Report: Derek Carr not expected to play

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The Raiders have been all over the place over the past week regarding the status of quarterback Derek Carr. The consistent inconsistency regarding his status for Sunday currently has Carr not playing.

Via Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, Carr’s fractured transverse process in his back “isn’t expected to allow him to play.” But even that characterization carries some wiggle room, and for good reason given Rapoport’s most recent use of “expected” in relation to an injured player playing.

None of it is surprising. Coach Jack Del Rio immediately created a sense of optimism regarding Carr’s injury, minimizing it as mere back spasms. The next day, Del Rio declared Carr to be out for two to six weeks. Then, Carr started practicing. Come Friday, the Raiders shockingly applied the “questionable” label to Carr, which as of 2016 means that his chances of playing are anywhere from 50-50 all the way up to just south of 100.

Rapoport’s report indicates that Carr should have been listed as doubtful — or at a minimum that he should have been downgraded to doubtful. Of course, given the nature of this one, the Raiders would have been downgrading and upgrading Carr all week long in advance of game against the Ravens that could drop the 2017 Team of Density to 2-3.

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  1. The Raider play calling is way too predictable. Pass on 1st down, run on 2nd down, pass on 3rd down. The WRs don’t seem to be able to separate from the DBs. Cooper seems to have slown down and he won’t go over the middle so defending him is just a matter of pinning him against the sidelines. The doesn’t seem to be receivers in the middle of the field. Roberts is the scrappy guy.

    The Raiders need a new RT. Newhouse is too slow and not nasty enough to pass block (or run block with any consistency).

  2. Season over at 2-2? Conspiracy theory? How about they just got out played in 2 games and own up to that instead of making excuses. Last i checked a season is 16 games, not 4.

  3. I don’t think anyone expected him to play.

    The drive these players have is amazing though. If I had this injury I wouldn’t get out of bed for two weeks. This guy is out there throwing a football. One video showed him hitting Crabtree with a pass in practice that didn’t look like he was injured all that much.

    If he came walking out dressed I’d be amazed but not really shocked either.

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