Matthew Stafford takes a beating, but isn’t talking about it

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Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford‘s probably hurting. He’s just not going to tell you.

Stafford wasn’t giving any hints after he took a beating from the Panthers Sunday, despite the fact he was visibly hobbling on the field and not exactly comfortable afterward.

Coach will handle all that stuff, talk to you guys about all that kind of stuff, but we just got to get into a rhythm earlier on offense,” Stafford said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “I wish I would have played better earlier in the game, but I appreciate the effort our guys had. Great battle. That’s a really good football team we just faced but we got to find a way to play a little bit better on offense, especially early on.”

Stafford took six sacks (for the second week in a row), and had the team’s athletic training staff checking him out twice in the second half. He was limited to 229 yards and two touchdowns, which came late as he did his usual rally.

Between the touchdown passes, the training staff wrapped his ankle but he went back out there.

Coach Jim Caldwell didn’t clear things up either.

“He’s a fighter. He’s tough. We’ll see where he is,” Caldwell said.

The Lions go to New Orleans next week, and it’s worth watching how well Stafford will be when he gets there.

15 responses to “Matthew Stafford takes a beating, but isn’t talking about it

  1. Stafford and the offense was bad before any hits, and before the big pressures.

    My biggest knock on Stafford? Play 4 quarters Matt… not just an opening drive, then the hero’s role when losing in the 4th.

    Play EVERYTHING in between… they ALL matter… as was just painfully proved. Cam played them all, even with some struggles. He won.

    Why not try poactively WINNING, IDK… maybe in the 1st or 2nd quarters as a novelty?

    Cooters Offensive game plan is HORRENDOUS.

  2. Detroit NEEDS a running game! Stafford has not had a 100 yard RB since Thanksgiving of 2013!!! Teams don’t fear the Lions RBs and are just teeing off to put a beating on Stafford. How he has lasted this long is a mystery.

  3. The Panthers were the better team today in all three phases and controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball.

    We’ve got to get more out of the TE position and we just might be witnessing the end of Ebron, and the ascension of Fells.

    Our franchise LT can’t return soon enough.

  4. captainwhodat says:

    sorry but not a “franchise” qb…
    I agree, 5-45 against teams that have records over .500. Thats awful.

  5. I haven’t watched the Lions enough to have an opinion about Stafford being a franchise QB, but he has to make that 3rd down pass late in the 2nd Q. It was like 3rd and 3 or 4, very makable and his guy was open. It was a short pass out to the flat that he flat out missed. Instead of 1st and 10 near midfield, Lions punt and Panthers march down the field and take the 17-10 halftime lead. Franchise QBs make that throw. He wasn’t under heavy rush and just missed it. Panthers are probably better anyway and probably win, but that one play was huge.

  6. Same issues as forever, no oline. Will Decker help?? Yes, but not enough. Lang, and Waggoner need to play better. Lawson needs to play better, and Stafford needs to play more consistent through the whole game. Ebron is awful, Jones Jr can’t get seperation, and Ameer, and Riddick are neither playing the extended pass game very well at all. Overall, I expected much more today on offense

  7. So, Lions fans: How important was paying 9 mil AAV to an OG with a LOT of injury wear on his tires again? Have you learned that OG isn’t important to an offense as long as they aren’t a dumpster fire?

    Evans at 1 year 3 mil was a FAR better move by TT than signing Lang.

  8. @danimal1974…. I hear ya… even agreed he’s not overrated… in the 4th quarter.

    It’s actually during 1, 2, 3 where he forgets how to play to win. Granted… stone hands Ebron doesn’t help, but Stafford missed and blew opportunities.

    The only reason they’re IN that position… is garbage offense for the first 45 minutes.

    Somebody should sedate Stafford pregame… wake him up after the national anthem and at the beginning of their first O series, and tell him… it’s the 4th quarter… 2 minutes left… and Lions are behind 17 points. Would be nice to see 4 quarters of offense for a change… hey, we’d be happy with a full 2.5. Not just the 2-3 final minutes.

  9. PS – just go belabor it… which is more believable?

    ALL… ALL the receivers who catch those 4th quarter balls miraculously remember how to catch?
    Stafford changes changes his approach and his reads so the offense suddenly moves and balls are more catchable?

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