Report: Players from one team are told to stand for anthem or stay in locker room

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The anthem controversy is subsiding. Unless it isn’t.

As the Week Five games approach, players from one of the teams that will be playing at 1:00 p.m. ET reportedly have been told that they have a choice, via Shaun King of the New York Daily News: Stand for the anthem or stay in the locker room.

The report doesn’t name the team. The teams playing at 1:00 p.m. ET are the Jets, Browns, Panthers, Lions, 49ers, Colts, Titans, Dolphins, Bills, Bengals, Chargers, Giants, Jaguars, Steelers, Cardinals, and Eagles.

Making the report more plausible is the fact that NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart said this week during a media briefing that there are no plans to fine players who choose to remain in the locker room during the anthem, even though league rules require them to be on the field. (League rules do not require players to stand.)

If the mandate ruffled enough feathers to get multiple players to share the ultimatum with King, perhaps the next step will be for the players to authorize disclosure of the team for whom they play. Regardless of which team sent that message, the fact remains that no team has the power to issue that kind of directive.

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  1. Actually, the employer does have the authority to tell employees where to go on company time, if those directives aren’t unreasonable, or breaking a law. If the employee(or player) fails to follow reasonable directives, that’s called insubordination.

  2. Report: Players from one team are told to stand for anthem or stay in locker room.

    Crack reporting right there, we aren’t naming the team…but in case it happens you heard it here 1st.

  3. If the rules require them to be on the field during the anthem, but they don’t require them to stand, then telling them that they can stay in the locker room without penalty is just a half-arsed measure, an ad hoc contradiction of the rules, in an attempt to quiet the booing, because the booing creates a bad optic for the league.

    They either need to change the rule, or let them kneel and stand by their right to do so. This wishy washy policy only reinforces the legitimate perception that the league’s decision makers are out of their depths on this, and many other controversial issues.

  4. By now it should be clear to everybody that the original message is lost in the noise.

  5. I’m really glad this has become an old fashioned pissing match between players and owners, with the fans stuck in the middle.
    And what’s not surprising, is the simple fact that absolutely nothing constructive is being formed from these protests.
    They’re just protests to protest.
    One player is protesting, but refuses to divulge his reasons why.
    No dialogue, no solutions.

  6. I think that you have this all wrong Mr. Florio.

    They have every right to make that directive. They have every right to tell the players that they have to stand or that there will be consequences. Case in point, the NBA has given the directive that all will stand.

    The 1st amendment gives the protection of free speech from the government imprisoning you for what you have said. It doesn’t say anything about freedom of consequences for your statements or actions from the populace or really anything else.

    The players trying to shame a team or teams, only goes to show that they just don’t get it. And the teams not taking a true stand one way or the other just makes this more difficult. They have to realize at some point, they need to crap or get off the pot. Their wishy washy responses are they attempt to try and placate the players and the fans. They will need to make a choice. In the end, it will go to the fans because without the fans they can’t pay the players, and they won’t make their precious profits. The sooner both the owners and the players get it, the better off they will be.

    Do the players have the right to stand, yes. Do everyone else have the right to agree or disagree, yes. The players overplayed their hand on this one. If they are truly trying to protest something important, they need to find a better way to get that across because this particular way has run it’s course and it is no longer working. They should take a page of Malcom Jenkins book, stand and protest. People aren’t complaining about his protest in fact most of the time we don’t even hear about it. It also worked in the NBA with Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf.

  7. THANK GOODNESS the post-9/11 patriotic/nationalistic taxpayer paid for pregame military aircraft/seven gun salutes/multiple patriotic/nationalistic songs BEFORE the National Anthem are over.

    Unfortunately… due to the minimizing and over-politicizing of the National Anthem… the National Anthem is not as respected by many Americans.

    I love the National Anthem.

  8. So what will the team do when the disrespectful players come out and stand, but turn their back to the flag during the anthem?
    Or stand with a militant fist in the air?

  9. Oh but they do have that power. These are private organizations that can make whatever rules of conduct they want. They can then fine or fire players for not following those directives. And players would have no recourse. There is no first amendment rights in the employee employer relationship. Players can chose to kneel…have at it…this is America. But you are not free from the consequences of your choices.

  10. Shaun King. The white guy who identifies as black. Lied about getting jumped by white guys and put in the hospital which there is no record of. His birth certificate says both of his parents are white. Makes a good living being a professional racist. Only in America.

  11. Shaun King? Now there’s someone with journalistic integrity who writes a clearly unbiased column.
    Yes, that’s sarcasm.
    Wait. Does he even write for the DN anymore? I thought they fired him?

  12. Did anyone see the University of Florida tribute of the song I will not back down. That was about US (both us and U.S.). This anthem stuff has to stop. I have a friend who was hassled and maybe even assaulted by police because he was a “redneck” (if they’d only known who he really was). It’s never going to be perfect. Just be kind. Be open minded. And for Gods sake stand for those that have died or risked never seeing their family again to protect our rights. And as other posters have said do it on your own time if you feel it needed.

  13. The Browns players raise their arms with closed fists to show the fans how many touchdowns they’ll be scoring today.

  14. “The anthem controversy is subsiding. Unless it isn’t.”

    The fact that you write a story on it everyday negates your “subsiding” claim. Much like you did prior to Trumps remarks then blamed him for drawing attention to it when it was “fading out”

  15. Expect the tweeter in chief to tweet something instead of caring about what’s going on in the world. Let’s see, a hurricane just reached landfall, were a week removed from a mass tragedy, he apparently wants to start something with North Korea..there’s more important thing to worry about than players kneeling for the anthem.

  16. They want the attention… If they stay in the locker room, then no one will see they are upset and disgruntled with society/inequality/America/cops/military/their own life choices or whatever they want to draw attention to that shows their so displeased!

  17. Before every NFL game opposing players and teams used to display our respect, unity and love over hate for each other by collectively honoring those who made this frivolous bit of entertainment possible. Bears fans stood with Packers fans, Browns fans with Steelers fans.

    We all put aside team rivalries for a few minutes and joined together to honor the best ideals of our country and then played/watched a game, may the best team win. We did this at every game to raise awareness and shine a light on the sacrifices many have made so that we might be able to enjoy our freedoms with sports and games. We were thankful for three hours of respite from a tough world full of people on all sides that would do us harm.

    Respect. Unity. Love over Hate. Honor. Raising Awareness. Thankfulness. Shining a Light. Sound familiar?

    All the things they say we need to be doing, we were doing. But apparently, some feel we should spend that time thinking about our problems. Thinking about what divides us, what in society needs attention, what needs fixing. We should spend that time being ashamed of our country’s failings.

    I disagree.

  18. What a mess.

    Go the NBA route and make a rule requiring everybody to stand. Case closed.

    At the end of the day it’s about the NFL as a business. Messing around with the national anthem is bad for business. Florio has clearly come around to understanding this concept. Right to free speech? Yes. It’s still bad for business and it pisses people off, so knock it off.

  19. Trump won ? Again, no less. Sort of like all his campaign promises being passed into law. That kind of win? Sorry, he is our president so Sempre Fi.

  20. “..league rules require them to be on the field. (League rules do not require players to stand.”
    The rules (Game Operations Manual) actually say the OPPOSITE:
    “National Anthem
    During the playing of the National Anthem, players on the field should stand at attention, face the flag. hold helmets in their left hand and refrain from talking. Players in the bench areas should do the same and should line themselves up evenly along the sidelines. The home team should ensure that the American Flag is in good condition.”

    Note nothing says the players HAVE to be on field (and many years ago the teams generally only came out after the anthem), but it requires those who are on the field to stand at attention. Note it says “should stand” and some say this is weaker than “must stand”, BUT any non-compliance with the manual can result in fines, suspensions or lost picks, so you have to stand.

    HOWEVER, an NFL memo about the rules, widely recently re-reported by the media such as Yahoo Sports, got this WRONG – saying that players have to be on the field. Typical.

  21. Shaun King is an absolute psycho who causes issues and starts fights via twitter and then hides when all hell breaks loose. Enough with giving this weirdo racist a voice.

  22. Smart money says it is the Carolina Panthers and the source is Julius Peppers. Good for the Panthers. They are completely within their rights. They may not be able to force a player to have due respect for the national anthem; however, they can tell the player to protest on their own time.

  23. My money says it’s the Colts. But in the NFL players always get screwed, while owners can do whatever they want. Somehow that’s protecting the shield?

  24. This kneeling crusade (lol, sorry, “movement”) has turned into an embarrassing mess and it’s got the liberals at PFT squirming; I LOVE IT.

    I also LOVE it when the announcers on TV say “REDSKINS”.

  25. j huber says:
    October 8, 2017 at 12:38 pm
    My money says it’s the Colts. But in the NFL players always get screwed, while owners can do whatever they want. Somehow that’s protecting the shield?
    Yeah getting screwed by making millions. But this mess the players have created certainly has screwed the kids in College and High School. They have lost a ton of cash by the time they get to the NFL.

  26. fact remains that no team has the power to issue that kind of directive

    Huh? Says who? They most certainly do

  27. The NFL is now the least popular league in the country. But it holds a monopoly on the most popular sport.

    It won’t be long now. Time to remove their anti-trust exemption and break the league up. The billionaire owners could stand to be relegated to millionaires I think and we would all be better served by a league with owners who care about what their customers want.

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