the street. I just did what I was told until it was all over. If you are someone with arrogant pride, you usually will have more friction with the police.

    Hasnt anyone ever watched the tv show “Cops”? Its a good start – white guys, black guys, mexican guys – all getting arrested for failing to obey laws and procedures and all handled by black, white, and mexican police officers. Stupidity and ignorance is not an excuse. There are definitely times officers have gone rogue but it not just toward any one race. However, any individual that brainwashes his/her children throughout childhood that policeman are the enemy and are evil basically grows a terrorist group against our police and the rest of us and makes more of these incidents which the protests are trying to prevent. You cant chop your own legs out from under you and expect positive results.

  17. We’re going to take a totally fictional TV show as an educational tool? Talk about “alternative facts”.

    Some of the people that were shot dead did NOTHING wrong. Several had mental disabilities. And then there’s the young boy with the toy gun that the officer shot down as soon as he got out of his squad car and could get his weapon out.

    Trayvon Martin was essentially stalked and killed by a self appointed vigilante. It took a major upheaval to even get the local authorities to admit something might just be a little odd. Right wingers immediately demonized the kid, blaming him for his own death and making his killer into a hero.

  18. He won’t kneel, he might, he didn’t say. Why is it that every time this guy says something publicly, his girlfriend has to chime in. It was her influence that got him in this situation, why does she persist.

  19. Stexan,

    You must not have read all that I wrote. There are always going to rogue policeman and we will never know the true facts on this incidents. Whats your plan? Get rid of the police all together? Or perhaps make the police officers scared to do their own job in fear of being the front page of American media? Solutions, man. Education on the expectations of what is the right thing to do and wrong thing to do. I never once mentioned right wing or left wing. There are scumbags on both sides that bring down both parties. Both of which you will see on “Cops” or in live action in front of your own eyes in the city on Friday or Saturday night. And by the way, I am hoping that the protesters are vocal for for ALL and not just their party or race.

    The beliefs of the scum on the right side does not share the same beliefs of the entire right just as the racist scum of the left doesnt for the left. I would think that each party wishes the scun would leave to stop bringing the party down. Perhaps there is a larger Republicrat party between the two that could prosper.

  20. Your mouth wrote a check your az couldn’t cash.

    Get a job like the rest of us … you already have plenty of “easy/free money.”

    Now you’re greedy & will do anything for free money … Maybe you could get your own reality show & do all the stuff you spewed about.

  21. “Should have done what the officer said”” has been used over and over to justify brutality, and as a right wing mantra to blame victims for their own death. It’s one very real reason many people view the police as the enemy.
    It gets used over and over on this site by righties to both blame the victims and to claim that protesters have no reason to protest. Like you say, there’s nut jobs on both sides, but these claims are 99% BS. There are far more of them and they are far meaner spirited -and that’s no accident for a variety of reasons..
    As far as rogue cops – how many have wound up in jail after one of these incidents? Typically they get acquitted, then get fired ASAP by the people who know them best. That says something.
    I respect and like most of the law enforcement officers I’ve personally met, but I also know a couple that should never have been hired and should be fired ASAP.

    There’s obviously a lot of folks that believe a police officer should be excused no matter what they do. Considering the danger the face – I sure don’t want the job – I think they should be given a great deal of freedom of action. But shooting someone in the back because they run away from a traffic stop is murder. And someone “committing suicide” in a jail cell where the video camera just happens to be “out of service” should lead to a extensive investigation at the very least.
    You want people to trust you then you need to do these things.

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