Monday Night Football will get a boost from new Star Wars trailer


ESPN’s Monday Night Football ratings are rebounding from a down year last season, and that trend should continue tomorrow night — thanks in part to a commercial.

Disney, the company that owns both ESPN and the Star Wars franchise, has decided to debut the new trailer for The Last Jedi during halftime of Monday Night Football tomorrow night. That should provide a spike in the ratings: Two years ago, when the trailer for The Force Awakens debuted at halftime of a Monday night game, ratings spiked as the trailer aired.

Tomorrow night’s Vikings-Bears game was likely going to beat last year’s Monday night Week Five game in the ratings anyway: Last year’s Week Five game between the Panthers and Buccaneers was one of the least-watched Monday night games ever.

Ratings comparisons aren’t always perfect because they don’t always take into consideration everything else going on. For instance, tonight’s Chiefs-Texans game on NBC will certainly get better ratings than last year’s Week Five Sunday night game, because that game went head-to-head with a presidential debate.

So on Tuesday morning, when ESPN boasts of strong ratings for Monday Night Football, it may have more to do with Luke Skywalker than Mitch Trubisky.

22 responses to “Monday Night Football will get a boost from new Star Wars trailer

  1. The massive commercial propaganda entertainment industrial machine wins again. My goodness, we are all lemmings.

  2. I’m actually looking forward to the “battle for the basement”. I hope Trubisky embarrasses the purples. Things should be nice and quiet for awhile if that happens.

  3. pkrlvr says:
    October 8, 2017 at 11:45 am
    I’m actually looking forward to the “battle for the basement”. I hope Trubisky embarrasses the purples. Things should be nice and quiet for awhile if that happend.
    Seriously, if the Barneys can’t knock off a completely depleted Bears roster with a rookie QB making his debut, their fans should do some serious soul searching.
    Especially with the ignorance they tend to spread and try to pass it off as football knowledge.

    But, the sorry fact that their fan base has absolutely no shame whatsoever, I fully would expect them on every single Packer article spewing their usual brand of vile venom and “wit”.

  4. Love Star Wars but boy has it turned political. I mean the empire was clearly The Reich in the last one, everything about it. They’ve killed off nearly every male character that isn’t black and if they’re white men they are evil. Expect the next one to be even worse and will likely have some Trump overtones.

  5. The real question is: can these Viking fans pull their fat heads out of their potato chip bags to actually watch the game.
    Doubtful. That’s why they still think they can match up with the better teams in the NFC.
    Just go back to feeding your fat faces and leave the real football to us.

  6. I am looking forward to this Monday Night Football game. This game will rate very high in Wisconsin, Star Wars trailer or not. A lot of beer will be consumed. What else are we gonna do?

  7. Yeah not in my case. I really don’t feel the need to rush right over to a MNF game I won’t otherwise be watching just to see a trailer the first time its shown, when its going to shoved down our throats literally thousands of times in the lead up to the movie actually being released.

  8. “Anybody else getting sick of star wars everywhere?”

    Especially since its in retread land now. The last one was basically the first movie slightly rewritten.

  9. A quick poll. TU if you are unlikely to watch a football game because of a specific commercial, TD if you will watch it for a commercial alone.

  10. dont packer fans have anything better to do on a beautiful fall sunday before their game starts than to worry about the Vikings – Bears game? Purple obsession

  11. Rogue One is actually a very good stand alone film, this new trilogy is pointless and its killing off your youth even worse than the last crappy pointless trilogy.

  12. Movie trailers are always uploaded online right after so I don’t see how it makes watching a must see. Back when the internet wasn’t that big it did but now it really doesn’t matter.

  13. Desperation on Disney’s part to attract some viewers for this dog. I still think in Minnesota, Green Acres reruns win the ratings vs any Viking game. Especially this one.

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