Jason Garrett on Dak Prescott: He’s playing at a very high level

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Dak Prescott has thrown as many interceptions (4) as he did all of last season. He has as many losses (3) as all of last season, too. His 93.1 passer rating ranks only 13th.

Yet, the Cowboys insist their quarterback is playing his best football.

“He’s playing really well,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said Monday. “He’s really doing everything we ask him to do. He makes so many plays within the scheme, throwing the ball to the right guy on a consistent basis, and then when things break down, making great plays with his feet and his arm out of the pocket. He’s been very good at situational football, third downs and fourth downs. The red zone yesterday was really, really good. He’s really getting more and more comfortable in the offense.

“Trust me, he’s been very comfortable right from the start, but you can just see him taking more command of it. The guys around him respond to him. He was just really impressive yesterday, particularly on that last drive. Regardless of how the interception happened, the interception was run back for a touchdown, you have to respond to that as a quarterback and his response was obviously off the charts. He’s playing at a very high level.”

Prescott completed 25 of 36 passes for 251 yards with three touchdowns, an interception and a 105.2 passer rating in Sunday’s loss to the Packers. He actually played even better than that. Damarious Randall‘s 21-yard interception return was on receiver Terrance Williams, who had the ball bounce off his hands.

And it wasn’t Prescott’s fault his defense couldn’t keep the Packers out of the end zone after he had given them a 31-28 lead with an 11-yard touchdown run with 1:13 remaining.

“I thought he was outstanding,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Sunday after the Cowboys’ 35-31 loss. “I thought it was maybe the best game I’ve seen him play since he has been a Cowboy. He got us on his back. He carried the team on his back. We finally at the end did what we wanted to do wearing them down, but Dak made the key significant 20-yard or more plays that kept those drives alive early. We had another guy here who was quarterback here for years, and he would make those and we called him a magician.

“Dak had a tremendous game. I am really sad for this team that we didn’t come out here with a win. We really did compete.”

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  1. Although I hate the cowboys more than anything, I respect Prescott. Good player and bright future.

    That being said, its finally starting to become evident: Wentz > Dak.

    Go Eagles.

  2. He’s fine. Not his fault the defense choked again. And anyone who thinks Wentz is better doesn’t know the game of football.

  3. As a quarterback’s tendencies get studied things always get more difficult. Looked like he has been playing pretty good to me. But I think he realizes it gets harder not easier.

  4. If the Cowboys had any playmakers on defense, they would’ve won yesterday’s game. Jaylon Smith looks to be about a year away from being like a top five pick, Demarcus Lawerence plays well, but doesn’t come up with a sack or stop at the critical times. The defense isn’t going to be much help to Dak and the offense.

  5. It will be interesting to compare daks numbers to wentz’ numbers this season. Not saying that will definitely determine who is better, but i got tired of hearing cowboys fans saying dak is better because his stats proved he was better. Now that carson wentz has some legit weapons around him, its a lot more of a fair fight now. Both look like good rising star qbs.

  6. Extremely hard to improve on a season where he only threw 4 interceptions. Most guys have that many interceptions just from passes that bounced directly off receivers’ hands.

  7. Dak has played well this year. And, if Zeke ever gets going, then this team can be much better than their 2-3 record indicates. Sure, the D is not very good now. But, they’ve got a decent core of young talent: Lawrence, Collins, Irving, Charlton, Mayowa, Smith, Awuzie, Lewis, and Jones. Don’t forget about Tapper and possibly Gregory, if he can get his head right.

    As these guys mature, there won’t be so much pressure on Prescott and Elliott to keep them off the field. This might not be the year, but they are lining up the pieces to be pretty good on both sides of the ball for a long time.

  8. Playing at a Great Level means you win games – he is simply not pro caliber material as a QB – he cannot handle a pass rush without choking. Yet another running back wearing a Halloween Costume posing as a QB.

  9. Everybody is blaming the Dallas Defense …The game I saw is when the game was on the line and the Cowboys had a small lead. Prescott throws a pick six to give up the lead and momentum..Meanwhile Carson was throwing for 4 Touchdowns and being the best quarterback in the league on 3rd down…the money down. Carson > Dak

  10. 1PHILLYPHAN, yea i think wentz was something like 11/12 for 255 yards and 3 tds on third downs yesterday. Very impressive.

  11. I think that Dak is a very good qb and so is Wenzt it takes alot for these young qbs to play in the NFL at a high level so I give props to both qbs instead of comparing them against each other all the time they both rep the nfc east a division that I am proud of

  12. I’m an Eagles fan, but I’m impressed with Dak. I think he looks every bit as good as last year. His team just isn’t as good. That’s why you have to watch the games and not just look at the numbers. Last year, Wentz looked great through 4 games but then his offensive line couldn’t protect him, they couldn’t run the ball and his receivers couldn’t catch a pass. This year his o-line is is playing well, they have a run game and his receivers are making plays. That’s why they’re 4-1 and the Cowboys are 2-3. Not because Wentz is better than Prescott. They both look pretty damn good to me.

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