Barry Church: Steelers offense “played right into our hands”

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The Jaguars came into Sunday’s game against the Steelers having allowed 569 rushing yards over their last three games while the Steelers were coming off a game when they handed the ball to Le'Veon Bell 35 times, which seems like a combination that would make for an easy choice about how to attack the Jacksonville defense.

It wasn’t the choice that the Steelers made, however. Despite trailing 7-6 at halftime and grabbing a 9-7 lead in the third quarter, the Steelers went away from the run game on Sunday. Bell only ran the ball 15 times on Sunday, something that Jaguars safety Barry Church said “played right into our hands.”

So did five of the 55 passes that Ben Roethlisberger threw while the Jaguars turned that 9-7 deficit into a 30-9 win, including two that the Jaguars returned for touchdowns. Church had one of those picks and said after the game that Roethlisberger looked uncomfortable.

“Oh yeah, we could definitely tell,” Church said, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “We were showing him multiple looks. He would go to first look, third look, man, and he would get flustered trying to make one of those miraculous Big Ben plays.”

Jaguars defensive tackle Malik Jackson said he thought Roethlisberger “looks good,” but that you could also “definitely tell he’s a little older and he was getting a little tired.” Sarcastic or not, Roethlisberger sounded a bit tired in his post-game comments and he’ll likely be seeing variations of what the Jaguars threw his way in the weeks to come as teams try to follow their path to beating the Steelers.

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  1. he would “get flustered trying to make one of those miraculous Big Ben plays.”

    Please… 2 TIPPED balls changed the game… not a “look”… Big Ben has RINGSSSSSSS for being Big Ben… who the hell is Barry Church anyways… ?

  2. Steelers showed up at home riding high at 3-1 and in first place in their division … All the Jaguars did was show up on the road and shut down a supposedly Elite All-World Steeler Offense … Jaguars have the best secondary in the league and a top 5 D overall … If you can’t run on us then your in for a long day as Big Ben found out … Go Jaguars !!!

  3. Please… 2 TIPPED balls changed the game… not a “look”… Big Ben has RINGSSSSSSS for being Big Ben

    “I don’t know maybe I just don’t have it anymore” – yeah doesn’t sound flustered at all does he?

  4. Jag fan here.

    I LOVE playing the steelers. The games are always good. I love the tradition they bring and the physical nature of their franchise.

    We won this game in an exciting fashion. Make no mistake, I hope Ben pulls things together because this league is way better with a dangerous steeler team out there.

  5. The Steelers quit running the ball after going down two TDs on the back-to-back INTs. LeVeon had 10 receptions out of the 55 passes, so 20% of Ben’s day was checking it down. Give another 10 to AB, that’s 40% of Ben’s passes being completed to AB & LeVeon. They got it in their best players’ hands. 25 touches for Bell is not “getting away from the run”.

    They came home after besting the Ravens on the road and played the Jags, coming off a terrible Jets loss due to a horrible call on Poz. The Jags have always played Pittsburgh tough, both home and away. The Steelers are not as bad as they looked yesterday. The offense will get right against KC’s bad pass D next Sunday.

    Great Jags win!

  6. THats off to Jax. They can say whatever they want; they won. the Steelers had a stupid game plan…not for the first time…and didn’t execute the one they did have. No more, no less.

  7. The Jaguars have won in dominating fashion 3 times this year – twice on the road, once on a neutral field, all against teams that many had picked for the playoffs.

    Credit where credit is due.

  8. jags have bought into leonards philosophy “being united generates attitude” buga nation. best running back since adrian peterson.
    make a big move for alex smith and the sky is the limit for this team, but gotta move quick. cant count on buga destroying defenses forever

  9. bettis3636 says:

    October 9, 2017 at 1:13 pm

    who the hell is Barry Church anyways… ?


    That’d be the guy that scored more touchdowns than all Steelers combined yesterday… that’s who.

  10. Every year we are told the Steeler’s offense is going to be amazing and every year it is a let down. Outside of Brown and Bell there isn’t much talent and it is looking increasingly like Ben won’t be able to carry them anymore.

  11. I predicted before the game that the Jags would play 15 men in the box and dare Big Ben to beat them with his arm and he wouldn’t. The Jags played one deep at safety all game and Big Ben did nada, zip, zilch!

    When you stop the Steelers running game you stop the Steelers. Just look at the stretch last year when the Steelers started winning. Bell was carrying the team on his back. Big Ben could ot even score one single touchdown in the playoff game against the Chiefs while Bell was running wild for 170 yards. That’s just how good Big Ben is.Big Ben = J.P. Losman when it comes to winning games on his own.

    That said, there is no reason for anyone on the jags to be punching down. Win with a little poise …. especially a week after losing to the Jets.

  12. I wonder how many times a run was called and was checked out of by Ben?
    For instance, 3 straight pass plays from the 5 yard line. Is that on Haly or Ben?

  13. What’s funny is when people keep bringing up the Jets loss. News flash, the Jags beat the Jags that game with some help from the refs. And oh by the way,didn’t the Steelers lose to the Bears? Its the NFL people! Better bring your A game every week!

  14. johnnyjagfan says:
    October 9, 2017 at 1:50 pm

    The offense will get right against KC’s bad pass D next Sunday.

    Good luck with that.

  15. Give some credit to the Steelers’ Swiss cheese defense. 90 yard runs aren’t that easy to come by.

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