Jay Cutler was “piss poor” but Dolphins not making a change

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By his own admission, Dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler was “piss poor” yesterday against the Titans.

But that doesn’t mean he’s getting replaced anytime soon.

The Dolphins have some other issues to worry about at the moment, but coach Adam Gase showed no concern for the chants of “We Want Moore,” which was either his own fans calling for backup Matt Moore or wanting more of anything.

“They chanted for [Moore] last year, too,” Gase said with a tone, via Greg Cote of the Miami Herald. “I’ll make the decision on the quarterback. We’re not going to take public polls.”

Cutler said he could sense some level of dissatisfaction with an offense that barely participated in a win (he threw for 92 yards), but didn’t want the specifics.

“I heard ’em,” Cutler said. “I didn’t know what they were saying. I don’t think anybody [on our sideline] was gonna tell me at that point.”

The Dolphins are 2-2 but their offense can barely be described as competent, with the team having scored 41 points this season (and not all of those by the guys paid to score them). The offense has scored there touchdowns in four games.

Gase was defiant about his quarterback, saying: “Jay is way down the list of things that went wrong.”

But with dropped passes plaguing them, protection a constant problem and wide receiver DeVante Parker dealing with an ankle injury — and oh by the way their offensive line coach appearing in a video which shows him snorting something with a rolled up $20 bill — the Dolphins have a lot of issues at the moment.

25 responses to “Jay Cutler was “piss poor” but Dolphins not making a change

  1. Poor offensive line play(poor pass protection and no running lanes),receivers not getting open or dropping passes and horrible play calls are holding the offense back. I don’t think Moore would make a difference at this point.

  2. “With dropped passes plaguing them, protection a constant problem and wide receiver DeVante Parker dealing with an ankle injury” how is the lack of offense solely Jay Cutler’s fault?

  3. Many of my fellow Phins fans are naive. Matt Moore is not the answer. He has a weak arm and is worse than Tannehill and Cutler.

  4. In my opinion, Matt Moore became this teams QB last year.

    The Dolphins as an organization were blind to this, and went out and paid for Jay Cutler’s retirement home.

    Mission Accomplished Phins!

    When MIA finally pulls the plug on Cutler’s career will anyone be shocked it ended this way?

  5. Moore should be the starter. He played well at end of last year. Yeah if you’re gonna sign Cutler he’s not going to be a backup, is the problem. You’d have to cut him if you bench him, because all you’d get is that classic Cutler sourpuss face on the bench, and lots of negative press.

  6. Gase said with a tone, “We’re not going to take public polls.”

    That’s probably wise.

  7. For years I was kind of a get off his ass kind of guy about Cutler, knowing he went through 5 O coordinators in like 3 years, it would mess with anyones mind. But the Cutlet now is a shell of what he used to be and should have stayed retired. He is god awful now. Cannot blame lack of time with receivers anymore, he is just awful. I feel for Miami but the D aint much better and how much are they paying Shue and others? The team is a mess. An expensive mess.

  8. According to the multiple “James” in Miami Gase was the second coming…Gase not.

  9. Gase is going to die on this hill. Cutler was a lousy choice from the start. You don’t look at your teams lousy O-line and then say “You know who’d really look good here? A retired guy who was immobile even in his younger days.”

  10. Cutler is so absolutely terrified of of getting hit that the slightest bit of pressure sends him into a wild desperate panic. That’s the problem.

  11. Holy smokes folks… what Cutler were watching before this.

    This is EXACTLY who he was with the Bronco’s… he’s not worse, he’s the same. Many excuses about how his brains would inexplicably fall out during games or from game to game… from lack of sleep to low blood sugar during that time.

    Many of you act like the Bears did him wrong. Nothing has changed. Fox held on to him because… he’s FOX.

    Normally, I’d feel bad for the guy, but his poor attitude caps it off with zero sympathy.

  12. HC and play caller Adam Gates has refused to open up the offense and throw the ball downfield. The pass routes are short ones around 5 yards and Miami runs in predictable fashion. Gase needs to look in the mirror and change his play calling. The OL is under more pressure when the defense knows when the Dolphins are going to run. All the defensive coordinators take away two things from the Dolphins; The short passing and running games.

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