Cardinals G.M. suggest that roster changes could come

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The Cardinals suffered a blowout loss in Philadelphia on Sunday, a loss described by G.M. Steve Keim as the worst since the 2015 NFC title game.

And Keim, appearing Monday on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM, suggesting that changes could be coming.

“Quite frankly, we need to continue rotate players in and out of here and find players who can help us,” Keim said, via az central sports. “If a guy continually makes the same mistake and he’s not going to fix it, we’ll go ahead and make a decision and look at the ready list [of available free agents] and bring on some guys, who we are this week, and make some changes.”

Keim bemoaned the performance of both sides of the ball in the loss to the Eagles.

“Starting off defensively, I mean the third-down conversions that they made, third and 19, obviously that can’t happen,” Keim said. “Poor tackling. Simple coverage basics that you’re taught. Playing the sticks. Playing aggressive in coverage. Not giving up first downs as easily as we did. It’s really frustrating.

“And offensively, I don’t think it’s any question that we had to try and run the ball effectively to get them off balance and maybe try to throw some play actions. Maybe we hit some deep shots on them. But when you can’t run the ball effectively, I think we all know . . . when teams tee off and know you’re going to throw the football quite a bit, not only is it extremely difficult to pass protect but it’s difficult to pass protect knowing what’s coming. You’re going to be constantly getting pressure.”

The Cardinals have gotten more than constant pressure this year, and quarterback Carson Palmer lacks the mobility to thrive in the face of it. Unless things change across the board for the Cardinals, this season quickly could become a lost season — with more than players possibly losing their jobs.

18 responses to “Cardinals G.M. suggest that roster changes could come

  1. Although I loath players like Montana, Rice,ect finishing their career in a different uniform. I think Fitzgerald and Peterson deserve to play for a contender. Its time for Arizona to trade players and rebuild.

  2. Neither the Cards nor the Colts have recovered from the thrashings they received in the 2015 Conference Title games. At least the Cards did not hang a participant banner.

  3. nsauser says:
    October 9, 2017 at 1:10 pm
    Followed by coaching and GM changes at the end of the year….

    Why wait until the end of the year for an Head Coach change?

  4. Carson Palmer is horrid at this point in his career. He was bad last year. Should have been relegated to either backup or retired after the previous season. He’s done. Arians is oblivious to it and calls plays like he has Brady back there.

  5. Eagle fans now think they are title contenders. The Cards fold like a Penny pinching poker player on the road in the 10 am pacific time slot. Take zero stock from your W yesterday.

  6. Cards are not playing NFL caliber of football and the fans know this. O-line has been the weakest part of team for years and nothing has been done to improve it. David Johnson was so good he covered up the weakness, but without him it is very obvious. Cards are playing like they did when McGinnis and other coaches were here when the Cards went 4-12, 3-13

  7. When the Cardinals were riding high in the early part of the Arians era, their fans were in total denial about the fact that the team clearly was going to get old fast, especially under a coach who was much more interested in relying on veterans to lead his team than developing youth.

    Well….here we are, with a team that got old faster than the the Utley / Howard era Phillies, but with no championships to show for it.

    It’s going to be a long road back to contending.

  8. Keim and Arians put a win now roster together over the last few years. It didn’t win anything. Now it’s old. Time to rebuild now, but that rebuild could takes years to become competitive again while wasting the careers of the few stars they have left. Goodbye Arizona. You’ll be back in 2022…maybe.

  9. With the other 3 teams in the NFC West fighting to contend, a rebuilding Cards team could very well end up the Browns of the division. Now you know why the Seahawks went with Schneider over Keim.

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