Hue Jackson will make quarterback decision by Wednesday

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Browns coach Hue Jackson vows to “take some time” to decide whether to start DeShone Kizer or Kevin Hogan against the Texans on Sunday. But “some time” apparently means two days. Jackson announced he would decide by Wednesday.

Jackson said he wants to watch the game again and spend some time thinking about it before making a choice.

“I’ll do what’s best for the team and what’s best for DeShone,” Jackson said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Kizer completed only 8-of-17 passes for 87 yards and an interception before being lifted for Hogan, who went 16-for-19 for 194 yards with two touchdowns and an interception.

“DeShone is going to be a tremendous football in this league,” Jackson said, stressing that he still believes in Kizer.

The Browns, though, also think a lot of Hogan, whom they considered a serious contender for the starting job during training camp.

“He was always right there,” Jackson said. “He’s a very cerebral man . . . sees things well.”

17 responses to “Hue Jackson will make quarterback decision by Wednesday

  1. Kizer has very slow eyes and is astonishingly inaccurate and is not going to be a tremendous player in the NFL. He was terrible and ND and he’s not an NFL caliber starting QB. The fact that he was drafted so high and given the starting job should be quite alarming to Browns fans.

  2. There is playing bad because you are a rookie QB and actually BEING bad. Kozer is just bad, period. The fact that you passed on Wentz, Trubisky and Watson(twice!!) For this scrub shows no one in Cleveland is capable of evaluating talent. The fact that Clueless Hue Jackson is having trouble determining Hogan performed better and should start shows he should be sent packing with Kizer and the Moneyball morons.

  3. This was the 1st game that Kizer lost single handedly. Both redzone turnovers were on him. Those turnovers don’t happen we score two more TDs and win handily. Maybe his confidence isn’t shaken and he’s mentally fine, whatever, he needs to sit and watch for a while. This single biggest issue with him right now is seeing the field. He’s just not seeing it.

  4. History is not on the side of 2nd round QB’s. History shows top 15 or everywhere else, with nothing being consistent.

    I can understand the passing on Wentz. I don’t understand the passing on Watson. So tired of ‘higher upside’.Tthere is so many factors to upside that it’s impossible to quantify.

    Jeff George vs Joe Montana
    Kizer vs Watson

    Watch them both in college or a pro day and you tell me who had the better upside? Not game results, just ‘upside’ talent.

    I’ll take production. Like McCarron or Hogan. Both were afterthoughts. Long shots. Both produce.

  5. “DeShone is going to be a tremendous football in this league,” Jackson said, stressing that he still believes in Kizer.

    When did he change positions from QB to football? If he’s a tremendous football then by all means, let him be one.

  6. By no means did Kizer play well, but if there’s criticism to be handed out, where is the crescendo of criticism for Hue Jackson and that horribly stupid call to try for it on 4th down at the Jets 3-yard line. Defensive stop and 97-yard drive after that and that’s just about the game. Instead, he kicks the field goal and it’s a 10 – 10 tie and who knows after that? In my opinion, a dumb, dumb call.

  7. I am sorry, but Hue Jackson is in a lose/lose situation. Play Kizer and continue to watch him struggle, or put in Hogan and watch him move the chains after saying Kizer was his guy from the get-go. But anyone that follows the Browns, knows the fan base is out of patience and just wants to see the team as a collective do something positive on the field. Hogan is the best shot at that right now. Kizer is not seeing the field and locking in on targets. He needs to sit for a minute and watch, maybe that will do him some good.

  8. I lay this all on Hue Jackson and the FO.
    1.They should have emphasized the run at the start of training camp. That is how you can go for 4th and 2 without being laughed off the field.
    2.either cut their FB or get one who can block
    3. Let Al Saunders call the plays so Hue can do press conferences
    4.Put QB under center 75% of the time so that running and play action are more effective
    5.Throws are then 3 steps, passes are slants to WR and seam to TE (quick north/south plays instead of slow sideways)

    This all gets down to Hue Jackson and his stubborn ego wanting to play chess and impress his peers instead of proper fundamental checkers.

  9. Yes ladies and gentlemen the Clowns have found yet another way to ruin a QB’s career!
    Cleveland is the QB junk heap….you just can’t make this up how many QB’s they have missed on!!!

  10. Before the draft, during the draft, and after the draft scouts and draft “experts” said the same thing about Kizer – he has the potential to be a franchise QB possessing all the tools but needs to sit for a year and learn the game as his vision and decision making needed work. The first mistake was made by the FO Browns in cutting McGown, not that he was the answer, but he would have been an excellent on field mentor for Kizer and could have held the reins until the bye week after which Kizer could have started. As a result Hue was forced into starting Kizer before he was ready and the proof the scouts were right is on the tape.

    The second mistake was made by Hue in terms of trying to be QB whisperer, Offensive Coordinator and Head Coach. He might be able to get by with this with a team loaded with quality veterans and a few stars at skill positions, not with the youngest team in the NFL many of whom need development themselves.

    Hue does the team, nor Kizer, any favors by starting Kizer at this time. Hogan may not be the answer but he is an answer to the issue facing the team right now. The team needs to get in a rhythm so the o-line can truly gel, the young pass catchers are put in the best position to develop their own skills and confidence, and the running game can take off. The defense needs to be put in the position where they aren’t playing gassed by being on the field too long.

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