Le’Veon Bell doesn’t think Steelers ran enough on Sunday

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Jaguars safety Barry Church said after Sunday’s 30-9 win over the Steelers that Pittsburgh’s offensive approach, which saw the Steelers run 20 times and drop back to pass 57 times, “played right into our hands.”

One member of the Steelers appears to agree with Church’s assessment. Le'Veon Bell ran 15 times for 47 yards in the loss, which saw Ben Roethlisberger throw five interceptions, and said on Monday that he doesn’t “think we had enough attempts.” Bell added that the Jaguars’ efforts to take away the run shouldn’t have kept the team from sticking with it.

“No,’’ Bell said, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I felt there was room in there. The stats don’t really show what really happened because of the fact there were several runs where we lost yards, but I feel like we were running the ball effectively. Of course they came out trying to stop the run. It really doesn’t matter. I feel we’re a good enough team to wear guys out whether they know we’re running the ball or not.”

Bell said he didn’t approach the team’s coaches to ask why they didn’t keep the ball on the ground more often, saying he’s “just a player” albeit one who felt like it was worth sharing his thoughts with a wider audience a day after the loss.

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  1. With Brown getting more “love me some me” by the minute, Bell only showing up for work when it was time to get paid, Tomlin having no control over his locker room, and Ben throwing picks like handing out Halloween candy – the Steelers might be in for a sharp freefall and a rebuild from top to bottom in the near future.

  2. Lotsa finger pointing after that awful loss yesterday, but if you have followed the steelers for the last decade you know they always bounce back and destroy the opposition the following week and all is well in steeler land until they lose another so called easy game down the road.

  3. .
    Not to make excuses for the Steelers, but the Jaguars game was your classic “trap” game. It was the home “breather” between games @Baltimore and @KansasCity.

  4. I don’t think Bell is wrong here. Ben threw 5 picks. Jaguars’ pass D is a strength. Meanwhile, the Jets gashed the Jags for 256 rushing yards a week ago.

  5. Ben set the storyline for this season with retirement talk. Bet the NFL sends him off in the sunset with a super bowl at some point. It is a fantasy league now

  6. LBell isn’t getting the ball enough. ABrown isn’t getting the ball enough.Roethlisberger doesn’t want to play FB anymore.Tomlin has lost control of the locker room. Night night steelers.

  7. beedubyatoo says:
    October 9, 2017 at 7:16 pm

    How are the Steelers gonna get 19 pts.?

    Good point. Make it 40 to 9.

  8. They should have run right out of the stadium and looked for a pot party.

  9. They’d probably feel comfortable running more if their RB was in camp practicing with them in the off season. He’s looked rusty from week 1.

    Not to mention, they had to force feed their crybaby receiver so he didn’t throw another tantrum. He has low numbers in a game and they win it easily. They feature him and give him looks, get him his triple digit yardage, and they lose. Funny how he wasn’t so angry at his team being blown out at home as he was just not getting the ball on a few plays when they won.

    Maybe he should broadcast some more private team meetings and try to make up some more stupid catch phrases. As if signing secret deals with Facebook live and breaking team rules for your own personal profit while trying to pretend you aren’t tucking that money in your pocket means “Business is boomin!” lol that guy is such a phony.

  10. This team hasn’t been right ever since they got Tebowed with that walk-off pass in the playoffs a few years ago.

  11. The Steelers are paying the price for having one to many me players.

    They need some tough love fast are their season is done.

    They need to sit Brown and Bell right away to make that clear.

  12. Roethlisberger has one of the best,most patient RB’s in the NFL in Le’Veon Bell,and James Conner is no slouch,but instead he chose to throw to AB to make up for last week’s temper tantrum. Result: 5 picks,2 for TD’s. That locker room must be a hot mess right now. Tomlin has no control.

  13. Last time I checked. The Steelers were leading their division and got a 2-0 division record. Nothing to worry bout here, everybody in the league has a bad game now and then. Steelers 24- Chiefs 17.

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