NFL Game Pass continues to struggle in Europe

Getty Images

If the NFL ever decides to cut out the networks and sell game broadcasts directly to consumers via streaming services, the league will need to improve its technological capabilities, considerably.

With the Canadian streaming service creating plenty of complaints this year, the league’s Game Pass feature has also been sputtering in Europe. The situation was bad enough that the league’s streaming partner admitted to positive positive online reviews about the service, in an effort to counter all the genuinely negative ones.

On Sunday, the problems are continuing. As evidenced by this tweet: “We are aware of an issue that some users may be having. We’re working to get it fixed as quickly as possible.”

The responses to the tweet are, well, interesting. And the problem is a real one for the NFL. At a time when the league wants to get people in other countries to become zealous about watching the NFL, the only thing they’re currently zealous about is not watching the NFL.