Beckham contract looms over 2018 for Giants

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It appears that Giants receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. won’t play again this season. Next season therefore becomes the biggest question for player and team.

Beckham has one year left on his rookie deal, an injury-guaranteed salary of $8.459 million for 2018. But Beckham, who was reluctant to say that his absence from voluntary workouts arose from his desire to get a new deal, eventually said he wants to be the highest paid player in all of football.

With that bar at $27 million and rising, Beckham surely will never get there, unless he plays the year-to-year game of tag to its logical conclusion and forces his way to the open market. He’d need to play at least four more years to get there, however. Based on his broken ankle, Beckham won’t want to wait that long to get his financial reward.

But the Giants also may want to wait before paying Beckham, waiting to see whether Beckham can be the guy he’s been after the ankle heals. Which could create an impasse, with Beckham wanting to wait for his deal to play again and the Giants wanting to wait to see him play before giving him a new deal.

The Giants could decide to move now, offering Beckham great but not spectacular money at a time when he may be feeling a certain amount of despair. The better move arguably would be to give Beckham some time to process what has happened, but eventually to give him his contract before he has to do anything more to prove himself.

However it unfolds, Beckham may not be inclined to play out the last year of his rookie deal. If the Giants want to keep him for the long haul, they shouldn’t make him do it. If they do, Beckham’s next move could be to play the year-to-year game of tag, potentially forcing his way to the open market and to a team with a franchise quarterback who is Beckham’s age, or younger.

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  1. ‘contract that he was stuck with’…. you make it sound like he’s living of Top Ramen and cheese sammiches. It’s a pay you later league, always has been. Only difference now-a-days versus the past is the top dollar is a much higher percentage of overall revenue and profit for the teams. That makes the owners pucker a lot more when it comes to rewarding these players, can’t blame them. Good luck to OBJ and I wish him a speedy full recovery, but I don’t feel sorry for him one bit.

  2. I don’t care who signs him as long as it is not my team. Jerry Rice wasn’t even the highest paid player on his team, let alone the NFL, and OBJ is no Jerry Rice. I don’t wish injury on anyone, but I am glad I don’t have to watch his antics on sports shows for the rest of the year.

  3. Beckham may not be inclined to play out the last year of his rookie deal. If the Giants want to keep him for the long haul, they shouldn’t make him do it.

    Really? So are you saying if he doesn’t want to sign anything but the highest contract in football they should let him walk?
    That makes no sense at all.

  4. injury was shown on the red zone: swear I saw those dreams of being the highest paid player in the league breaking out of his head and flying away, like a bat out of hell…

  5. What do they have to show for the time he’s been on the team? No playoff wins and a season-ending injury.

    With Manning close to the end of his career, what’s the point of paying for an elite receiver for the next few years? It may sound crazy, but I’m wondering if they’d be better off trading him for draft picks they can use to get a new receiver/QB set.

  6. I wonder if Beckham is regretting his “all about me and promoting my image” decisions regarding touchdown celebrations now. At minimum he just learned a lesson, but at a big cost to himself and an even bigger cost to the Giants since they’re the one he was damaging with his antics before.

  7. Every Giants fan I know hates the guy, but their kids love him, so I guess it’s just an age thing.

    I’m a Giants fan and I hate him, he’s just not worth the hassle, no single player is worth the hassle.

    They should have taken Martin.

  8. His td celebration prior was trying to give CPR to the football. The irony was it looked like someone was going to have to give him CPR after he got hurt.

  9. The Giants have considerable pressing issues that will undoubtedly affect what they decide to do. Keeping young elite talent has to remain a priority while they rebuild a soon to be post Manning team. Paying top dollar for that, won’t work unless the draft is used to get that next QB. Like someone already posted; 0-5 is a good start.

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